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Regulatory issues that affect patient privacy

Regulatory issues that affect patient privacy. Paper details You are working in a health care setting that is adopting an electronic health record system to replace paper medical records. The nurse manager has asked a group of the nurses to train all staff on the regulatory issues that affect patient privacy and confidentiality related to the new system. You have used computers to complete medical records at another facility, so you are going to be conducting this training and preparing a summary paper on the topic for your colleagues. Write a 2-page paper on the following: Identify 1 regulation that affects the use of health care information. Write a paper discussing all of the following: The history of the regulation (why or how it came into being) The effect of the regulation on the behaviors and actions of nurses The effect of the regulation on the delivery of health care Include at least 2 references no less than 5 years old (x1 Scholarly resource) Format the paper in APA style.Regulatory issues that affect patient privacy
Functions of Cardiomyocytes. The heart is the heart of the body. It ensures that blood and oxygen is pumped throughout the body. Despite being a little bit larger than a grapefruit, it is one of the most important parts of the body. It weighs eight to twelve ounces depending of the person’s gender (Lewis, 2016). When deoxygenated blood is pumped into the right ventricle of the heart from the body, it is then moved into the pulmonary artery which pumps the blood to the lungs. Inside the lungs, the blood becomes filled with oxygen. This oxygen rich blood is pumped to the left atrium through the pulmonary vein. The blood then moves through the left ventricle and then the aorta where it leaves the heart and is distributed throughout the body, thanks to the arteries and veins, ensuring that the tissues it feeds remain healthy. If the heart didn’t do this function all the tissues in the body will die. These tissues need the oxygen to survive and the blood also carbon dioxide as well as other wastes from the tissues. If the heart suddenly stopped pumping blood, this is called “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” (Texas Heart Institute, n.d.). This occurs three hundred thousand times a year, and when it does ninety five percent of the victims die within minutes. Typically, when this occurs, the patient will faint and stop breathing. The heart will need to be restarted to ensure for no loss of life. The heart is conveniently located in the chest, behind the ribs. Usually it in on the patients left side, however in rare situations, as usually seen on TV or movies, the heart can be on the other side of the chest. In the rest of this essay I will be reviewing the tissue types found in the heart and why the heart requires special tissues, cell types found only in the heart and how the heart needs the cells to function properly, and why the heart requires multiple different cell types to fulfill the roles required of it. The heart is a very complicated and unique organ. Because the role it plays in the functionality of the body is so unique and important, the heart is split up into several different parts. Each part has its role and its own unique tissues found in it. For example, the Endocardium which is the inner layer of the heart, it contains several blood vessels, it covers the heart valves and is found lining the atria and ventricles (Hill, 2019). The Endocardium has 3 sublayers. The first layer is the Endothelium which is made up of simple squamous epithelium. The next layer is smooth muscle and connective tissue. Finally, the third layer is Subendocardial Layer, which connects the myocardium to endocardium. Next, we have Myocardium, which is the muscular portion of the heart, found in the middle. It is made up of cardiac muscles, connective tissues, and capillaries. Another part of the heart is the Epicardium. The Epicardium is the outer layer of the heart. On one hand it connects the heart to the breast bone and creates a protective sac around the heart. It also fibrous connective tissues connecting it to the heart. The Sarcomere is what we see when we see the heart pump. It is made up of cardiac and skeletal muscles. There is also Purkinje Fibers which contain special cardiac muscle cells, which are different than any other cardiac muscle cells. Unlike normal cardiac cells, they are thicker, have large amounts of glycogen, and less myofibrils. Purkinje Fibers start at atrioventricular node and extend under the endocardium. The standard cardiac cell found in the heart is called cardiomyocytes (Beck, 2019). A Myocyte is a muscle cell, and cardio means the heart. The cardiac muscle cell organelles are like those found in other mammals, however the humans can withstand a lot more stress than any other animals. The cells them selves are long and cylindrical. The proteins found in the cardiac muscle cells must groups of proteins that lie next to each other. They are made up of thin and thick filaments. When they overlap, they create a muscle contraction. The cardiomyocyte inside the myocardium are different then the cells found in skeletal muscles because they branch out rather than remain in straight lines, they have much more connective tissues, where skeletal muscles utilize bones, ligaments, and cartilage more so, the nuclei is found in the middle of the cell, and they allow for multiple contractions in various parts of the heart at once. Without these unique traits of cardiomyocytes, the heart cannot perform the duties that’s required of it, and the patient will die because of it. In this essay, we learned about cardiomyocytes and their various functions and duties that differ than the typical muscle cell, also we learned about the various tissues found only in the heart and why the heart requires such unique tissues, and finally we learned the basics about where the heart is located, what it looks like, and what it does. The heart is essential to the function of the body. Simply, a human cannot survive without the heart. And the heart cannot function without its unique tissues and cells the each have their own functions the ensure the heart does what it needs to do. If one of those tissues or cells doesn’t do what it needs to do, the heart will stop working. The uniqueness and the complications of the heart is what makes it so interesting to learn about. References: Beck, Kevin. (2019, April 29). Structure of the Heart Cell. Retrieved from Hill, Mark. (2019) Cardiovascular System – Heart Histology. Retrieved from Lewis, Tanya. (2016, March 22). Human Heart: Anatomy, FunctionFunctions of Cardiomyocytes
Columbia University Administer the Highest Level of Shock Discussion.

