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Religious Attitudes to Matters of Death argumentative essay help online Human Resource Management assignment help

Why do some religious people believe euthanasia is wrong? Some religious people are against euthanasia because they believe its against the will and word of God who created us and they believe that he should be the one to destroy us. Secondly euthanasia weakens society’s respect for the sanctity of life. Another reason which religious people are against euthanasia is because they believe that Voluntary euthanasia is the start of a slippery slope that might leads to involuntary euthanasia and the killing of people who are thought undesirable

C) Explain how religious teachings about life after death may help a believer to care for a terminally ill person. In most religions it is taught that elderly or terminally ill person who is not stable enough to care for themselves should be helped and took care of. In Islam there is an extended family society, which means many different relation and generations live together. Elderly parents or any terminally ill member have the right to expect their children or family members to care for them and it’s the responsibility and duty of the whole family to do this because of the effort and sacrifices the member patient has made.

Looking after the elderly provides spiritual growth, and looking after a terminally ill patient is considered a ‘sawab’ which means a good act. Buddhism teaches that all people should be looked after, as that gives the person who is looking after good karma. Buddhist children are expected to look and care for their parents, and members of the Buddhist religion are very considerate towards ill or terminally ill parents and this consideration helps them gain good karma. Buddhists believe in anicca and, because they might be in a situation here they are terminally ill or not stable to look after themselves, the patient or the elderly are a good example of what might happen to them. So overall in order to attain good karma most Buddhist followers care for any ill or elderly people. In conclusion in most religions it is taught that in order to be a good human you should respect and care for all members of society and especially those who are incapable of doing so themselves D) The family should care for the elderly… do you agree? In my opinion family should care for the elderly, no matter whether they have done good or bad for the family.

Especially in the case of parents children should take upon themselves the duty to care for their parents as their parents would have done to bring them up. However family attitude towards the elderly are greatly influenced by the society they live in or the way they have been taught or have seen their parents look after other elderly members. In most European societies elderly are usually sent to care homes as their children or family members consider them as a burden, this is because there is an overall sense of competitiveness.

Most European countries are MEDCs and the citizens would much rather invest in something worldly like a car rather than value their parents and love and care for them. On the other hand in asia where majority of countries are Muslim countries there is a strong sense of community and family value are maintained. In Islam sending parents to an elderly home is considered unkind and disrespectful. People who might want to consider sending elderly to care homes would probably be looked down upon by society.

Whereas in European countries where the most popular religion is Christianity care homes are considered quite neutral. Christianity is lenient in enforcing the responsibility of elderly on children, Christians have preferred to to allow the elderly to keep their independence. In conclusion the wa in which different families care for their elderly is greatly influenced by a wide range of aspects such as religion and society. In some cases elderly expect their children to look after them and is some the elderly are expected to look after themselves.

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