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Religious Studies homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the explanation of the pros and cons of credit support instruments in security package. The company is focus in this assignment is International Energy Bank.,The pros and cons of credit support instruments in security package,Part A, You are legal counsel of the International Energy Bank (the “Bank”). The Bank was approached by the QED Fund LLP (the “Sponsor”), a fund incorporated in Mega State, in connection with providing project financing with a volume of $ 240,000,000 for the construction of a solar-wind hybrid power plant in the island state of the Ariel Isles. The Sponsor has been successfully operating wind turbines for more than two decades and has in the past five years begun building a reputation in solar energy. Additionally, the Sponsor intends to build and operate the, solar-wind power station, through a newly established project company, Green Hybrid Power (the “SPV”), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sponsor.,For this project, capital of $ 400,000,000 composition is as follows:, Equity of the Sponsor $ 80,000,000, Mezzanine capital of the Sponsor $ 80,000,000, Debt capital (made available by the Bank) $ 240,000,000, Before the Bank finally decides on the granting of the loan, your advice is on the following issues:, Firstly, prepare an appropriate security package, with an explanation the pro and cons of each of the credit support instruments in the security package. (40 marks),Secondly, what is the difference between mezzanine financing versus equity and debt financing? How could the Bank ensure that it is the only senior lender? (10 marks), Thirdly, the SPV‘s revenues will be in the local currency. Also, what issues will the Bank need to consider? (10 marks),Fourthly, where have been increase political tensions, including violent riots, to overthrow the Ariel Isles’s current government. The opposition party supported by some of the rioters has threatened to nationalise all projects of foreign investors if it were to come into power. Also, what will the Bank need to consider in this scenario? (10 marks),Part B,“Limited or no recourse is a cornerstone concept of project finance transactions.” Discuss by giving examples of provisions from project loan documentation. (30 marks),Attachments,Click Here To Download,Religious Studies homework help
Two journals.

1. Please complete an annotated bibliography for at least:3 Scholarly Sources (Academic Journals, Books, etc.)Please read and use the following article for one of your scholarly source entries: Carnagey, N. I., Anderson, C. A. – Violent Video Game Exposure and Agression.pdf2 Popular Sources (Newspaper Articles, Magazine Articles, Blogs, Youtube, Twitter, etc.)Please submit your entry as a Word Doc and insert them in the in the google doc “Class Annotated Bibliography” found in the Collaborations section. Please insert your source alphabetically. An annotation is, basically, an evaluative summary. It is a coming to terms with the author’s project. Accordingly, you need to make sure you cover the following points (though you do not need to answer every question specifically). You might want to take a look at the google doc found in the collaborations section. I posted an example of an annotated bibliography entry that covers everything that is needed. Also, if you would like more info and some examples, explore the following link: Purdue Online Writing Lab: Annotated Bibliographies.summarize the source:What is the topic/subject/problem? What is the author’s project? What are some of the main claims and overall argument? assess the source:What kind of evidence/materials/examples are used? How well does the evidence work to support the author’s argument? What kind of methods, or methodology, is used? Especially in the scholarly articles, you should see a methodology explicitly stated. Are there any specific strengths and weaknesses of the argument? reflect on the source:Will this source be useful to your research, why or why not? If you think the source will be useful, how do you see it working to shape your argument (i.e. how will you integrate it into your argument)? Has this source changed how you think about your topic? 2. Self AssessmentThis reflective assessment gives you the opportunity to look backward, forward, and inward as you think through your personal history with writing and reading, both in school and out of of school. Select from among the prompts you see below to generate this first document for your final ePortfolio. Requirements: 300 words minimum, multimodalGuiding Prompts: You do not need to address all of the following prompts and questions, select those you find useful. -Your Writing Process: Describe the central strategies of your writing process. When and how did you learn them? How have they changed over time and what experiences have been most influential to you? How do you expect to use them in WR39C? Explain and use examples.-You and UCI: How have your experiences in your writing classes at UCI influenced your personal history as a writer in academic contexts? Has the WR39 series of courses influenced your ability to make effective choices about how to approach writing assignments in other classes? Assignments such as lab reports, business memos, blue book exams, short response papers, and any other examples of writing you have been assigned in here at UCI? In other words, have you applied what you learned in the WR 39 series to writing assignments in other classes? Have other classes and assignments influenced your writing process; if so, which ones? Please explain using specific examples. -Your Writing Outside of School: Has the WR39 series of courses influenced the strategies you use when you write or communicate outside of school, perhaps in your communities or in your extra-curricular activities? Are you using the same strategies in different contexts as you consider the demands of different situations, both in school and out? If so, please explain why, and give examples.
Two journals

