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relationship between nature and an individual’s mind or emotions in poems by Wordsworth, Byron, and/or Tennyson. You may focus on several authors or just one.

Teacher expects the only sources to be the texts from class for the authors above. No secondary sources. I have included the texts for Wordsworth as I believe that these are the easiest for this assignment. If you would like the other works from Byron and Tennyson, just ask and I will provide them.

I will attach the guidelines for the paper and an example that the professor provided.

Self-directed field trip assignment (Persian Community in Los Angeles

Self-directed field trip assignment (Persian Community in Los Angeles.

Create a self-directed ethnic foodways field trip. You may select an ethnic community you identify as a member { CHOSE PERSIAN COMMUNITY IN LOS ANGELES) , or you may select an ethnic community to which you feel some affinity. Envision a very broad interpretation of how an ethnic community might be defined, to allow you latitude in selecting your community. Think smaller ethnic communities rather than the wide, overarching identifiers.

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Degrees in Child-Care should be Mandated in Virginia.

relationship between nature and an individual’s mind or emotions in poems by Wordsworth, Byron, and/or Tennyson. You may focus on several authors or just one. Degrees in Child-Care should be Mandated in Virginia..

The thesis proposal is especially important, because it establishes the research question(s) and describes the conceptual framework of the paper and the methodology to be used in the study. Remember, we are looking for original research! See page 12 of the Manual for the requirements of the proposal. “The proposal should explain the question or problem to be investigated and convince the thesis professor that the question or problem merits investigation. It should show that the student has read the relevant and recent literature on the subject, and it should contain a list of academically appropriate resources consulted during the preliminary stages of research. In general, the thesis proposal should include background information related to the research topic, purpose of the research, methodology, and analytic procedures to be used.” Length of the proposal will not exceed five double-spaced pages, excluding references and quotations. Each submission must begin with a title page in the format referenced in the Capstone EOP Manual on page 50. In selecting a capstone thesis, students may want to consider whether it contributes to their future professional growth and/or whether it could have a constructive effect on some aspect of public administration that is especially interesting to them. Students are expected to develop capstone proposals on their own, but the professor may be able to assist in considering alternatives. Topics should be neither so broad as to be unmanageable (for example, the organizational structure of the federal government) or so narrow as to be of value only to a few specialists (for example, the organizational structure of a small operating unit within a larger agency). Don’t forget to note how it ties to the Public Administration program objectives. It does not have to relate to them all but should be related to several. They are: Assess the leading approaches to managing public organizations Evaluate the moral, legal, and ethical aspects of decision-making in the public sector Evaluate the government budgeting process and funding of government programs and organizations Appraise the role of government organizations in public policy development and implementation Develop solutions to a public issue that take into account multiple stakeholders and decision-makers Implement the core concept of public service by providing evidence of service to the public or nonprofit sector Critique a difficult political situation and offer creative and innovative solutions that take into account multiple stakeholders and decision-makers Implement the core concept of public service by providing evidence of service to the public or nonprofit sector Assess the part diversity, or lack thereof, plays in public administration

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Sexuality in the U.S.

Sexuality in the U.S..

 This paper is an exercise in interpreting a primary source, in this case, Ricardo Brown’s memoir The Evening Crowd at Kirmser’s: A Gay Life in the 1940s. Your task is to prepare a 5-6 page essay analyzingwhat this source reveals about the past. Your papershould contain athesis/argument in the introductory paragraph. You should develop this thesis through the rest of the paper with supporting evidence. The writer must use quotations and evidence from the book to support the argument.

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Frederick Douglas vs. 21 century, similarities and differences, no title page just title;You will write a 7-10 page research paper over a piece of literature from your list of syllabus readings. In addition to the research paper, every student will give a

Frederick Douglas vs. 21 century, similarities and differences, no title page just title;You will write a 7-10 page research paper over a piece of literature from your list of syllabus readings. In addition to the research paper, every student will give a.

: You will write a 7-10 page research paper over a piece of literature from your list of syllabus readings. In addition to the research paper, every student will give a 3-5 minute presentation on their topic at the end of the class term. (See syllabus for presentation dates.) This assignment is 30% of your course grade. The presentation counts for 5%, and the paper counts for 25%.


1.      You will submit a typed outline of your essay that will count as quiz grade. The outline must include a complete and thorough thesis statement that makes a clear argument and your body paragraph points. The outline must be written in correct outline format with Roman numerals for main body points, and you must include sub-points under each Roman numeral that represent the evidence you plan to use to support your points. These sub-points are labeled as such: A, B, C… If you have further sub-points underneath these, then they are labeled as such: 1, 2, 3, and so on. I will be happy to help you with this if you need it. This outline must be a direct representation of your paper, so it should include a lot of detail about your main points and the supporting evidence. Main ideas (such as topic sentences) must be written in complete sentences. Smaller sub-points can be sentences or phrases. No research is required for outline.

2.      The paper must be 7-10 pages, no less than 7 full pages. This page count does not include your Works Cited page. No cover page is needed. You will need to type the paper in correct MLA format (your name, my name, course title, and due date in upper left corner of page 1). It should be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and pages numbered (last name pg#).

