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References:Altman, Steven A. “Will Covid-19 Have A Lasting Impact On Globalization?”. Harvard Business Review, 2020,

References:Altman, Steven A. “Will Covid-19 Have A Lasting Impact On Globalization?”. Harvard Business Review, 2020,


Create an Excel Sheet using the following data information.
Each variable should be represented in one column. Each participant should be represented in a single row. If there are any categorical variables (i.e., nominal or ordinal levels of measurement), make sure that you create a method of coding those variables. For example, if you had the variable of gender, you could assign all males a value of 1 and all females a value of 2.
“Blood pressure (S)” is systolic pressure and “Blood pressure (D)” is diastolic pressure. For Excel enter systolic and diastolic as separate variables.
Use 4 APA reference for citation.

Strategic Analysis and Planning

References:Altman, Steven A. “Will Covid-19 Have A Lasting Impact On Globalization?”. Harvard Business Review, 2020, Strategic Analysis and Planning.

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Present a critical strategic analysis of the following business activity:

Marriott’s merger with Starwood Hotels

News & Web Links
The links below provide some starting points but students MUST add their own detailed research to develop the analysis:

The coursework is an individual piece of work. It will be 3,000 words, inclusive of appendices (+/- 10%). Please note that text in diagrams or tables will count towards the word count.

The following structure is required:

• Introduction to the report
• An evaluation of the relevant levels of strategy
• A critical evaluation of the key stakeholders
• External Analysis – using PESTEL to identify and explore key trends
• Industry Analysis – using 5 Forces to critically analyse the relevant industry factors
• Conclusion

It is important that attention be focused on a strategic appraisal of the company as opposed to providing lots of interesting facts over what interests you or what you find on the internet. Assessment will focus on students’ abilities in applying strategic models and frameworks in a coherent manner that enables them to develop a clear strategic view of the strategic position being studied. You do not need to reference many academic sources in this element of the assessment, but you must reference sources of company or market information.

Marking Criteria
Marking criteria are:

Indicative Percentage Criteria
10% Clarity of Structure
The report is well organised and logically constructed to satisfy the requirements of cogency and synthesis while being mindful of the needs of the reader. The structure of strategic analysis introduced in the module should be applied.
40% Application of Theory (Frameworks and models)
Theoretical frameworks and models introduced in the module should be applied.
30% Clarity of Strategic Evaluation.
Key strategic factors should be critically evaluated.
20% Supporting Evidence.
The frameworks and models applied should be supported with evidence from the case and other sources and correctly attributed.
10% Presentation
Does the paper remain within the parameters set by the instructions, while paying particular regard to the conventions of report writing, spell checking, grammar and appropriately referenced

(The marks for each criterion are to illustrate where the main effort should be spent and are not meant to be a strict marking scheme)

Please remember that an assignment is not meant to DESCRIBE what you have found. Analysis means commenting on your findings and EXPLAINING what the evidence suggests about the company.

General Guidance to students


 The introduction should be brief. It is not meant to provide a history of the company
 The Conclusion needs to draw the analysis to a close and comment on the sustainability of the company’s strategic position. Remember you do not introduce new findings into the Conclusion
 If you include Appendices you must refer to them in the relevant section of the report findings
 References should clearly list all the material that has been referred to in the report and set out using Harvard style:


 Remember to use the models in a ‘dynamic’ way i.e. place relevant examples onto the models. Do not simply copy and paste ‘generic’ examples from the lecture slides
 Words in the models are included in the word limit. The models lose their value if they are full of text. They should aid understanding not confuse the reader because too much has been stuffed into them
 Models should be included in the main body of the report. Only place them in the appendices if they are close to a full page
 You may well refer to points made in earlier parts of the report to show the connections in the analysis. This shows an awareness of the links between themes
 You will struggle to stay within the word limit so focus on the KEY DRIVERS in your analysis
 You will not be able to use all of the examples if you have done the level of reading required so ‘cherry pick’ those that best illustrate the key drivers
 Facts and figures need to be supported with sources clearly referenced.