Are test scores a good indication of a school’s competency?

Are test scores a good indication of a school’s competency? Test scores of Student’s are observed as an essential means of assessing an institution’s progress in comparison to all other educational institutions. Conventionally, students’ acquiring high scores are deemed as the bright and all the schools sight them as their levers reserves that are a means of enhancing the institute reputation (Astin, 5). This paper caters with a scrupulous description of the degree to which test scores are useful in reviewing a school’s competency. It emphasizes the factor influencing the assessment founded upon appraisals of school competency level connected to test scores of student. It as well presents a number of substitute methods in positioning the utilization of test scores in an additional precise means consecutively to determine school competency methodically. Argument Test scores are a functional tool in assessing the schools performance given that they are construed extremely cautiously, keeping in mind the objectives and reasons of tests. A solitary test can simply replicate a test of skills; consequently, each score engross mistake to some extent. Preponderance of factors control scores, predominantly reliability and validity. If reliable tests are taken at standard intervals, they give up steady results. Valid tests similar to the ones testing reading decoding students skills are useful in unraveling the strong and weak students. Owing to this valid and reliable tests are tremendously useful in unraveling the fine category of students (Popham, 15). The center function of a school is to educate its students the material on the syllabus. The mainly most favorable approach to discover the capabilities of learning of the students is to review them in the course of proper tests. This is the grounds why test scores specify school competency to the level of teaching. Excellent test scores point out that the material is fine taught by the teachers of school and is influential in students motivating to study for the test. It specifies that the school teachers give emphasis to in choosing the material the majority expected to appear in exam as contrast to the mainly functional material (Astin, 7). High test scores specify that the material is drilled extremely well into the students the heads and they learn it well. On the other hand it does not explain that whether the material is fine understood or is merely reproduced on the base of the just mugging up facts feed into the students minds. Schools sense extremely proud and get huge status when their students accomplish high scores in tests. People as well are inclined to continue those schools simply in their good books, whose students are accomplishing high scores in test (Astin, 8). Parents review a quality standard of a school’s by having a glance at the scores achieved by the school students. Test scores specify a school’s competence in capitulating qualified candidates for future. Test scores are the simply means which present an neutral means of assessing competency, in spite of the fact that they do not cover up all the features necessary for evaluating system of education of a school. Supplementary resources similar to government funds and distribution of rewards and scholarship by the governmental participate a significant function in enhancing a competency level of school. These resources are awarded to schools on the base of test scores obtained by the students. Consequently high test scores will improve the likelihood of a school in achieving these supplementary resources which will eventually receive a fine name for the school and will improve the competency level of school’s too. Counter Argument Some test scores apart from this, simply furnish definite purposes. Standard scores and percentiles do not offer facts for growth of student, they merely offer a virtual standing in comparison to others. Scores similar to words read properly or numeral of multiplication problems