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Red Carpet Organizational Change Case Study

Red Carpet Organizational Change Case Study.

Deliverable Length: 400–600 wordsRespond to the scenario below with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use research to reinforce your ideas.Now that you have gained an understanding of Red Carpet, Leroy has asked you to join in on a preliminary meeting with the VP of HR and other members of the organization to discuss change. The meeting is important because many employees are unsure of their role in the change process. In fact, the VP of HR has not settled yet on what type of change is needed or how to start the change process. Leroy has asked you to participate in the discussion to help clarify information needed about the change process.Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course, and with your classmates, discuss the following questions that will provide insight into the change process:In your opinion, what does Red Carpet need to change? Should the change be transformational, developmental, or transitional, and why?What employees or employee groups should be included in the change process, and why?What do you recommend Red Carpet do to begin the change process? ScenarioThis course uses the CTU Professional Learning Model™ (CTU PLM) to teach students with hands-on, industry-related, problem-solving experiences that model the professional environment and encourage achievements that lead to student and employer success. The CTU PLM is founded on the idea that students learn best by working on real-world, professional projects related to their chosen career fields. By working this way, students develop the expertise to apply conceptual knowledge to get effective results. Through professional learning, students experience the complexity of real-world problems and learn to select an appropriate approach to a problem that has more than one solution. This method of learning is called Problem-Based Learning (PBL). PBL assumes that you will master content while solving a meaningful problem in each assignment.Throughout the course, you will work with a scenario in which some basic, background information is provided about a company. (This information could apply to any company that provides products or services of this sort in general.) You have a role in the scenario; that is, you are part of the story. The dialogue in each assignment presents the problem that must be solved. It is up to you to respond to the problem and submit a deliverable that will be graded.Refer to the following scenario as you progress through the PBL process.Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Scenario: Red Carpet LLCRed Carpet LLC is a national hospitality and entertainment company with headquarters in Philadelphia, PA with national operations in the US. Historically, the company has had 3 divisions: hotels, food service, and cruise lines. However, it recently completed the acquisition of Sparkstar theaters, a movie theater company, that it is slated to become its 4th division. Red Carpet now owns 200 hotels in 48 states, 4 brands of restaurants with 1776 locations, 4 Buoy Bay branded cruise ships, and 300 Sparkstar theaters.Its matrix organizational structure consists of a central HR, accounting, business development, sales, marketing, and research and development departments located at the headquarters in Philadelphia that serve each division. Each division is located in a different part of the US and lead by a VP that reports to the President and CEO. The company is privately owned by a consortium of investors and investor groups.Red Carpet has 16,000 employees, 1000 of which work at its corporate headquarters. The organizational culture of the headquarters is informal and organic and there are few policies and processes that guide employee behavior. The company, as a whole, does not value HR so employees struggle with many employee relations and employment law concerns. The company outsources all of its training to one of the investor group companies, however this training is commonly not customized to the needs of Red Carpet.As a whole, Red Carpet struggles with its business to business partners and suppliers because of its reputation for being nonnegotiable. Red Carpet would rather disrupt the quality and availability of its only products and services rather than partner for the supply chain resources that it needs. Likewise, Red Carpet does not hold many of the General Managers