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In 1682, William Penn founded his holy experiment in Pennsylvania, based n the belief that a province that had no army, treated Native Americans as equals, and offered religious liberty could make the Peace Testimony a living reality. The Quakers were the main people in Pennsylvania because their founder William Penn was a Quaker himself. William Penn Received this land from the Royal family of England. Quakers were extremely against going to war and fighting.

The Quakers believed that women were equal to men so they treated women fairly which was not normal back in the 1600 and sass’s.In Massachusetts the puritans did not believe in religious freedom. If you didn’t go with the beliefs of the puritans than they would banish people or imprison them. John Winthrop was leader and governor of the puritans. The Puritans were a group of English men who disagreed with how the Church of England was ran. The extreme Puritans were known as Separatists in England. Finally, these extreme Puritans left for the New World in 1620.

The Puritans set up a way of government. It said, “The whole purpose of government was to enforce God’s laws. Only the Puritans, the only one’s eligible for church membership, could be freemen. The believers and nonbelievers had to pay taxes on the government-supported church. The puritans were very boring people. They thought they were “God’s children”. The first Europeans to settle in the middle colonies during the 1 7th century were Dutch and Swedish Lutheran.

The middle colonies are Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Quaker William Penn provided for full religious freedom in Pennsylvania after he was granted a colony there in 1 681, although Catholics and Jews could not vote.Calvinist, Jews, Moravian, German Lutheran, and Roman Catholics quickly followed the Quakers to Pennsylvania because of its religious freedom. New York provided for locally established churches, with each town voting on which church its tax money would support. There was limited religious freedom in New Jersey. One Of main reasons America was discovered, is because the Christian crusaders started the protestant reformation. The reasons the southern colonies were founded were to make sure there was religious freedom.

Some of the colonies broke away from this founding, but colonies like Maryland were founded specifically to be haven of religious freedom to all Christians. This means that you could go there and worship the devil and no one would stop you. But mostly the main religion in the southern colonies was the Anglican faith. In Conclusion the new world was thought to be a religious haven but not all colonies allowed certain religious freedom. Some colonies had complete religious freedom such as Pennsylvania. Others had limited religious freedom such as Massachusetts. Religious freedom existed in the British North American colonies prior to 1750.

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