 Be your own independent work and free from plagiarism by ensuring that work that is not your own is clearly referenced
 Use Harvard style citation and referencing using the centre published guidelines
 Be written in appropriate academic style
 Be professionally presented
 Be word processed using font size 12 for the main text and 1.5 line spacing
 Have numbered pages
 Have been spell checked and proof-read
 Be anonymous and have your Student Enrolment number on every page
 Have a clearly labelled front page detailing the module code and title, title of the assignment, tutors name, your enrolment number and the date of submission
 Be submitted via the Submission Link in the VLE

Marking Criteria
• Introduce the case event
a. Provide a brief overview of the case to set the key themes to be explored
b. Avoid an overlong description of the companies involved

• An evaluation of the levels of strategy relevant to this case i.e. Corporate, SBU
a. Students should identify the generic position that guides the company activity
b. Use Bowman’s clock (using products/services to illustrate the way the strategy is being met) to structure the analysis of strategic position
c. Come to a clear understanding of the company’s position. They need to clearly determine how and why a differentiation strategy has been developed
d. Use rivals sparingly to clarify the strategic intent of the company. Should avoid overcomplicating models
e. Link to the Industry analysis that is to follow

• An evaluation of the key stakeholders
a. Identify and consider the relevance of a range of stakeholders that are impacted by the case study
b. Map the positions of main stakeholders and analyse the impact on the company

• A critical analysis of the main external factors driving the strategy/ ies being explored
a. Need to do a PEST or variation first then 5 Forces
b. Analysis should focus on the KEY drivers of change rather than cover every issue found
c. The PEST must not focus on what the company is doing but identify trends in the environment
d. Models will probably contain more examples than the analysis explores. This is fine as long as the analysis has picked on the main themes

• A critical analysis of the industry factors impacting on the competitive position of the company
a. There should be an awareness of how the PEST and 5 Forces are linked
b. Draw out and analyse the key themes that are impacting on the varied forces
c. Avoid just listing a series of bullet points that offer no discussion of impact
d. Develop the competitive advantage analysis with an understanding of group mapping
e. Provide examples of competitive characteristics that illustrate the nature of the competitive position

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Alice Walker: Include birth and death and milestones along the way as well as significant events in literature and culture.

Alice Walker: Include birth and death and milestones along the way as well as significant events in literature and culture..

Create a timeline pertaining to one of the authors in your textbook. Include birth and death and milestones along the way as well as significant events in literature and culture. Include visuals in the timeline as well.


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Legal Issues in Crisis Communication

Legal Issues in Crisis Communication.

Two members of a fraternity at the University of Oklahoma were recorded singing a racist chant in March, 2015. The short recording quickly went viral. A rally on campus to protest this blatant racism drew several thousand people. The president of the university, David Boren (also a former governor and senator for Oklahoma), spoke at the rally and said the students “created a hostile learning environment for others.” The video of the chant led the university and the national fraternity organization to close the chapter’s house. NPR reported it appeared that one of the students apologized, as did the parents for the other student. This after-the-fact apology did little to change President Boren’s opinion of the students’ behavior. Both students were expelled from the university. But Eugene Volokh, a law professor at UCLA who also writes for The Washington Post, made an important comment about the president’s actions: “Racist speech is constitutionally protected, just as is expression of other contemptible ideas; and universities may not discipline students based on their speech.” Knowing this, what would be your initial counsel and advice to President Boren if you were the chief communication officer for the university?

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intellecual property law.

intellecual property law..

Description In an essay, compare and contrast three elements of the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property with Saudi Arabian Intellectual Property Laws discussed in this course. Explain how the points that you are discussing are similar or different.

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Why did you pick the members to be laid off?

Why did you pick the members to be laid off?.

