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Regulatory and Financial Trends Impacting the Built Environment

In your own words, write an approximately 300 – 500 word essay. The essay is to be double spaced, Ariel or New Times font,

An Analysis of the U.S-China Trade War

An Analysis of the U.S-China Trade War.

Write an essay about us-China trade war requirement as followed Prompt: Analyze a contemporary world issue through a global lens. You must select a specific issue and address the following elements: The paper must be 800 to 1000 words, double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1in margins. History ____/20 In this section you should discuss the historical forces that led to the conflict. Was there colonialism in the region or country? How was the region or country affected by historical violence? Is there a history of ethnic tension or conflict? How was the issue framed historically? Contemporary situation ____/20 In this section you should explain the contemporary situation. You need to identify and quantify the target population (ex. approximately 3,000 child soldiers in the DRC), identify the different actors both regional and international, and explain the relationships and conflicts between different actors and stakeholders. Drivers ____/20 What political, social, economic, or other factors are driving the current conflict or situation? How do they interact? Solutions ____/20 Find 3 different potential solutions to the conflict. Then choose the best solution and explain your reasoning Evidence ___/20 You should use a minimum of 5 sources in your paper. Academic sources, NGO reports, and news articles from credible agencies are all acceptable sources. Your presentation should include a bibliography or works cited page at the end in Chicago, MLA, or APA style.

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The opioid drug crisis in America

Regulatory and Financial Trends Impacting the Built Environment The opioid drug crisis in America.

We are supposed to write from this prompt… “what needs to be done to address the opioid crisis in the United States”. Identitfy the opioid problem. Purpose a solution. Evidence in support of the solution. Benifits of the solution. Refutation of opposing arguments. And conclusion. Use Only Third person pronouns.

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The family income in households and its effects on housing purchase decisions in Melbourne

The family income in households and its effects on housing purchase decisions in Melbourne.


Sub questions. How incomes have risen and directly motivated families to invest in housing sector? which demographic group spends the most on housing in Melbourne? The effect of these changes on consumer behavior and economic trends? Why housing will always be a favourable investment for families in future? Challenges to employment in Melbourne in future and consequences for housing

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Francois-Marie Arouet De Voltaire Candide

Francois-Marie Arouet De Voltaire Candide.

Research Paper Use MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines. Length: The finished paper is 6 total pages, 5 pages of critical research and 1 page of works cited. Sources: Use 5 to 7 critical sources (including the primary source). 1. Follow the latest MLA Guide (8th edition) to a tee for both formatting the essay and documenting sources. 2. The essay must have an introduction: one paragraph at the beginning; body: multiple paragraphs supporting your argument, and conclusion: one paragraph at the end. 3. Include your controversial thesis statement (not everyone will agree with you at first, and some will be quite opposed) as the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. 4. Introduce all quotations (don’t drop quotes out of the sky; don’t tack quotes in). Quotes must be properly (with correct punctuation) and smoothly integrated into sentences of your own. 5. As a general guideline, work in at least one quote for each body paragraph (sometimes more, sometimes less), but . . . 6. Approximately fifty percent of the essay should be researched information, quotations, paraphrases, or summaries. The rest of the paper should be your assertions, arguments, and, of course, your introduction and conclusion. 7. Don’t “block quote” the reader to death. Avoid using quotes so long (more than four lines typed) that they need to be blocked, especially in a four or five page essay. 8. Write in third person (he, she, it, they, them, names of people, places, and things). Avoid first person. Don’t use second person at all. 9. Periods go after parenthetical documentation when parenthetical documentation is used. Otherwise, periods and commas go inside the end quotation mark. 10. If you are quoting poetry, indicate line breaks with a forward slash (/) and cite the line number(s). If you are quoting prose, cite the page number(s). If you got the information from an internet source without page numbers, don’t worry about page numbers. 11. Begin and end paragraphs with your own words, not quotes or any material used from research. 12. No contractions (formal essay standard) 13. You’re not on a first name basis with researchers or authors mentioned in the essay (and even if you were, your audience probably isn’t), so don’t refer to them by first name alone. Instead, use a combination of the first and last the first time you introduce the name and then use the last name or pronoun each subsequent time. 14. As a general rule, there should be as many research sources as there are pages of the essay. 15. Vary your sources. Make sure sources are credible. Don’t use Schmoop, Wikipedia, Sparknotes, Cliffnotes, enotes, summaries, etc. (not considered credible). (Literature students: Keep in mind that if you do not have an author, the source is not a critical source.) 16. Works Cited should be labeled as such, with that title centered on the final page. 17. Put citations in alphabetical order. 18. Even the works cited page should be double spaced throughout. 19. Use hanging indentions for each line of a work cited subsequent to its first line. 20. Proofread for major and minor errors before turning in the final draft.