in its hotels, restaurants, and its cruise ships accountable for performance, opting instead for a weaker political strategy of blaming and gotcha games.Being aware of these challenges, Red Carpet acquired Sparkstar for their strong industry reputation and financial performance in the hopes that merging the structure and culture of Sparkstar into Red Carpet would change the organization for the better. Historically, Red Carpet has been a highly successful company, however in recent years, its mismanagement has created noticeable effectives in product and service quality and its bottom line.DivisionsHotels: Red Carpet branded hotels are mid-price semi-luxury hotels known for high quality. Each customer is given a red velvet cupcake upon checking in. Red Carpet relies on its General Managers to micromanage the hotel. Despite its corporate parent owning a restaurant division, no Red Carpet hotels have restaurants. The Red Carpet division headquarters are in Sedona AZ. Many of the hotels are in need of refurbishment.Food Service: Chicken Heaven is a fast-food chain with a long tradition of quality, large customer base, and 1000 locations. It is a solid overall performer for Red Carpet with high employee satisfaction. Burger Blast is another fast-food chain recently launched to cater to upscale customers who seek customized, gourmet-style burgers. It has 200 locations, however General Managers are struggling with budget and supplies causing a poor customer experience and high employee turnover. Food Park is a buffet-style restaurant with 500 locations that has been recently struggling because of high competition and poor marketing. Delicacy is a high-end restaurant with an urban theme. It has 76 locations, is the oldest of Red Carpet’s food service operations, and provides a unique dining experience for customers. However, General Managers have a high turnover at Delicacy because of the grueling schedule. The food service division is located in Burke, ID.Cruise Ships: Buoy Bay cruise ships offer low-cost, short-term cruises from Port Canaveral, FL only to the US Virgin Islands. Buoy Bay offers customers average quality staterooms and food from Chicken Heaven, Burger Blast, and Food Park. However, it does not offer a non-buffet formal dining option such as Delicacy. Although they are known for their over-the-top entertainment, employee turnover is very high relying primary on seasonal employees who are poorly trained. Buoy Bay has had much controversy. Just 5 years ago, the Buoy Bay cruise ship, Garland of the Sails, hit a reef, partially sank, and had to be salvaged in a 1.5 billion dollar operation. This resulted in a Federal investigation that is still pending. The Buoy Bay division is located in Lapsowanne, OR.Movie Theaters: Sparkstar theaters were recently purchased from the Vegamega group for 2.3 billion dollars. Sparkstar is the highest rated movie theater chain the US. It has high customer and employee satisfaction, an efficient organizational structure, and solid financial results. Sparkstar’s culture is one of high HR involvement including a strong training and development department, Sparkstar Institute. Sparkstar has a customer rewards program that provides a free movie rental of the film that the customer saw in the theater which has been very popular and has increased its strong customer base. Sparkstar has its divisional headquarters in Pasadena, CA.The IssuesWith the purchase of Sparkstar theaters, Red Carpet is hoping to redefine its operations in the next 5 years. It sees opportunities to integrate its divisions, products, and services to better serve its customers and employees. Here is a summary of some of the issues that Red Carpet must address in its strategic plan:Internal politics and communicationImproved HR and trainingEmployee relations issuesFederal investigationsProduct and service qualityMarketing supportPerformance issuesRedefining the organizational structureImproving its organizational cultureIntegrating products and servicesResource and supply chain issuesYour Role Leroy Banks, the Director of Change management at Red Carpet is seeking an Organization Development Consultant to address Red Carpet’s need for change. You’ve just received a consulting contract from him to help prepare a plan to assist Red Carpet. You’re excited about the opportunity and are motivated to work on this project. You know that your insight will assist Red Carpet with managing organizational change.
Red Carpet Organizational Change Case Study