solved properly replicates a progress of students above time (Popham, 27). The entire these scores point out how well a school adds in making children to be taught up to the fullest extent. Test scores are one of the more than a few ways of determining competency of a school, yet it is not the solitary means to do so owing to a diversity of reasons. Test scores simply calculate academic competency and does not cover up regions similar to school catering and transport, student behavior standards extra-curricular activities, general atmosphere of the school, etc. All these features comprise an essential part of school appraisal. Furthermore, high scores as well point out a prospect that the school might not be competent to aid less competent students, or it does not affably provides the ones having education disabilities. It is an analytic of the reality that the school is not fine at demeanor undisciplined kids, who are not in a temper to be taught and merely kicks them out. An atmosphere which is entirely centered on academic accomplishment does not be apt to be a well alternative for kids (Smith, 11). Students endeavor for grades simply in such an environment and activities similar to art, drama, sports, and socialization are missing behind (Smith, 13). An extreme spotlight on basic math and reading scores can direct to over-simplifying and narrowing the curriculum to simply the formats and subjects that are tested. This effect in reducing the consideration to science, history, the arts, civics, and foreign language, in addition to to writing, research, and additional intricate tasks of problem-solving (Popham 80). This eventually alters the spotlight of the school towards academics solitarily, which is not the only prerequisite for acquiring brilliance in education for schools. Alternative Approaches towards Measuring School Competency Level Using Test Scores Test scores can simply be helpful in demonstrating the schools competency level located in a exacting area, experience equal demographic conditions and consisting of children at the similar level. On the other hand, if public schools in a variety of areas are assessed on the base of test scores, then such assessment as well needs to remember the conditions adjacent a exacting education system of a school. Test scores might be additional functional and precise in determining the school competency level when employed in combination with a variety of other tools and techniques. Test scores require being included in school’s competency; on the other hand they must not be the individual decision maker for educational decisions concerning, retention, or graduation (Braun 15). Tests scores can be employed in combination with parent information, every day work samples, and history of school and its fit surroundings for evaluating the school competency level. The efficacy of test scores can additional be enhanced competent assessment personnel similar to school psychologists provide a hand in preparing suitable mechanism for interpreting and testing their results. Conclusion Students Test scores are at the present used as a means of computing efficiency on the base of student outcomes, as opposite to teacher input. A school is deemed to be extremely reputed if it has bunch of students accomplishing high scores in tests. Test scores on the other hand provide a hand in representing academic competency merely and the degree to which the training were sound taught in school. In additional words high test scores merely offer a snap of student ability and do not offer an report of student’s supplementary skills and activities. In addition, test score do not evaluate the standards of behavior in schools, their environment, teaching techniques and styles of teachers. Test scores have got to not be exclusively used for assessing the competency of schools. On the other hand they can be employed in combinations with tools like teacher’s interviews, videotapes from class, lesson plans, etc. to obtain an exact standing of a competency level of schools.