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Fraud and Abuse Incorrect Billing Practices

Fraud and Abuse Incorrect Billing Practices.

 Write a workplace brief (5-7 single-spaced pages) of evidence-based recommendations to identify and address upcoding, an incorrect health care billing practice. Include a description of the major categories of health care fraud and abuse and the laws designed to address them. Introduction Health care leaders must be familiar with laws, regulations, and the associated organizational policies and procedures that support compliance. Fraud and abuse is just one example of an important compliance area in health care administration. This is a complex legal subject; many helpful government resources, however, are available to enhance understanding of laws, regulations, and the steps to take when suspected or actual incidents occur. Other important legal considerations within health care fraud and abuse include the: • Federal False Claims Act. • Anti-Kickback Statute. • Physician Self-Referral Law. • Criminal Health Care Fraud Statute. • Exclusion Statute. • Civil Monetary Penalties Law. • Some of these involve related or overlapping areas. • This point in your health care administration career is an ideal time to deepen your knowledge of, and skills in, these fraud and abuse areas. You may wish to develop a short list of legal topics to assist in ongoing future monitoring workplace activities. It is important to include the associated authoritative governmental websites in your topic list. • In this assessment, you will continue your team work for Vila Health’s Chief Compliance Officer. This time, you have been tasked with constructing a workplace brief for recommendations on identification of and interventions to address incorrect healthcare billing practices. In this case, upcoding is the incorrect billing practice that is the focus of the Chief Compliance Officer. Your workplace brief will be used to influence future policy and procedure content for billing practices, including the incorrect practice of upcoding. Demonstration of Proficiency • Competency 1: Analyze health care laws and regulations from a local, state, and federal level. o Describe major categories of health care fraud and abuse, including the billing practice known as upcoding. o • Competency 3: Assess the importance of continuous readiness in the health care organization. o Propose a list of evidence-based recommendations based on information from the Office of the Inspector General to identify and address upcoding within a health care organization. o • Competency 4: Explain how governing body and regulatory agency standards exercise oversight authority within a health care organizational setting. o Provide a synopsis of five laws relating to health care fraud and abuse. o Explain one law that pertains to the practice of upcoding. o • Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others and is consistent with health care professionals. •

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Lionel Tate

Lionel Tate.

 In APA format and with a 350 word minimum you will have a paper research the Lionel Tate case; please answer the following questions. Please be sure to include your research in your post. Describe the factor’s in Tate’s family life and relationships that may have caused him to develop antisocial behavioral attitudes. Discuss whether you believe that Lionel Tate’s mother’s legal actions or inactions contributed to Lionel’s behavioral and legal problems. Discuss your philosophy as to whether juvenile criminals should be punished as adults and whether Lionel Tate’s initial sentence was appropriate. You may watch this youtube video: Ken Padowitz – Good Morning America – Lionel Tate Case Duration: (2:11) User: kenpadowitz – Added: 11/28/12 YouTube URL: Reference for youtube video: 2012, Ken Padowitz, Good Morning American. Lionel Tate case

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better way

better way.