Some members of your team must be laid off because your company has been underperforming for the past few years and additional heads are not needed. You have been given the responsibility to lead and select those who will be laid off and create a brand-newteam. Give reasons for your decisions of the individuals being laid off and individuals that will remain. How do you manage this project while keeping morale up? What steps will you take to accomplish this focusing on the needs of your team, workload etc.Create a company, state what the company does, department of focus and the roles the team members will play. Create a SWOT analysis on each “new team member”. (3-5 team members). S-Strengths W-Weaknesses O-Opportunities T-Threats Your manager wants you to create a report and present your thought process and justification before implementation. Please be creative! Must be in report format, table of contents, Introduction, Analysis and Conclusion •Introduce your company and company name and state why your department has been selected. •Why did you pick the members to be laid off? •Focus on SWOT analysis for one of the team members

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Case Study Audrey: From the Foster Care Social Worker Perspective

Case Study Audrey: From the Foster Care Social Worker Perspective.

Case Study Audrey: From the Foster Care Social Worker Perspective 

Based on the first letter of your last name, find your assigned child welfare role from the list below. Assume that you are part of a wrap-around services team. For example: If your last name is Ford, your assigned special population would be Addiction Specialist. Last name (A–F) = Addiction Specialist Last name (G–L) = Child Protection Investigator Last name (M–R) = Homelessness Specialist Last name (S–Z) = Foster Care Social Worker This case study will allow you to apply the information that you have learned to a case study. Review the case study, keeping in mind your child welfare role. After reviewing your textbook and resources, answer the case questions in the discussion board. Case Study Scenario Marie, a 67-year-old grandmother, is fostering her 14-year-old granddaughter, Audrey. Marie wants to help Audrey and is even thinking about adopting her. Marie has just learned that Audrey witnessed her father’s death from a heroin overdose. She has seen her mother overdose several times. Because of her parents’ addiction, Audrey and her mother were homeless and were found living under a bridge. Audrey’s mother, Elaine, demanded that Audrey panhandle for money, which she used to buy more drugs. Elaine is trying to kick her habit and is accepted in a residential facility for long-term addiction treatment, instead of a short-term detox center, in the hopes that she can get Audrey back. Audrey also dug through dumpsters to find enough food for herself and her mother. Despite being destitute, Audrey is terrified to leave her mother, for fear she will die as her father did. After Elaine’s last overdose, Audrey was removed from her mother’s care and placed with her grandmother, who is estranged from Elaine. Audrey is acutely malnourished and thin; while she denies using drugs, there are some apparent tracks on her arms. Since moving in with Marie, she has been hoarding food and wants to sleep on the floor instead of the bed. There is also evidence that Audrey has been cutting herself. Case Questions to answer based upon your role: Explain how you will prepare Marie to care for Audrey as a foster parent. What should Marie know about the impact of Audrey’s experiences? What services or resources will Audrey need? Would you advise Marie against adopting Audrey, given that Elaine wants to get clean?

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Trading strategy

Trading strategy.

Trading strategy Academic Level : Professional Paper details This is an investment class project. We have a case study of using online trading simulator to do future trading(only future no options trading).  focus on trading in Equity index sector(Russell index) and agriculture. The trading simulator is in the website It is free to register and using its trading simulator. The requirement is to write a paper about my trading future strategy. the requirement is 2 pages.

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The Investigation Of The FBI

The Investigation Of The FBI.

Criminal Justice Terrorism course. This a Reaction Paper must be in full APA style and format and be no less than 600 words (excluding the separate cover, abstract, and reference pages). The paper must include a cover/title page, a separate abstract page with keywords, in-text citations, properly placed page numbers, running heads, and a separate reference page identifying all sources. The abstract paragraph must be no less than 75 words.

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select a topic and write two pages (at least 500words) in APA concerning counterintelligence vis-à-vis foreign intelligence and FIE efforts to collect US sensitive information. You may discuss insiders, the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter and/or Russia’s detention of Brian Fogle. Read my recent Canvas announcement for more details on googling these two cases. If you use media references, ensure that your assertions are corroborated by a 2nd reference/information source. Discussion of cyber and terror is Unacceptable for this CI assignment!

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