childhood development analysis

best assignment help childhood development analysis. I don’t know how to handle this Law question and need guidance.

A significant component to instruction is the relationship between standards and assessment. In any given classroom environment, the assessment provided must directly relate to the objective, which measures the academic standard. A clear alignment between standards and assessments is the foundation for quality instruction.
This assignment focuses on standards, objectives, and assessments in the area of instructional design. Complete “Instructional Design Topic 2: Pre-Assessment and Standard Alignment” within the “Instructional Design Unit” template.
Using content area standards on your state department of education website, select two standards for Birth to Pre-K and two standards for Kindergarten to Grade 3. Develop an objective for each standard you have selected. Remember, objectives must include a measurable verb, which is assessable. You will use the standards you selected and objectives you created in this assignment and for future assignments throughout the course.
In 250-500 words, include the following for each standard:
The standards selected and objectives created
A summative assessment that aligns with each standard/objective
Explanation of how you would implement each summative assessment
Explanation of how each summative assessment is developmentally appropriate
Support your response with 2-3 scholarly resources.
childhood development analysis

Gospel of Johns – Religion Questions and Answers

Gospel of Johns – Religion Questions and Answers.

I’m working on a philosophy question and need support to help me learn.

THe questions are attached in the word document and Book is attached as PDF. You can use any other google books or references as well . While answering the answer should be good enough to cover the question. If questions says Where was John then the answer should not be like “Home”. You need to describe where he is and explain if any circumstances made him to go home, stay home like that. FOr questions like Explain, Describe – the answer should not be 2 lines. They should be atleast 5,6 lines. Minimum lines for all question is above 3 lines so make it nicerly.
Gospel of Johns – Religion Questions and Answers

Sponsorship Project Written and Video Speech

Sponsorship Project Written and Video Speech.

Group Sponsorship Project (Written 10.0% / Presentation 5.0%)My sport organization is Cincinnati Bengals, I need about 1500 or more words for this paper. Premise:You are a sport organization. You have to come up with an organization to approach/target to be a sponsor. You will create a sponsorship plan to pitch to the targeted organization. This will include pricing, components of sponsorship, evaluation, etc. You will have a short time to sell us on that idea in your video presentation. You will then turn in a written piece with your presentation.Requirements:Full written proposal (see below)7-minute presentation Sell the class, the target sponsor, on why we should purchase sponsorship.Written Proposal (100 points)Although sponsorship proposals vary from organization to organization and differ according to the company being approached, here are some general elements most sponsorship proposals include: Introductory Letter (10 points) – The proposal should start with a cover letter that briefly introduces your organization and what you have to offer. A good cover letter encourages the sponsor to take the time to read and listen to the proposal.Sponsorship Overview (10 points) – You should have a section that highlights the key elements of the partnership emphasizing the benefits that the sponsor will realize from aligning with the organization or event. The proposal should be clearly presented in relation to how the sponsorship will produce benefits for the sponsor. Some examples of things you may want to include in the executive summary are:What are you offering the sponsor?How is the event compatible with the sponsor’s image?How will this sponsorship help the company access its key markets?How will this sponsorship help the organization meet its goals and objectives?What other benefits will this partnership produce?Why should they spend with you in this economic time?Profile of the Sport Organization and/or Description of the Event (20 points) – Provide information that will help the sponsor get a better understanding of your organization and your capabilities. This information should be geared toward giving reasons why they should be comfortable partnering with your organization. Some items may include:Brief history of the organization.Mission, goals, and objectives of the organization.Venue location, dates, times, staffing, etc.Inventory of events, assets and benefits.Past attendance figures and audience profile.Organization’s capabilities and experience in producing an event.Sponsorship Opportunities (15 points) – The individual components of the sponsorship should be presented to the sponsor in detail. Provide information on exactly what the sponsor could derive from each sponsorship component. Provide an explanation of specific benefits and give the potential sponsor reason why they would be interested in these benefits (i.e. increased sales, product trial and exposure, media coverage and exposure, customer hospitality and promotion opportunities, etc.).Sponsorship Investment (20 points) – List the range of prices for the sponsorship package. If you would like to present individual components of the package and price, that is acceptable.Impact Measurement (15 points) – Detail how the sponsor’s benefits will be measured and evaluated.Addendum – Include or attach any collateral materials that may help the sponsor make a decision. You could include information such as audience demographics, past event programs, brochures, a list of co-sponsors, etc. Visual Appeal of Document (10 points)Professionalism of Document (-1.5 for each proofing error; -1.0 for grammar errors)——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Presentation Format (I need about 800 words speech draft)Must be in a video format. Tell us about your sponsorship idea.Time is 7-minutes (1-minute buffer each way) Very strict on this time, make sure to practice!Professional Dress RequiredFormat is open. Graded on:Introduction & Closing ___/ 20Visual/Audio/Handout ___/ 20Energy/Enthusiasm ___/ 15Sponsorship Overview ___/ 10Investment ___/ 10Impact Measurement ___/ 10Presentation of material / Preparedness / Q&A ___/ 15
Sponsorship Project Written and Video Speech

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