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A Vodafone guide to mobile communications equipment recycling Recycle with Vodafone and help protect the environment There are more mobile phones than people in the UK and increasingly we’ve come to rely on a whole range of mobile equipment. There’s no doubt about how useful we find our communications devices. How can we make sure they go on being useful when we’ve finished with them? WEEE Regulations: what’s expected of us The I-JK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations place an nvironmental responsibility and a duty of care on the producers and distributors of electronic equipment.

They cover a range of household and business appliances including IT and telecommunications equipment and oblige distributors to make sure there is a scheme in place to take back the equipment at the end of its life for reuse or recycling. For Vodafone, that means anything we sell to you – mobile phones, laptops or netbooks, BlackBerry@ devices, chargers and other accessories. How does our scheme work? When you come into our store to buy something new we take back the equivalent old mobile equipment that you are replacing on a one-for-one basis.

Most of our stores have recycling bins. In smaller stores staff will be able to give you a freepost envelope to send your handset back. If you’re not planning to be in store and you want to recycle an old mobile handset, you can send it to us free of charge at Freepost Vodafone Recycling. The equipment we take back from you is sent on to our specialist recycling partner. Like all electronic goods, mobile equipment contains materials that, while harmless to start with, begin to degrade and pollute the environment if they end up in landfill.

So our objective is to give this equipment another lease of useful life. First of all, our recycling partner assesses the equipment to see if it can be refurbished and reused – perhaps in a developing country where the cost of new equipment is prohibitive and landlines scarce. If the equipment is not suitable for reuse, the small amounts of precious metals – gold and silver – and base metals such s copper and iron are removed and go back into productive use.

Batteries, chargers, installation CDs, manuals and handsfree headsets are also recycled. The wheelie bin symbol Look out for the crossed through wheelie bin symbol. You’ll find this on all new phones, mobile equipment and on a range of other household and business appliances. It’s there to remind us not to throw the product in the bin where it will end up in landfill and cause damage to environment – and to make sure it’s recycled safely.

RHETORICAL ANALYSIS (John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address)

RHETORICAL ANALYSIS (John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address).

 Description Writing task Write an essay that analyzes the rhetoric of an assigned reading. (John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address) The essay must contain the following elements: 1. An introduction presenting the title of the reading, its author/speaker, the context and audience of the argument, and the thesis sentence. 2. A brief summary paragraph of the argument. 3. One or two body paragraphs each for analyzing logos, ethos, pathos and kairos. 4. Development of body paragraphs according to AXES or TRIAC organization. 5. A conclusion that reflects and comments on the significance of the argument and its context.

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