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Renewable Energy Is Only Part of the Best Way to Prevent Climate Change In our present life we are going through two of the main hazardous changes on the Earth, global warming and greenhouse affects. We want mankind to survive for a very long time, but if we keep using non-renewable energies the way we do, do you think we will be able to survive for a long time? I strongly believe that renewable energy is only part of the best way to prevent climate change. In this essay I intend to present a sound argument with a clear line of thought and relevant evidence.

Of course there are times when renewable energy is not the best concept to prevent climate change. It has its own flaws. One of the few disadvantages it has is that it is difficult to generate the quantities of electricity that are as those produced by traditional fuel generators. This would mean that we would have to reduce the amount of energy we use or built more energy which can be very expensive. Another drawback of renewable energy sources is the reliability of supply. Renewable energy often relies on the weather of its source of power.

Hydro generators need rain to fill dams to supply flowing water. Wind turbines need wind to turn the blades, solar collectors need clear skies and sunshine to collect heat and make electricity. When these sources are unavailable so is the capacity to make energy from them. This can be unpredictable and inconsistent. Furthermore, the wildlife habitats are destroyed because of the wind farms. Many people think that it is a very cruel behaviour to the wildlife. They have lives like us, so how would we feel if some kind of new powerful creatures came and killed thousands of us, in a flash of a second?

Even though there are negative points to renewable energy, there are lots more positive points that suggest renewable energy is only part of the best way to prevent global warming. However, humankind has no choice but to take renewable energy very seriously. It is gaining more respect daily and there are numerous reasons as to why this is the case. Renewable energy is as green as it gets as it is by today’s technical standards and it’s a marvellous method for fighting back against global warming. Fossil fuels are damaging the planet and this can be our way of doing something about that.

The most important part is that renewable energy is commitment free and sustainable. It can be replenished so we can use as much of this power as we need and we can restock it or it will restock itself. The sun and wind are with us for the long haul. As sources of power they are just waiting to be tapped for our future energy requirements all over the world. Even more importantly, renewable energy produces little or no waste products such as carbon dioxide or other chemical pollutants, so has minimal impact on the environment.

Similarly, wind energy is friendly to surrounding environment, as no fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity. Moreover, wind turbines take up less space than the average power stations. Wind mills only have to occupy a few metres for the base; this allows the land around the turbine to be used for many purposes, for example agriculture. As well as recorded in 2010, just in the Golf of the Mexico, more than 7000 birds, sea turtles and dolphins died because of the oil spills in the region. So, if we don’t use non-renewable energy then there wouldn’t be any spills and there wouldn’t be any danger.

Liming Zhou, research associate, professor at the University of New York conducted a study that claims ‘’Wind energy is among the fastest growing sources of energy. The US wind industry has experienced a remarkably rapid expansion of capacity in recent years’’ Zhou said. This suggests that wind energy can be really advantageous to us in the future. In conclusion, renewable energy is only part of the best way to prevent climate change. “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning” Sir Winston Churchill.

This is a perfect example to our renewable energy situation. It is not too late for us; we can start using renewable energy to prevent climate change in future. There are three kinds of people: those who make it happen; those who watch it happen; and those who wonder what happened. So why not be one of the ones who make it happen and protect our future generations. In my opinion we should use a lot more of renewable energy than we already do and use less of non-renewable energy so it can last for long and prevent the thermal blanket getting thicker.

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