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Many companies inform their IT’s as to who will receive access to the network and what type of equipment they will be using. It could be from an older vpn that needs a software package to run on a trustworthy network, which would be safe to run from a home PC or smartphone. No network is ever 100% secure. Companies should access their needs and risks, and then write their acceptable use policies. Some companies may find it easier to rent a secure cloud app rather than installing in-house software, but this may not meet all of the company’s needs.

Companies using remote access VPN’s will see a return on money spent, so this method is cost effective. Other benefits of using this method are standardized software, “Out of the Box”, modular software architecture and matched VPN components. If the companies have a high employee turnovers it would not be cost effective to use this method. This service provides an end to end encrypted tunnel.

The “Out of the Box” can be upgraded and the VPN has wide scalability, so that companies can be more mobile. If anything else is open on computer and transporting data it would be easy for someone to view those files that are open. Hypertext transport protocol over SSL uses certificates and public key to encrypt the transportation of data. HTTPS sends data in plain text, after connected with a SSL connection all data is encrypted from that point. Even though it may cost more to use HTTPS, this is the safer way to go.

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Identify someone you recognize as a leader in the area of sports marketing. Obtain the person’s bio or profile (usually available on the corporate or organizational website). How does the person’s current position or past activities reflect sales experience? If you think that you may follow a similar path, how does what you have learned about this person impact your own approach to starting your career? How would it influence you?