3.      You should cite from at least 5 reliable sources, no more than 10 (at least one peer-reviewed academic journal article and at least one book/anthology of literary criticism are required). You will also cite the primary source (the literary work itself from our textbook or source where you attained a copy of the work). This is in addition to the 5 critical sources, so you will have a minimum of 6 sources total. Do not use unauthorized internet websites or any type of encyclopedia. Your sources should be critical analysis articles and books of criticism written by literary experts. Check with me if you are not sure about your source.

4.      You can access all your sources through Cleveland State’s library website on Cougar Net. When you sign into Cougar Net, click the “library” tab. On the next page (left side), click on the “American Literature” subject guide link. From there, you will see tabs to search for articles and books. There is also a video on how to search Primo (the search engine). I will do a demonstration to help you understand how to search the databases to speed up the research process.

5.      Presentation: Each student will give a 3-5 minute presentation on their topic. You will need to create a visual aid to represent your topic (power point, poster, handmade item, etc…). The presentation is worth 100 points and will be broken down as follows: 30 points for the visual aid, and 70 points for the presentation. Treat this presentation like a speech. Do not just read power point slides. You can have notes cards to help you, but you must make eye contact with the audience. You will be graded on your speech skills, as well as the visual aid.

Topic selection:

1.      You must choose a piece (or pieces) literature from the list of syllabus readings. If you want to choose a work that is not on the syllabus, you must get my approval first.

2.      You can argue how the literary text relates to a historical event or time period and/or analyze a theme the author demonstrates in the work to support your idea.

3.      Form an argument-driven thesis statement.

*For example: “(AUTHOR/TEXT) can help 21st century readers understand (insert modern day issue) through his/her theme of (insert theme). “

*Or, you can state a theme we have discussed in class and the literary elements (symbolism, irony, etc…) used to demonstrate that theme. You will incorporate historical and biographical information to support your ideas either way.

*You can also do a comparison and contrast essay of several works by one author or show how two authors and their works are similar and/or different.

*All topics will be pre-approved when you submit your outlines. You cannot write on the same topic you used for the small essay assignment. This must be a new paper.

Audience, Voice and Items to Remember:

1.      You will be writing to an academic audience. With that audience in mind, utilize everything you learned in Comp 1 and Comp 2.

2.      Avoid 1st and 2nd person pronouns (I, we, us, our, you).

3.      Present a focused thesis at the end of your introduction paragraph.

4.      Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that supports your thesis.

5.      Do not summarize the literature. This is an analytical argument.

6.      At least 80% of the writing should be your words and ideas, not researched material.

7.      Do not make announcements (EX: “In this paper, I’m going to discuss…”) or state personal opinions (EX: “This author did a great job of…” or “In my opinion…”).

Submitting the Paper:

1.      You will print a hard copy of your paper and the Works Cited page and submit this in a folder with hard copies of your sources during the class period it is due.

2.      For the hard copies of your sources, you should have all the pertinent information that goes on the Works Cited page so that I can check it against each Works Cited entry. You should make copies of the pages you quoted from and highlight the quotes you used in your paper. Incomplete copies of your sources will result in a grade deduction.

3.      The Works Cited page is part of your paper and should be page numbered appropriately. It should be double-spaced in the same font as your paper. It should also be in alphabetical order and properly indented. Centered at the top should be the words “Works Cited.” Please remember that I cannot check the Works Cited page without appropriate copies of your sources.

4.      Quoting inside the paper: You should have at least one quote from every source on your Works Cited page. Please cite these quotes in the correct MLA format. Seek help for this if you need it! Librarians,, and our tutoring staff in the library are there to help you. You can also come by during my office hours or by appointment if you have any questions. You have a 20% quote limit.

5.      In addition to submitting a hard copy of your paper and sources, you must also upload your paper to the drop box folder in MyCS Courses. There will be a folder titled “Research Paper.” This is where you submit the paper (including the Works Cited page). The Works Cited page is NOT a separate document. It is the last page of your paper, and you should submit them as ONE FILE in the drop box. The drop box submission is due the same day your paper is due. All late papers will receive a 10 point penalty on the grade. I will not accept any late papers beyond 3 days after the original due date. I will not accept any papers over email, and I will not grade any paper that has not be submitted to the drop box.

6.      Important note: You must do this assignment to pass the course. You cannot skip it.


Extra Credit: I will give you five points extra credit on your final paper grade if you sign up for a conference and bring me a semi-completed, typed draft of your essay (at least five pages), with the typed Works Cited page and copies of the sources. If you bring anything less than this, you will not get any credit, but I will still read what you have and help you. This is a chance for you to get my feedback before you turn it in for a final grade.

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PetchaKutcha Presentation on Professional Identity

PetchaKutcha Presentation on Professional Identity.