IND 503 Excelsior College Three Graphs Discussion

IND 503 Excelsior College Three Graphs Discussion.

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Please see attachnebt with video and notes.Thinking about the video you just watched, create 3 different data sets with data of your choosing. You may wish to poll individuals on a topic related to the video or gather data associated with your research that is related to the video. Place the data in the appropriate graph.  DISCUSSION INSTRUCTIONSDiscuss how the graph you created visually communicates your data sets. Why did you select it?
IND 503 Excelsior College Three Graphs Discussion

Sports Health System: Yin Yang and Balance

essay writer Sports Health System: Yin Yang and Balance. Keywords: Yin and yang, balance perspective, health, sports system, analytic. Abstract. Traditional sports health is an integral part of Chinese culture, Chinese civilization is accompanied by a process to produce, to grow up. It has self-cultivation, physical fitness and longevity effect. Unfortunately, despite thousands of years of traditional sports health practice, the formation of a rich health ideas, but these traditional sports health mind, like scattered pearls scattered in the literature and practice of traditional sports health, without to pick up a bunch of dressed form traditional sports regimen thought a monograph system. Based on this, the present study the history of ideas as a starting point for a study of traditional sports and health aspects of the history of ideas, aimed at the formation of traditional sports and health history of ideas monographs, traditional sports for the rich theory of health and promote the further development of traditional sports health theoretical system of scientific value. We life philosophy, yin and yang sports concept of yin and yang as the number concept of yin and yang concept of information four angles, analyzes the theory of Yin and Yang. Introduction Traditional Chinese yin-yang theory contains rich philosophical implication, comprising: a split into two views, the universal point of view, the unity of views. Yin and yang philosophy is characterized by: emphasis on complementary and symbiotic, the pursuit of harmony and balance. Advocating complementary symbiosis, harmony and balance of yin and yang theory of building a harmonious society for our valuable intellectual resources and useful lessons: between people, between people and society, between man and nature, and even countries, ethnic and between peoples are complementary symbiotic relationship of yin and yang, should mutual benefits and common development. The idea is a guide to action and ideological confusion is bound to make the practice a loss or misguided actions. In contrast the current traditional sports health field, it is the people in the Traditional Health ideological confusion, leading to reality indiscriminate white, as long as something about the health of the people will not and will pack the reception, it will make the name of those traditional sports health “charlatan” trick in reality is often successful in academia, scholars and no history of Traditional Sports Regimen systematic theoretical thinking salvage and through her. However, the traditional PE idea is the lifeblood of traditional sports health, domination and influence the development of traditional sports of health. Thus, carding, research, history and traditional sports health science ideological construct, helps to clarify the reality to help people confused thinking about the health of the traditional sports, traditional sports to establish a correct concept of health, scientific fitness, consciously resist and Identification in reality those “charlatans” traditional Sports regimen trick, governance, health rectify the current traditional sports market cohabitation phenomenon, thus contributing to the establishment of an orderly, healthy, traditional sports health science market, promote the traditional sports health science and sustainable development and promote socialism with Chinese characteristics and the construction of spiritual civilization development. Based on the current health status of the field of traditional sports, the present study the history of ideas as a fulcrum, traditional sports health research through the system, so as to promote the traditional health, science and sustainable development of sports as well as deep understanding of the experience of the essence of traditional sports fitness regimen are It has important significance. The concept is a reflection of the nature of things. Study of a thing, we must first clearly reflect the concept of the object attributes, in order to accurately grasp the thing. Thought History Traditional Sports Regimen study we must first grasp and understand the concept of traditional health, and traditional sports. Traditional health is in constant interaction theory and practice, the prevention of diseases, conservation practices and life longevity. Traditional health practice activities cover a wide range, almost covered in human clothing, food, shelter, and all aspects of the line. Traditional sports health, meaning from the point of view, consists of two parts, traditional sports and health. Refers to traditional sports originated in the land of China, is still circulating in some sports. Figure.1 Yin-Yang The Proposed Methodology Yin and Yang theory.In ancient China, the meaning is that yin and yang support or oppose sunshine, sunshine toward the side of the male, the female is carrying a sunshine side. Later, with the yin and yang refers to two state two opposing air or gas. Traditional “yin and yang said,” has three meanings: First, yin and yang strength, everything from sexual