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By doing this they hoped I would get more one on one attention. At this school I had a riveter tutor.

Would meet with her a couple times a week. In the beginning it was determined through standardized tests that both my reading and writing abilities were well below proficient. I spent full years with my tutor trying different methods to help me read and write better. Slowly but steadily I caught up to my classmates. Even though am now considered proficient in both categories, sometimes still have trouble with reading and writing.I’m not a very fast reader and most times I have to re-read things to fully comprehend the meaning. Unfortunately I think this inability has hindered my reference in the class.

Although I feel have tried really hard and have put in a lot of time my scores especially on the narrative essay don’t reflect that. At the beginning of the semester I was quite lacking in organizational skills. In high school, we weren’t assigned much formal writing, so my base for organization was not solid. Think this is one of the places have most improved over the past semester. Yeses can see an improvement between the organization of the narrative essay and the research paper. Although my organization now may not be great, I think it is one of the areas in which I’ve improved the most. Because my organization isn’t great I don’t think deserve an A, but due to my improvement think I deserve a B+.

Another thing have a hard time with is procrastination. Know it’s not good but it just always seems to happen. I think your class has significantly helped me begin to overcome this bad habit by setting numerous deadlines and having many revisions due.In high school a teacher would assign a paper and then a month it was due. There would be no dead lines in between and unfortunately would find myself a couple nights before the deadline with a blank sheet of paper. I feel that by having at least one new draft due each week really helps me to just sit down and do the work rather than put it off. I am going to try and employ this in my academic life by setting personal deadlines for revisions or any other multi-step processes.

Now my best work happens when I edit and revise many times so hopefully by employing this new strategy’ assignments will become easier and less stressful. I have already begun to combat this bad habit by setting up appointments with the writing center to help critique my work outside Of class. I think by going to the rating center multiple times and showing up for every workshop it shows that really do care and try on each assignment which is why I think I deserve Although I did have weaknesses there were some things felt I did well during this course.The use of citing and references was a brand new topic for me. In high school, we used bibliographies but there, they were not as formal, and the papers didn’t use in-text citations. To my surprise, I feel I picked up on this idea rather quickly and it really makes sense to me. Along with citations, feel I have gained a very good understanding of the library database and until this past semester I had never used it.

This database was extremely helpful in finding the scholarly journal articles I needed to complete my research paper.Finally, I remember the first day you had assigned the rhetorical analysis and I was quite intimidated having never done one before. With time and energy, cranked through each one and got more comfortable each time. Also, my grades improved with each one and by the third they were a breeze. I am happy I learned how to do a rhetorical analysis but more importantly I proved to myself that even something that looked impossible can be done if taken in small parts.

HST 104 Discussion board

Present each response in a narrative form (no bullets, please) in a paragraph containing at least three sentences. One that introduces, one that develops, and one that concludes your answer. It is very important that you quote from the source to support your ideas (usually in the development sentences).
EACH concise response should have circa 250 words (never more than 300).Total 3 responses
Why did Africa become the leading source of slaves in the early modern world economy? (10/10)
What were the roles of Africans and Europeans in the early modern slave trade? (10/10)
What are some of the leading issues in interpreting African slavery? (10/10)