1.  Analysis/Critical Questions: Paper poses critical questions about an existing practice.  Uses critical question to launch analysis, exploring more than the immediately obvious.  Analysis challenges readers.

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2.  Principles/System: Paper gives context by explaining this practice as part of a larger system. Paper clearly identifies a principle by which this practice is carried out.  Discusses implications of such a principle, and clearly articulates new principles for the alternative way of carrying out this practice.

1 2 3

3.  Proposal: Clear and thorough proposal for a new way of carrying out this practice.  Explains advantages of the new way.

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5. Organization: Effective organization, with an introduction that contextualizes, justifies, and qualifies. Organized as a PROPOSAL (not issue) paper.  Each paragraph has a reason for being a paragraph; each paragraph advances ideas of paper. Transitions within and between paragraphs create coherence.

1  2  3

6. Language/ Audience: Deliberately develops a voice that directs itself to, and remains aware of, an intelligent, educated audience extending beyond the classroom. Language is precise, clear, concise, accurate, perhaps even expressive, fresh, and inventive.

1 2  3

6. Grammar: Uses correct standard grammar, avoiding “Common Errors.”

1 2  3

7.  Format: First page labeled following MLA format (see Everyday Writer).  All researched information within paper attributed to sources.  Correct format for quotations, with short or long block (see Everyday Writer). Stapled.  

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Describe all preplanning activities prior to conducting the passive scan on the target site.

Describe all preplanning activities prior to conducting the passive scan on the target site..

The joint task force has asked for your assistance again with a new case. They have asked you to plan and conduct the preliminary passive scan. Conduct data gathering and footprinting on a website of your choice and prepare to provide your findings to the task force. Write a paper in which you answer the following:

1. Describe all preplanning activities prior to conducting the passive scan on the target site. 2. Explain what tools are required to conduct a passive scan on a website or company. 3. Outline the procedures and results of the data gathering, noting any flaws or weaknesses. 4. Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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Health Change Paper 1

Health Change Paper 1.

This is a an 800-1000 word paper in which you will (1) present the behavior changes that are most likely to improve your short and long-term health, (2) write about the reasons why you might want to and not want to engage in each behavior, and (3) design a plan for adopting the behavior change that you can make and follow that plan for at least 21 days. Goals should be brief, specific, and measurable. BENEFIT OF GOAL. The paper describes two ways the health change will benefit short-term health and at least two ways it will benefit long-term health. BARRIERS. Describe at least three potential barriers to the health change behaviors and potential ways to overcome each barrier. DETAILED A detailed plan is laid out for how the behavior will change over 21 days. The plan must be detailed and span at least 21 days. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSPECIFIC. The behavior change is specific. For example, if you say you want to increase your exercise, did you say what exercises you want to change, how many days a week, how many minutes per day, etc? MEASURABLE. Is the behavior something that can be measured? Did you describe how you will measure your behavior change (e.g. steps taken, minutes exercised, ounces of water consumed, etc.)?

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James Gregory’s study ‘An American Exodus’

James Gregory’s study ‘An American Exodus’.

 1) James Gregory’s study, ‘An American Exodus’, looks not at international immigration as in Lisa See’s study ‘On Gold Mountain’, But domestic migration from the center of the country to the west coast. How did California change these inland migrants? How did they maintain older cultural manners and mores? How might you contrast their experience with international immigrants coming into California? 2) D.J. Waldie’s ‘Holy Land’ and James Gregory’s book ‘An American Exodus’, deal with two aspects of the “California Dream.”How would reconcile these visions? How do they connect? How do they differ? 3) Many observers believe that over the last 150 years California has become a bellwether state. That is, what happens first in California eventually spreads to much of the rest of the country. Do you agree with this observation? Do you disagree? What three examples, or more, would you offer to support your argument? Please use at least two of the books to help illustrate your answer. 4) California is one of the most diverse places in not just the United States but the world. How would you account, from an historical perspective, for the amazing diversity in the state?

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