intercourse. The second refers to different physical properties, such as support or oppose, light and shade, the actual situation, rigid, positive and negative, up and down movement, bump and so on. Third means different things, such as heaven and earth, sun and moon, male and female, dorsal and ventral, etc., as well as advance and retreat, gain and loss, success and failure, changes, life and death, growth and decline, and so on. Because of yin and yang, “meaning” very broad, so it is everywhere. In short, the meaning of yin and yang contains very extensive, refers both to the yin and yang of two different strengths, but also refers to different physical properties and opposite things. It can be up and down, inside and outside, day and night, in time, on the spring and autumn, summer and winter, the weight of the severity of the state of motion of the space on behalf of the movement, advance and retreat, lifting, heaven and earth, of all things, there are two different yin and yang Attributes. In traditional Chinese culture, the two actually become the yin and yang symbol, representing the opposite but complementary sides. Universal perspective.In the doctrine of yin and yang, yin and yang properties universal as Yin and yang properties is not limited to a particular thing, but generally exists in a variety of things and phenomena of nature and human society, among representatives of the two opposite but complementary to each other. Yin and yang theory that, regardless of the sun and the moon celestial run, day and night alternate seasons, climate, cold and heat, or the human tissue structure and functional status, and other things or phenomena, are opposite and complementary in development and change, and that everything can according to certain properties, or belong to a female, or a home in the sun and thus, the properties of the yin and yang of things universal significance. Therefore, in traditional Chinese philosophy, phenomena and laws of motion of all things, can be summarized with a yin and yang to the yin and yang is a fundamental law of nature, growth and development of all things, the root causes of the decline of the change is to change the motion of matter master. Life Philosophy.During ancient human cognition of things, and gradually we realize that all things are there are two conflicting aspects can be divided into two: one with a universal movement, change, light, floating up, warm, clear light and other attributes that positive things; and those generally have a stationary, stable, supple, dark, settlement, cold, muddy and other attributes, namely negative things. The one thing the two sides against each other, and a look into two, which is epistemological progress; to apply this knowledge sublimation observe everything, which is epistemological leap that the philosophy of dialectical outlook. The medical use of the human form into the outer yang, yin inside, for the sun, under the shade, the sun is back, abdomen, yin; the internal organs into the dirty yin, yang organs; divided into the yin ; then in the physiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and other aspects of yin and yang theory as the key link, filled with a divided mind II constructed dialectical mode. Yin and Yang as the concept of number is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine theory of yin and yang, occupies a prominent place in Chinese culture, it has been widely used in physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and other aspects. Yin and yang Movement View. The origin of life is movement, that movement of yin and yang, it is an important concept of motion systems important points of yin and yang theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is epistemological. According to sports concept, promoted yang, yin reduced; Yang day, night is yin; Yang spring and summer, autumn and winter Yin, day and night, four o’clock this yin and yang, yin and yang are reflected in the motion the process of change and status. Traditional Health. It should be noted that not all the traditional sports are the traditional means of health, with a blend of the relationship between them. Traditional sports are a major source of the traditional cultural health of the formation and development of the primary means of traditional health derived from traditional sports, but not all traditional sports. Only those with a slow, even as the leading form of physical activity, focusing internally and externally, to restore his health, improve quality of life and the pursuit of longevity as the leading feature of traditional sports events in order to become an important means of conventional regimen. In addition, the cultural property should be attributed to traditional sports sports category, rather than the traditional home health category. Given the traditional sports and traditional health of this relationship, we study the history of traditional sports health care thought impossible to traditional sports content are included in the category of traditional health, traditional health lessons of traditional sports, there is a culture of its own screening process. From the perspective of modern disciplines, traditional sports health is an interdisciplinary, involving traditional health science, exercise physiology, sports science and other disciplines, is an emerging interdisciplinary subject. Unlike traditional sports Health sports. As we all know, in addition to enhance physical fitness sports, culture Willpower and other functions, it also has a strong confrontational and competitive nature. Health Thought. Health roots of traditional sports culture is the traditional thinking in interactive and traditional culture, the traditional health formed his own ideas