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Redbull Marketing Communications Digital Campaigns Clarisonic launched a campaign in October 2010, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in which the company promised to donate 1$ for every new like they received on their facebook fan page. Clarisonic used Facebook advertising, email blasts, twitter, youtube and even their own blog “Sonic Chatter” to spread the word about their new ‘like’ campaign. Clarisonic objectives included adding a thriving social media section to Clarisonic’s traditional cause marketing for nonprofit.

Furthermore, Clarisonic wanted to increase awareness of their brand and products, as well as increase awareness of their Facebook page. Another objective, which was the most direct objective, was to raise money for “Look Good…Feel Better. ” Attaching their name to this cause also allowed them to increase sales for their specialized products like Pink Clarisonic, which also benefits the “Look Good…Feel Better” charity. Clarisonic also aimed at marketing beyond their typical target audience of women in their late 20s-50s.

Some limitations that were faced was that it was only a two month project and although it attracted a lot of views, interactions, and new Facebook fans, they would have to constantly engage the new fans that were outside their target market, who may not be interested in their actual products being sold. Partnering with “Look Good…Feel Better” was a perfect fit for this campaign because both companies focused on transmitting a message of empowerment. Redbull: On October 14, 2012 the world witnessed a breathtaking experiment; Red Bull Stratos. It took viewers to the edge of space and it was all organized by a private organization, Red Bull.

The Red Bull Stratos mission was a record breaking event, one which saw Felix Baumgartner free fall from more than 23 miles above the earth, breaking a free falling world record while becoming the biggest digital live event on record. It reignited a yearning for the extreme, and created a distinct association with what was Extreme and Redbull. The objectives of Redbull marketers was to reach a lot of people, to excite them, give them something to talk about and look forward to and then to directly relate this “coolness” to drinking their product.

They wanted to break world records, not only in the actual freefalling aspect but the hype around the event. This hype could then be translated hopefully in an increase of brand awareness and in turn, an in crease in sales for Redbull. Clarisonic: Clarisonic targeted current consumers of their product by advertising about the campaign on their blog, which users of their product read, as well as non users by making the campaign goal not just relevant for women or those that are in their 20s, 30s.

The campaign therefore targeted a much broader audience, those that frequent charity events and support a good cause, not simply women in the beauty care sector. By making their campaign about much more than a physical beauty care product but something that benefits the greater cause, they were able to target men and women of all ages who support cancer organizations and link this support of a good cause with their brand. Redbull: The audience that was targeted in the Redbull campaign was extreme sport enthusiasts as well as the entire world that would also be excited to watch a world record breaking event.

The target audience was broad and expanded past extreme sport enthusiasts which most of Redbulls marketing targets. Clarisonic: Clarisonic campaign was extremely ethical as it raises awareness of a certain cancer fund, donates money to the fund, and through these actions is able to also increase awareness of their brand and better their image. Had most of this money not gone to a cancer organization, and just gone to supporting the brand, perhaps it would be less ethical. Redbull: One could argue that the risk involved in this campaign was too much to be considered an ethical campaign for Redbull.

Yes, it attracted a lot of new consumers and created record-breaking brand awareness but it was at the risk of being at the cost of a human life, which is unethical. Clarisonic: They were extremely successful in one of their main objectives, which was to raise money for the Look Good…Feel Better cancer organization seeing as they raised $1 million dollars and increased awareness of this great organization. “Likes” as well as interaction on their Facebook page continued to grow even after the two month campaign and n 2010 alone, their selling of their “Hope” Mia skincare brush more than doubled compared the previous year. Clearly no one can know for sure if it was directly because of the “like” campaign but it is safe to say that the increased awareness did contribute to an increase in sales of Clarisonic products. The like campaigne increased Clarisonics fan page by 80 percent. Redbull: Without a doubt Redbull achieved its objectives of showing the world something that has never done before and reemphasizing their brand motto “ Redbull gives you wings. This event had a huge brand impact on Redbull. Not only did this campaign beat records and was unprecedented scientifically, it was also beating records in a brand marketing perspective. 1,000,000 distinct user accounts were involved in the conversation regarding RedBull Stratos with a suggested audience of this content being up to 90,000,000. 2,000,000 new accounts were subscribed for Red Bull updates within a span of 15 days surrounding the event, these updates included all brand presences in the digital world.

These represent engaged consumers that could possibly one day turn into paying consumers of RedBull. Most campaigns, much like Clarisonic are dominated mostly by likes or “neutral commentary” yet Red Bull Stratos had unmatched positivity and meaningful interaction from people around the world; more specifically 820,000 pieces of extremely positive content was created in regards to Redbull Stratos. 50,000 distinct links were shared about Red Bull Stratos.

More than 8 million concurrent live streams of the Redbull Stratus jump on YouTube was had which was the largest in Youtube’s history. This kind of huge reach transcends RedBull Stratos and reaches Red Bull branding in almost ever single comment or interaction, which till this campaign and to this extent was unheard of. According to Vocus, sales of Redbull increased by 55% in the first few months following the campaign so already here we can see that not only did this boost brand awareness and image, it had a direct impact on offline consumer behavior.

Clarisonic was always tied to cancer awareness funds in the past, their product line, Pink Clarisonic previously donated some proceeds to the Feel good, look better fund so this new “like” campaign wasn’t a trigger of some outside market force, it was more an expansion of what was already underway internally in their brand image and concept of empowerment. Furthermore Breast Cancer awareness month was also somewhat of a trigger to tie their brand with this month awareness.

Clarisonic competitors are low priced beauty products such as Olay Pro X which did not stray from their traditional marketing ways despite the success of Clarisonics like campaign. Personally, I would make this marketing communication campaign longer than two months, allowing the attention that Clarisonic was receiving to be exploited further. I would also allow fans that mentioned Clarisonic on twitter to receive small samples of new products Clarisonic has, thereby engaging target consumers with the actual product at hand.

Timing of this campaign was definetly in Clarisonics Favor. Breast cancer awareness month is a time where many want to donate themselves to the cause and this like campaign allowed them to do so effortlessly and without their own money, simply their participation in a brand they may not have been aware of. Connecting themselves with Breast Cancer Awareness month also lends greatly to a better image for Clarisonic. Twitter did not participate greatly in this campaign other than to advertise for the campaign on facebook.

Salespeople were not utilized in this champagne either which also could have further helped promote their products as well as their like digital campaign. Redbull: Redbull was always tagged with an idea of extreme sports, they sponsored athletes, had their own extreme sport web episodes, and could be found at most sporting events. Therefore, the fact that this was the company that decided to do something so extreme and create so much digital hype around this event was definetly no surprise considering past records of RedBull. It was not triggered by stunts pulled by their competitors.

The Redbull Stratos was able to reach millions more than their usual marketing antics. I would not recommend a thing to the Redbull Stratos campaign, I think everything they did digitally to boost this campaign was genius. The message was simple; Redbull gives you wings and with a record-breaking free fall, they proved this. Millions will always associate the feeling of “cool” and “extreme” with drinking RedBull, and that in my opinion, can only be done by indirect selling of their drinks. No commercial or online campaign could create such brand association by simply telling consumers how cool their drink is.

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