Task PechaKutcha™ is a format of presentation that requires you to combine images, sounds and spoken word in a consistent and coherent manner on a specific topic in a specific time. You must also provide a single page reference list including image and sound references via EASTS and a critical reflection upon this task for your Portfolio. This PechaKutcha requires you to develop 12 slides (not the usual 20 slides) and to speak for 20 seconds per slide. For you to be able to do this – you will need to reflect deeply on what your values and worldview are in order to form a concise statement for each slide. Each of your Presentations must address 3 Slides (1minute) to each of the following Four questions: 1. Identify your main personal values and state how they influence your professional decisions and behaviour? 2. Identify the main things you experience or observe in public life that challenge your values and ideas of how the world should be? 3. What are the important principles and ethics in social welfare practice that inform your professional decisions and behaviour? Give an example to demonstrate how this might apply in practice.

4. In light of the above responses, what do you think ‘professionalism’ means in the social welfare field? A resource page in Interact2 allows you to understand the technique and to search for and acquire free relevant images and other resources. Rationale This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: • be able to identify and critically evaluate their own professional ethics and values. • be able to identify and evaluate critically the professional ethics and values of others. • be able to demonstrate the development of a personal portfolio that includes reflection and exploration of values, communities of practice, and professional skills, knowledge and context. by completing this assignment, the foundations of your professional world view are articulated succinctly and coherently both visually, and audibly. Marking criteria and standards to PASS A Mark in the range between 75% and 84.5% for an assignment that meets All the Essential and Expected Attributes and All of the Desirable Attributes listed. Has all the core components and style required and does not significantly exceed the duration by more than 1 minutes.

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Personal Wellness Reflection

Personal Wellness Reflection.

Personal Wellness Reflection 

PERSONAL ASSESSMENT PAPER Your final assignment is a Personal Assessment Paper. This is to be an integrative paper summarizing and synthesizing what you learned from the personal wellness assessments you completed during the semester and from tracking your behavior on My Fitness Pal. The paper will include an overview each assessment, report of your outcome, reflection on what you learned and why it is important, and a summary of how this will influence your future actions. This paper must be substantive in depth and personal in nature. It should have an introductory paragraph, a paragraph for each assessment topic, a summary paragraph stating personal insights and future plans. This paper must be more than 10 pages in order to cover all the assignments adequately. You will submit your paper to the course dropbox BEFORE the due date and time. All submissions should be .doc or .docx. (If I cannot open the document, the grade will AUTOMATICALLY be a 0.) Please do not submit jpg, gif or .pages. It is recommended that you use to check your grammar and spelling. Proofread ALL of your papers before submitting. Check the rubric at the end of these instructions for the order of paragraphs, as points WILL be deducted for not following ALL the instructions. PAPER OVERVIEW Please use the Number and Name of each Assessment as a Subheading for each paragraph. First Paragraph (or more): Introduction to Wellness: what does wellness mean to you and why is it important. Paragraphs 2 – 20: Personal Outcomes and Reflections from EACH Assessment Overview of each assessment, report of outcomes and personal reflections/implications for EACH ASSESSMENT including one paragraph summarizing NUTRITION outcomes from My Fitness Pal and one paragraph summarizing PHYSICAL ACTIVITY outcomes from My Fitness Pal. This is the main body of paper, at least one strong paragraph (>3 sentences) must be devoted to each assessment topic and each paragraph should include….. a. Subheading: Name of the Assessment b. Overview of assessment: explain purpose and why the topic is important c. Report of your personal outcomes on each assessment d. Identification of personal strengths/weaknesses e. Identification of changes that you could make to improve/enhance Last Paragraph: Summary of what you learned and implications for future actions (final paragraph). This assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your understanding and application of the components of fitness and wellness in your own life. Be sure to retain all of your work throughout the semester, as it will crucial to the writing of your final Personal Wellness Reflective Paper. Overview, outcomes and reflections of the following assessments MUST be included 1.2 (p. 36) Wellness Lifestyle Questionnaire 1.4 (p. 43) Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure 1.5 (p. 44) Dimensions of Wellness – Setting Your Goals 10.1 (p. 384) Self-Assessment Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factor Analysis 12.1 (p. 454) Stress Events Scale 12.2 (p. 459) Stress Vulnerability Questionnaire 2.1 (p. 53) Exercising control over Your Physical Activity and Nutrition Environment 2.3 (p. 75) Setting SMART Goals MFP My Fitness Pal – Nutrition Outcomes 4.2 (p.160) Disease Risk Using Waist Circumference and BMI MFP My Fitness Pal Physical Activity – Outcomes 6.2 (p.234) Exercise Readiness Questionnaire 9.1 (p. 334) Personal Reflection on Exercise and Exercise Enjoyment 9.2 (p. 373) Personal Fitness Plan 11.1 (p. 433) Are You Taking control of Your Lifestyle to Prevent Cancer? 11.12 (p. 435) Assessing Your Risks for Cancer 13.1 (p. 487) Addictive Behavior Questionnaire 13.2 (p. 502) Alcohol Use Questionnaire 15.1 (p. 546) Life Expectancy and Physiological Age Prediction Questionnaire

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