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Religious Freedom at Schools devry tutorcom essay help College

An examination of religious practices at schools.

This paper analyzes enforcement measures of religious practices in schools and their relevance. Included us a description of important decisions about issues such as prayers and a look at how this effects students.
“Our nation was founded on the beliefs of the Christian religion. This is apparent in the constitution, pledge of allegiance, and all of our monetary units. Although this was the case when the nation was founded, our society has changed in many ways. We are no longer a single religion society, but rather a diverse community of many backgrounds and religions. “

2 questions 2 different guidelines

first assignment :Excel
Please answer the following questions in a Word document.
Which variables are numerical? (5 pts)
Which variables are categorical? (5 pts)
Which variables are qualitative? (5 pts)
Which variables are quantitative? (5 pts)
Of the quantitative variables, which are discrete and which are continuous? (5 pts)
What is the average enrollment by each course category (MIS100,MIS200,MIS300 and MIS400)? (5 pts)
What is the average enrollment by each course category for online courses and non-online course? (5 pts)
What is the average number of Pell Eligible students for each course category? (5 pts)
What is the average number of females enrolled in each course category?(5 pts)
What is the average percentage of students who earn a DFW or I for each course category?(5 pts)
Using Excel (Data->Data Analysis->Descriptive Statistics), calculate the descriptive statistics for all continuous variables. (25 pts) (NOTE: I deduct 5 pts for each non continuous variable so even if you get all of the continuous variables but try to get all points by including as many variables as possible, you can still earn 0 points for this question

2. Second Assignment : Visio
Create a file in Visio 2019 with the following processesStart here
Submit research plan
Receive feedback on research plan
Plan accepted?Yes.Implement Plan

No.Make changes based on feedback.
Submit revised research plan

Receive feedback on implementation
Implementation accepted?Yes.End

No.Make changes to implementation based on feedback
Submit revised implementation for feedback
Receive feedback on implementation

Save as “Assignment1_YOUR_NAME.vsdx”
Upload in assignment folder