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‘How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife’ is that one must preserve, even through certain sacrifices, in order to reach one’s goal. In particular one may have to surrender a small part of one’s life in order to be happy. In the story, Leon arrived with his wife in the country meeting Leon’s brother for the first time. They took a surprising route home for Leon, but it was meant as a test for the wife to see if she could endure the sacrifices she made and meet her new family.

The entire story serves as a test for the wife. Each test was to show whether the woman could indeed live with strangers all for love. This can be a secondary theme, but more importantly, the main character learns that though there are sacrifices it is worth it in the end.The fact that the country is different from the city can be somewhat daunting the closer they get to the home, but she still manages to overcome and under come any trials. The wife admits to having some fear, but also shows clearly it did not stop her. —For me, it is how one may have to give up some things in order to find happiness in life or at least the best happiness that can be found in that particular life.

The trials just add to the picture being offered by the author, this story is telling us about what kind of lovers we Filipinos are before, and the difference of a provincial guy with the “manila” type of girl, this story also tells us that, all of us changes in some way, and in some time, and also this story is like telling us that no matter who you are, you can possibly do and get whatever you like, as long as you trust yourself. well that is what I felt when I’m reading the story.

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Educational Technology.

Description Educational technology has an important role in any instructional design experience. The variety of tools continues to grow, and new educational uses are being rapidly identified. Therefore, it is important to stay current with educational technology trends and make your selections based on sound design principles. For this Individual Project, compare and contrast each of the categories of tools listed below. Define them in your own words, and describe how they might be used to enhance a quality instructional design or help facilitate a quality educational experience. Hint: Remember to consider the impact these tools have on administrative, instructional designer, learner, stakeholder, and teacher and faculty needs. Provide at least 1 example for each type of tool to support your analysis. Peripheral Equipment and Resources Cloud computing Social networking tools Web 2.0 tools Classroom instructional media Cell phones, tablets, and other highly-portable technology tools Electronic whiteboards Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

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