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Renaissance and Restoration

Write on ONE of the following passages, showing how in attitude, themes and style it ischaracteristic of the period.b) LEANTIO O my life’s wealth, Bianca!LIVIA Still with her name? Will nothing wear it out?That deep sigh went but for strumpet, sir.LEANTIO It can go for no other that loves me.5 LIVIA [Aside] He’s vexed in mind; I came too soon to him;Where’s my discretion now, my skill, my judgement?I’m cunning in all arts but my own love.’Tis as unseasonable to tempt him nowSo soon, as a widow to be courted10 Following her husband’s corse, or to make bargainBy the grave-side, and take a young man there:Her strange departure stands like a hearse yetBefore his eyes, which time will take down shortly. [Exit]LEANTIO Is she my wife to death, yet no more mine?15 That’s a hard measure. Then what’s marriage good for?Methinks by right I should not now be living,And then ’twere all well. What a happinessHad I been made of, had I never seen her;For nothing makes man’s loss grievous to him20 But knowledge of the worth of what he loses;For what he never had, he never misses.She’s gone for ever, utterly; there isAs much redemption of a soul from Hell,As a fair woman’s body from his palace.25 Why should my love last longer than her truth?What is there good in woman to be lovedWhen only that which makes her so has left her?I cannot love her now, but I must likeHer sin, and my own shame too, and be guiltyUL15/0393 Page 3 of 830 Of law’s breach with her, and mine own abusing;All which were monstrous. Then my safest course,For health of mind and body, is to turnMy heart, and hate her, most extremely hate her;I have no other way. Those virtuous powers35 Which were chaste witnesses of both our troths,Can witness she breaks first—and I’m rewardedWith captainship o’th’fort! A place of credit,I must confess, but poor; my factorshipShall not exchange means with’t. He that died last in’t,40 He was no drunkard, yet he died a beggarFor all his thrift. Besides, the place not fits me:It suits my resolution, not my breeding.[Enter Livia]LIVIA [Aside] I have tried all ways I can, and have not powerTo keep from sight of him. [To him] How are you now, sir?45 LEANTIO I feel a better ease, madam.(THOMAS MIDDLETON, from Women Beware Women,c.1621)

Management Question

Avoid plagiarism,the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. All answered must be typed using Times New Roman(size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism

Air products & Chemicals,Inc.

Renaissance and Restoration Air products & Chemicals,Inc..

Your final assignment requires that you produce a fundamental opinion on your stock (Your stock is Air products & Chemicals,Inc.), and a separate technical opinion as well. Part 1: Fundamental opinion Formulate a concise, well-supported and well-organized fundamental opinion (Buy/Hold/Sell) on your stock, based on information gathered in the first four assignments and any other research that you choose to do. Your analysis must include (but is not limited to) the following: • Whether the stock is cyclical or defensive based on company/industry characteristics and Beta, and how that is relevant to your opinion given the economic and market environment. • An assessment of the company’s prospects, based on your company/industry research and consensus analyst earnings estimates. • At least one valuation method that you applied in assignment #3(will be uploaded later). (This means either constant-growth or two-stage DDM, not the simple CAPM required return calculation that you did in assignment 2). You need not reproduce the valuation work done in assignment 3, but rather simply refer to the result. (If you did the DDM valuations incorrectly, you should correct them and use the corrected result in this assignment.) Part 1 should be 2-3 pages (double-spaced) in length. You will not be graded on your opinion (we won’t know if you’re right until well after the course is over!), but rather on the analysis and thought that goes into your opinion, the extent to which it is supported by your research, and the clarity and organization of your arguments. Part 2: Technical Opinion Formulate a brief technical opinion on your stock using at least two well-recognized technical indicators of your choosing (these may be RSI and moving average, which we have gone over in detail in class.) Provide a chart of each indicator and a brief (1-2 sentences) relevant commentary on what the indicator is telling us about the stock’s prospects, in your view.

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Tamer Group Strategic Plan;In developing this assignment, you have an opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts, principles, and theories. You will be writing a paper in response to the following hypothetical situation. Scenario: You work in strate

Tamer Group Strategic Plan;In developing this assignment, you have an opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts, principles, and theories. You will be writing a paper in response to the following hypothetical situation. Scenario: You work in strate.

In developing this assignment, you have an opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts, principles, and theories. You will be writing a paper in response to the following hypothetical situation. Scenario: You work in strategy planning for a KSA organization. You’ve been in the organization in a variety of roles for five years. Recently, the senior leadership team determined that your organization needs a more effective strategy planning process, and you’ve gladly stepped into a role to help determine what the improved process or activities might be. You’ve been asked by your manager to put together specific strategic recommendations to help the executive team better understand the concepts and principles of a well-designed strategy process. Further, these recommendations will include a set of examples of strategy planning activities specific to your organization. Instructions: • The choice of organization is up to you. Describe your organization in terms of its industry, type (private or public sector), headquarters and other locations, and size. • Present the strategy concepts, theories, and principles that you believe are important for the senior executive leadership team to understand. If there are contradicting opinions from strategy experts, you may want to present both sides in an objective discussion. • Present four examples of strategy planning activities from four different modules that are designed specifically for your hypothetical organization. For each of your strategy planning activities, include a clear and understandable title along with a brief overview description of one or two sentences for each. Example: In MGT510, the focus of Modules 2 and 3 is on Industry Analysis. One example of an activity that would be relevant to content from those modules is AnalyzingIndustry, Key Success Factors, and Profitability. • Include the titles of the example activities, with more complete descriptions for each. Explain the benefits and value of each activity specific to your organization. Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements: • Support your submission with course material concepts, principles and theories from the textbook and at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles unless the assignment calls for more. • Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment. Note: -Be sure provide deep analysis -Attached to you the textbook. -attached to you a paper to paraphrase/Rewriting and make sure to avoid plagiarism

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