trajectory. It has become a heritage in the heart practitioners, practitioners and rooted in the ideas of having a sense of cultural stable structure, dominates the behavior of health practitioners. However, due to many reasons, these shining light of the wisdom of traditional sports health thought so far have not been the academic attention they deserve. With the continuous development of the times, the scientific concept of fitness urgently calling us to seek wisdom from a fitness regimen of traditional sports. French thinker Pascal once said, “man is a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he is a thinking reed do not need the whole universe to take up arms to destroy him; breath , a drop of water is enough to cause him the doom, however, even if the universe were to crush him, man would still be better than that which killed him something much more noble; because he knew himself to death, and the universe he has the advantage over, and this universe is unknown. “Type health preservation” is a simple fitness philosophy of ancient people in the long life practice gradually formed. Its basic connotation is strong outside the body, resting in the spirit, body and spirit were raised to accommodate “in the” exercise of its principles, “blood circulation” for the purpose of exercise and fitness inner mechanism. Traditional sports regimen in ancient philosophy on the basis of absorbing, construct his own philosophical theory of yin and yang theory, five elements theory, the formation of its own cultural characteristics, it is a way of life of the Chinese nation. Research literature in this regard can be studied, and the theory provides us with an explanatory power of the framework and documentation material. However, the literature most remain in the general level of theoretical interpretation, mechanically apply some ancient data to the traditional health said doubting its mysterious, practical significance needs to be strengthened, so that the lack of research results more convincing and credible . With the era of progress, science and technology, people’s traditional sports health ideology are constantly updated in a timely manner reasonably absorb some of the methods of modern science and technology to guide the practice of traditional sports health, enhance the scientific nature of traditional sports of health. Therefore, I believe that these scientific and technological development with the times and constantly walked Traditional Sports Regimen in new ideas, in this study should be given in a timely manner to extract and upgrade traditional sports as a new health ideas, in order to better serve the traditional health practice. At present, the academic study of traditional sports regimen thought mostly scattered. The main performance is: some simply move the traditional Chinese philosophy and culture of some ideas, from the traditional health practice; some even a little experience is their practice, did not rise to the level of theory. This makes the traditional health ideological theory and practice of separation, leading to traditional health thought realistic outcome is neither able to establish the system, we can not give full play to the interaction between theory and practice. Such research out of traditional sports regimen idea is not a system of thought. Therefore, I believe that the current situation of the traditional health research idea provides both for space research and some creative literature, but also to study the construction of the traditional sports regimen thought to provide a lesson, a warning not to repeat the academic author thought studies physical health has been in the past. Conclusion We need to study traditional sports disciplines with health theory and methods of modern physiology, modern medicine. We analyzed by studying the theory of traditional sports and health literature and the history of ideas using the general research methods to explore the historical trajectory of Chinese traditional sports regimen thought development and construction of the theoretical framework. Help people establish a correct concept of health of traditional sports, traditional sports health practices conducted science. Sports health system contribute to help people establish a correct concept of traditional sports health, guide people to identify traditional sports health exercises and compose scientific merits of reasonable health traditional sportive physical therapy, scientific fitness. By helping people to establish a correct concept of traditional sports health, help purify the current confusion of traditional sports health market, a healthy regimen of traditional sports market, and promote the healthy development of traditional sports and health. Traditional sports regimen ideas are not static, but with the development of the times constantly updated. With the development of modern medicine, physiology, traditional sports and health thinking constantly being challenged and updated. We promptly absorb the latest achievements of contemporary academia, traditional sports health research, enriching the traditional sports health ideology. References 1. Chandran, Avinash, et al. “Time Trends in Incidence and Severity of Injury Among Collegiate Soccer Players in the United States NCAA Injury Surveillance System, 1990-1996 and 2004-2009.” The American Journal of Sports Medicine 44.12 (2016): 3237-3242. 2. King, Laurie A., et al. “Instrumenting the balance error scoring system for use with patients reporting persistent balance problems after mild traumatic brain injury.” Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 95.2 (2014): 353-359. 3. Bergeron, Michael F. “The National Youth Sports HealthSports Health System: Yin Yang and Balance