Questions for the film “Obedience”film link: answer the following questions regarding the film:1. Answer this question before you start watching the video. Out of the 40 participants or “teachers” who are going to be participating in the study of “Obedience to Authority” you are about to watch, how many do you believe will administer the highest level of shock to the learner?2. From the film, what was the “teachers” role and what was the “learners” role?3. List 2 ways in which the experimenter made the study more realistic for the “teachers”?4. What percentage of the participants or “teachers” actually administered the highest level of shock tothe learner?_______________%5. Towards the end of the film, the experimenter talks about different study conditions. List 2 StudyConditions that reduced the Obedience to Authority6. What is your overall impression on the film?
Columbia University Administer the Highest Level of Shock Discussion

• Based on your reading of Douglas Jacobson chapter on Africa in Global Gospel: An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents (pp. 40-72) write a short history of African Christianity in a three-page paper through which you formulate a thesis (argument) expressing your view on how Christianity developed on the continent of Africa. • In the paper, be sure to discuss key places, key people, key events, key movements, and key theological ideas that contributed to the development of Christianity on the continent of Africa. Utilize the information below as the foundation for your short history. The paper does not have to include all of the places, people, events, movements, or theological ideas listed below, however, the paper should reflect critical engagement with some of these. Key Places Egypt Ethiopia Congo Carthage Alexandria Liberia Rwanda South Africa Key People Tertullian Augustine Saint Frumentius Phillip Quaque Samuel Ajayi Crowther Desmond Tutu Mercy Amba Oduyoye Key Events, Key Movements, Key Theological Ideas The formation of the Coptic Orthodox Church The formation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church The development of Donatism The role of Ancestors in African Christian Spirituality Influence of European Catholic and European Protestant Missions The role of African Initiated Churches The rise and growth of Pentecostalism in Africa

Bacterial Meningitis: Diagnosis and Treatment Essay (Critical Writing)

Table of Contents Introduction Main body Conclusion References Introduction Bacterial meningitis is an infectious disease that is a dangerous threat to society, even in developed countries such as the US. It is a severe infection “with high fatality and morbidity rates,” and it continues to cause deaths despite the continuous attempts to eliminate it (Heckenberg, Brouwer,

CIS 135 Strayer University Social Work Competencies Role & Receiver Discussion

essay writing service free CIS 135 Strayer University Social Work Competencies Role & Receiver Discussion.

