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Indonesia is a country that is incredibly famous for its heterogeneous culture. The relationship between language and culture is deeply rooted. Language is used to maintain and convey culture and cultural ties (Leveridge). Formerly, in colonial era, Dutch language became the main language that was spoken by educated elite of Indonesia. Malay language was spoken at the time of independent by native speakers. In 1942, Japanese occupied Indonesia and forbade the use Dutch language for any purpose.

When Indonesian independence was proclaimed on August 17th, 1945, after the surrender of the Japanese at the end of World War II, Indonesian language was designated the sole national language of the new nation (Paauw, 2009). It is surprisingly enjoyable to be raised in such an exciting city as Magelang. People who live here are mostly Javanese. Unfortunately, I myself could not speak Javanese language well. I am accustomed to speak Indonesian language. I was taught to speak Indonesian language in my daily conversation. My parents thought that it is better for me to speak Indonesian language to the elders rather than Javanese language.

At that time, I was not good in “krama inggil” (the highest grade of Javanese language) that was why I prefer to speak Indonesian language rather than Javanese language. That is why I recognize that Bahasa Indonesia is my first language. I was educated in my hometown, Magelang. Formerly, I used to study in Tarakanita Elementary School. In my third grade, I learned English for the first time. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. In addition, I also learned Indonesian language and Javanese language since I was in my first grade of elementary school. Language is thus part of a social process (Croft).

As it is a process, it should be done continuously. Besides, I also joined an immersion class when I was in junior high school. I was very afraid. I had no strength to imagine how I could survive in that class. I was not sure that I would attend the school well because the explanation was delivered in English. There was an exception for Indonesian Language and Javanese Language; those subjects were not delivered in English. Moreover, when I was in my senior high school, I learned Mandarin. It was so difficult and complicated. Finally, at this moment, I am a college student majoring English Language Education Study Program.

So far, I have learned for about four languages. I do speak all of them except the Mandarin. My first language is Indonesian language. I do love it. I use Indonesian language in my daily life. I could express my idea, my opinion; even make a joke quite well using this language. I do not remember the exact time when I learned Indonesian language for the first time. What I know is that my parents taught it since I was a child. I still remember that my father used to tell me the children stories using Indonesian language. Besides, my playmates also spoke in Indonesian language.

That is why I am comfortable to speak Indonesian language. In addition, my father is also a teacher of Indonesia language. He is good at encouraging me to feel proud of my own language (Savitzky, 1994). Indonesian language is unique. It is chosen and applied as the national language. As we know, Indonesia consists of thousand of tribes with their own local languages. From thousands of languages those are spoken, Indonesian language is chosen. Even though at a certain time, Indonesian language adopts some words from the universal language (English or Mandarin), it still remains as the greatest main communication in this country.

Life is dynamic; it changes all over the time, so it goes with my perception toward the language. I speak Indonesian language in my daily life. Formerly, I had ever thought that Javanese language is a kind of conservative language. Only those who live in villages use this language. I was wrong. Javanese is an amazing language for it has a lot philosophy. The most impressive thing is that Javanese language has a grade of communication “ngoko-krama-krama inggil” that shows the politeness.

Each grade of Javanese language “ngoko-krama-krama inggil” (those are the degree of speech) is used based on the people we talk to. Talking to the elders would be different with the person at the same age. Thus, we have to adjust the language and choose the proper grade as well. To sum up, I am proud to be an Indonesian. On the contrary, honestly, I feel a little bit ashamed because I am a Javanese but I could not speak Javanese well. It is a kind of ashamed when I find myself could speak English well, but I could not speak in my own local language (Javanese). From now on, I have made a decision.

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