The Corporate-Level Strategies Used By HP and Dell to Strengthen Their Multi-business Models Case Study

The merger between HP and Compaq elicited several issues. Indicatively, there are critical lessons about corporate strategy that can be learnt from this merger. The acquisition was unique from other dominant mergers that have occurred in the recent past. The stock market played a crucial role in the acquisition process. This strategy enabled HP to develop a potential stepping-stone towards a remarkable global performance. The corporate strategy applied also enabled HP to acquire the largest share, (64 percent) of the total value. The next strategy involved the absorption of Compaq employees in HP. This integration also included the senior board members of the company. The strategy was vital since it enabled the protection of key interests of Compaq. Particularly, this is critical in the process of decision-making and policy formulation. The acquisition involved the establishment and analysis of product plans. This important observation enabled HP to continue dealing in the Compaq products. However, the product brand changed and combined both the companies. The strategy has enabled a successful process of marketing and product promotion during the period of merger. The two companies also rationalized the product lines. Apart from this, they engaged in the harmonization of branding and outlook. This initiative enabled Compaq to continue with its client base and market orientation. Hp decided to operate within four major frontlines and divisions. In the acquisition deal, the IT infrastructure division was slotted for Compaq’s leadership. The president of the Compaq was to provide the critical leadership in this special division. Operating within four divisions managed at a focal point was a transformational and unique corporate strategy. The fundamental objective was to enable Compaq to exhaust all its products and attain its projected level of efficiency. HP chipped in to augment the low level of organic development evident in Compaq. Another significant strategy for the merger process was the development of a uniform business model. This strategy entailed the engagement of expert advice and assistance. Key partners from the two companies tested the operational structure. The testing process provided a chance for identification and classification of expected challenges. A remarkable length of time was used for rationalization. During this period, several operations were undertaken. These included the closure of several manufacturing plants. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The merger also made specific improvements on different joint operations. These included improvements on product brands, manufacturing and delivery systems. Observably, the acquisition process applied diverse strategies that are crucial for effective learning and development. The Advantages and Disadvantages Associated With the Strategies Followed By Dell and HP The corporate strategy applied by the two companies during the process of acquisition has notable disadvantages and advantages. For instance, the strategy enabled a smooth and successful transition process. This was achieved through fusion of the major product lines and brands. Apart from this, it is notable that the strategy enabled the reinforcement of the human resource and expert capacity. The companies brought together most of their senior, experienced and expert workers together. Other notable disadvantages emanate from this strategy. For example, absorption of employees from Compaq may lead to the importation of foreign work ethics. Compaq had already failed to gain the competitive advantage. Ideally, a fresh group of employees would be ideal for the new joint venture. There could also be possible risks of infiltration on the capital and assets of HP. These include some of the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy.

Failure of Internationalization Strategy in BestBuy in China Report

Table of Contents Introduction Macro and micro environment Business Entry mode Segmentation, targeting and positioning Recommendations Conclusion References Introduction Best Buy was founded by Richard Schulze in 1969. The company was first established as a car audio and a single room store and later developed into an international retailer of electronics, entertainment products and home office products. In 2001, Best Buy Company was considered as the best company that supplied electronics in the Western countries. In the same year, the company was considered as the largest and most successful retail store of electronics worldwide. Best Buy is one of the companies in the United States which has managed to enter into the markets of Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Turkey and China (Cheng, 2009, p.52). Best Buy employs direct investment strategy for global market development. The company entered the international market of China by forming a joint venture with the China’s Five Star Appliance Limited. By acquiring Five Star Appliance, the company gained popularity in China and expanded its business by opening nine stores. The nine stores of the company were located in Hangzhou, Beijing and Suzhou. This paper seeks to explain the mode of entry that Best Buy used to enter into the Chinese market and why it failed. To explain this issue, the paper examines the macro and micro environment of the Chinese market as well as the segmentation, positioning and brand name of Best Buy Company (Ehrmann, 2009, p.10). Macro and micro environment Micro environment consists of the following factors; marketing intermediaries, suppliers, the company and the competitors. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the fiscal year 2009, twenty five suppliers of electronics accounted for over sixty six percent of the merchandise purchased whereby Sony, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Apple accounted for one-third. Best Buy enters in short-term agreements with its suppliers since it usually gets its products from the Asian manufacturers (Hollensen, 2012, p.50). The strategy of obtaining products directly from the manufacturers has enabled Best Buy to offer private-label products, which harmonizes the existing product line. The suppliers of Best Buy products have a high bargaining power since there are only a few suppliers in the electronic industry. Many retail shops in the industry like Best Buy have no power to bargain on the prices given, but only buy from the manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Sony in order to satisfy the needs of their clients (Lee

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