40-Hour Field Experience – Written Reflection Paper Instructions After completing your observation, you must write a 4-page paper in current APA format that reflects on your 40-hour shadowing experience. The paper must include at least 3 references. At least 1 of these references must be a peer-reviewed journal article. The paper must be formatted as noted below, and include answers to three bullet points under each of the following four sections (minimum total of 12 answers, or more for higher score): Describe the practice setting of the social worker you shadowed. Who receives services at this setting?What types of services are provided at this setting? • How did the agency advance human rights and social, environmental and economic justice? Briefly explain why you chose this practice setting for your assignment. What interests you about this setting? Discuss the social worker’s role and boundaries within the setting. What role does the social worker play in this setting? What other professionals, both within and outside the agency, did the social worker demonstrate interprofessional collaboration? Explain.What are the boundaries of the social worker within this setting? How was engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation of clients handled? Apply the social work competencies and the textbook and journal article readings to the social work practice witnessed and the experiences described by the agency representative(s). Choose 2 of the professional social work competencies you believe are especially important to have when practicing in this setting and explain why you believe they are important.Relate 1–2 experiences described in the textbook chapter(s) with the experiences discussed by the agency representative(s). What are the similarities? What are the differences?Describe 1 way the journal article(s) can inform the work in this practice setting. Can the findings of the article(s) be used to assist social workers in this practice setting? If so, how?How was the service delivery steps of Engagement, Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation evident within the agency? Practice self-reflection by discussing your feelings regarding the agency and/or experience. What was your experience like at the agency (or hearing from the agency representative)? How did your social work supervisor help your perspective?What was shared at the agency (or from the agency representative) that was most helpful for you in understanding the role of the social worker?Identify 2 ways you saw God at work in the practice setting or in the agency representative you spoke to. If you did not see God at work in either, describe 2 ways God could potentially work in this particular setting.Is there anything about the role of the social worker and/or working with the particular clientele in this setting that you think will be particularly challenging for you? If so, explain.Describe 2 strengths about yourself or previous experiences that you feel would be beneficial to the role of social worker in this setting. Review the 40-Hour Field Experience – Written Reflection Paper Grading Rubric for grading details. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the second Monday after the week of your field experience. (This gives you 1 week to complete the assignment.)
CIS 135 Strayer University Social Work Competencies Role & Receiver Discussion

