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What are you learning from this group project?This assessment is designed to support you in developing your teamwork skills and leading others. in workshops you will:
provide anonymous and constructive feedback to your team members
receive feedback from your teammates
review and respond to the feedback you receive from others, and
do a self-assessment of your own group work contribution.
From your combined feedback, you can then write up a reflection of what you have learnt from this process of giving and receiving feedback. You should identify some specific ways you will change how you collaborate in your project group, and form some suggestions for how the group can improve its project management and communication. You should also address how you collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds and integrate social and cultural perspectives in a team.
Your group work reflection needs the following sections:
1. Reflection on giving feedback
(150 words including excerpts of your own feedback that you provided in the peer review tool)
Reflect on the process of giving feedback and relate this to other experiences, to discuss what you have learned through this process.
Support your reflection by providing some excerpts of the constructive feedback you provided for your group members.
2. Reflection on receiving feedback and identifying self-improvements
(200 words)
Review the feedback you have received and reflect on how this relates to other experiences you have had with group work and collaboration.
Identify specific improvements you can make to how you approach group work, not only in your industry project group but also in other group work situations. Consider how your experience of receiving feedback in this assignment might help you improve your future work in this unit (or other units) as well as in your future career.
Consider whether your underlying assumptions or beliefs about how teams work well together have changed.
Have you considered diverse cultural perspectives?
3. Reflection on own group work contribution and what your project team could improve
(400 words)
Suggest improvements that your project team could make as a group, based on your experiences of giving and receiving group work feedback and what you know about optimising how project teams operate. As part of this you may want to refer to specific changes that should be made to your strategic analysis.
Consider whether your underlying assumptions or beliefs about how teams work well together have also changed.
Have you considered everybody’s different perspectives?