“White Noise” by Don Delillo Essay

Most post modern literature writers delve into highlighting the change that comes with modernism more especially in the family level and Delillo is not left behind. In his book “White Noise”, he creates a post modern family comprising of Jack Gladney the protagonist in the story, his wife Babette, and four children. Jack is a professor of Hitler studies at The College on The Hill and together with his family lives in the small town of Blacksmith. The story develops with an emergence of several members of the fragmented family coming up, that is spouses as well as children. His is not like any ordinary family because of its composition. It is so fragmented such that there seems to exist no biological connection among all the family members. Their immersion into consumerism put them in a compromising situation such that family values are generally overtaken by it. Jack’s is a fragmented nuclear family with father, mother, and children from different mothers and fathers. The family therefore can be said to be greatly impacted by modernity by this virtue. Traditionally, a family was made up of a trio, that is, the father, the mother and children, both were to be biologically attached to each other, for instance, the children were to be belonging to both the father and the mother. But in the case of White Noise, Delillo brings to our attention a fragmented family seamed together from different marriages. The dignity of the family has been eroded and corrupted, it has been put to a point of questioning whether the family is upholding the values expected of it or not, that is, the modern society in a conservative society. A question comes up whether this is the definition of family by the modern society and whether this is the way to go? Whether the children are comfortably brought up getting the love and attention expected from their parents and whether the parents are giving their children the best of their love and attention and care. The family set up is considered corrupted. A disjointed modern nuclear family in “White Noise” by Don Delillo” No one seems to care of the number of times one gets married, this is an example of how modernity has greatly impacted the level of family ties. The family has children arising from different marriages (Delillo, 4). The children in their marriage have got different fathers and mothers yet all of them are living together as a nuclear family but the fact that remains is that there is no biological link that unites all the children and the parents in the story. It does not matter anymore how many fathers or mothers a child can have as long as the child gets good care and attention which is the kind of message that the parents of the four children from different marriages are passing across. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In regard to the context, Delillo has covered the American culture, the family has lost focus, and it is engulfed in the confusion of ‘white noise’. It is completely immersed in the material things of the world characterized by modern consumerism. The consumerist culture has taken over from common respect for God and also for man and the family institution. The supermarket is the place where the family derives joy from and shopping gives it inner peace, therefore the supermarket has taken the role of the religious beliefs. Consumerism, which is characterized with technology and the economic factors, is the driving force behind the change of family values. Shopping gives Jack a kind of satisfaction that he gets from nowhere else, it rekindles the importance and appreciation for other family members especially the children (Delillo 83) Love among the family members is not the way it is naturally expected to be, not that there is no love, but when it is expressed, it has got strings attached to it. For instance we see in Jack‘s mind, “I wanted to be near the children, watch them sleep. Watching children sleep makes me feel devout, part of a spiritual system. It is the closest I can come to God. If there is a secular equivalent of standing in a great spared cathedral with marble pillars and streams of mystical light slanting through two-tier Gothic windows, it would be watching children ….”(Delillo 36) he gets attached to the children not because it comes naturally out of love for them but rather because it makes him feel part of a spiritual system and close to God. The society in the text is a reflection of the American Popular culture. Education seemingly is an indicator of success in this society, and school is where people go to get education with which the future certainly is expected to be successful. Money is what gives people satisfaction and this is seen clearly when Jack tells Babette that “they have grown comfortable with the money” (Delillo 6) and that ‘they genuinely believe entitled to it. This kind of conviction gives them a rude kind of thinking. This makes wealth to be the ultimate reason for their happiness and that their children were part of their assets, which is a characteristic of a consumerist society. Children after some time and as the plot grows, come to hold an important role in the family, specifically in the family of Jack. . After getting knowledgeable, they help their father in making major decisions an example is seen when they are in their shopping spree and they help in making major family decisions (Delillo 83). When they visit the supermarket together to shop, this is the time that they can share as a family and by virtue that the children are given the chance to make decisions that encompass the family interest shows that children are now considered to be part of the decision making process. When Babette engages in the consumption of a drug called Dylar, it is Denise their daughter who unearths the secret. We will write a custom Essay on “White Noise” by Don Delillo specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More She goes ahead and goes through the physician prescription and finds that the drug is not listed. His father thus describes her as her “as wasteful or dangerous, and is forced to defend his wife against his stepdaughter, like a boy might defend his sister against parental chastisement “(Delillo 7).. This means that children as seen through Denise are more watchful and keen of all that is happening around them. Knowledge in the family is considered a breakthrough into independent thinking. When Jack and his son Heinrich argue about whether there exist rain on the car windscreen, Heinrich tends to differ from his father’s school of thought. While Jack feels that whatever one sees is privileged and is due to the use of senses, Heinrich thinks that the media plays a major role in the way in which people should perceive things (Delillo 23). Heinrich seems to dismiss the use of the senses but rather advocates for logic, he says “Our senses? Our senses are wrong a lot more often than they’re right. Don’t you know about all those theorems that say nothing is what it seems? There’s no past, present or future outside our own mind. The so-called laws of motion are a big hoax. Even sound can trick the mind. What good is my truth? My truth means nothing” (Delillo, 23), yet his father tends to believe in what he sees, the role of knowledge in the family is therefore shown to be a source of enlightenment and independent thinking by all the members of the family. Overly information is seen to be harmful, it leads to misinformation. With a lot of information, things can easily be confused. During the shopping spree, all the family members seem to be overly excited with the so many commodities that are in different brands and even shop in excess. The whole book brings out the impact of the popular culture which is seen to have taken toll of the happenings throughout the book. Over relying on information gotten from other characters whether true or false is taken seriously by the other characters. The family and society is fully immersed in consumerism and its effects loom till the end, as they continue shopping (Delillo310) life continues and the issue of death still remains. All family members in their own independent ways are depicted differently, the parents never wanted to believe in the truth and the children a whole lot of new people with different thinking rationales. Works Cited Delillo, Don. “White Noise”. United States. Viking Adult. 1984

HT1483 Discussion Post

HT1483 Discussion Post. Need help with my History question – I’m studying for my class.

There are a lot of reasons as to why the 13 British colonies in North America will declare their independence from the British Empire in 1776. There was a growing tension between the British Parliament, King George III, and the colonial governments over issues such as taxation, regulation, power, control, etc. Additionally, there were larger philosophical and theological (i.e. Enlightenment and the Great Awakening) challenges to concepts such as citizenship and the relationship between a citizen and their government. The two readings for this Unit, “Massachusetts Slaves Petition their Freedom” and “Thomas Jefferson’s Rights of British Americans,” delve into these changes, and an individuals/citizens rights. Discuss in detail what the Massachusetts Slaves and Thomas Jefferson is asking? How are these demands similar when you consider the definition of citizenship. What elements of the Enlightenment or the Great Awakening come out in these readings? What other historical elements such conversations about independence and “freedom” are present in these readings?
Remember to cover the 4Ws for each one of these readings (Who, What, When, and Why).
Remember that your post needs to be over 100 words, and you need to cover all of the topics posed in the question. Bringing in the relevant history from this unit is necessary for you to fully answer the question.
HT1483 Discussion Post