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Recruitment strategies may be conducted internally and externally, which internal recruitment including transfer of existing personnel/ through referrals and external sources including walk in applicants, advertising vacancies in newspapers, magazines and journals, visual and/or audio media, employment agencies, online recruiting, through job fairs and the use of college recruitment. Besides choosing the recruit method, successful recruitment begins with proper employment planning and forecasting. Therefore, “Successful recruitment” involves several processes: . Development of a policy on recruitment and retention and the systems that give life to the policy 2. Needs assessment to determine the current and future human resource requirements of the organization. If the activity is to be effective, the human resource requirements for each job category and functional division/unit of the organization must be assessed and a priority assigned 3. Identification, within and outside the organization, of the potential human resource pool and the likely competition for the knowledge and skills resident within it 4.

Job analysis and job evaluation to identify the individual aspects of each job and calculate its relative worth 5. Assessment of qualifications profiles, drawn from job descriptions that identify responsibilities and required skills, abilities, knowledge and experience 6. Determination of the organization’s ability to pay salaries and benefits within a defined period 7. Identification and documentation of the actual process of recruitment and selection to ensure equity and adherence to equal opportunity and other laws.

As Recruitment is described as “the set of activities and processes used to legally obtain a sufficient number of qualified people at the right place and time so that the people and the organization can select each other in their own best short and long term interests”, and recruitment decisions can affect organizational performance and limit goal achievement, Posting vacancies is one of the important elements in recruiting.

Moreover, job posting refers to the practice of publicizing an open job to employees and listing its attributes, such as criteria of knowledge, qualification, skill and experience. Thus, Management needs to decide several points before posting a vacancy: For example, will there be change in selected attributes of the job, for example, skill or experience; flag imminent vacancies throughout the organization to ensure that the recruitment process is timely; identify any adverse impacts of the recruitment process on vulnerable groups etc,.

Advantages and Drawbacks Internal Recruitment (Referrals) Referrals are usually word-of-mouth advertisements that are a low-cost-per-hire way of recruiting, but do not always produce the number or quality of personnel needed. It is a low-cost-per-hire way of recruiting because internal recruitment is cheaper and quicker than advertising in various media and interviewing “outsiders”. Time spent in training and socialization is also reduced.

Also, assessments of external recruits are based on less reliable sources, such as references, and relatively brief encounters, such as interviews in contrast. Besides, there are some disadvantages, for example, Infighting, inbreeding, and a shortage of varied perspectives and interests may reduce organizational flexibility and growth, and resistance to change by those who have an interest in maintaining the status quo may present long term problems. External Recruitment

External Recruitment is relatively expensive and time-consuming as the organization works through initial advertisements, short-listing, interviewing and the other processes that precede selection; also, there is no guarantee that the results will be satisfactory to the organization, but it can reaches a wider audience and may turn up a greater number of potential candidates. For online recruiting, there are several advantages: As it is available 24 hours a day. Candidates can view detailed information about the job and the organization and then respond electronically.

Thus, it can faster the posting of jobs, applicant response and resumes process. Also, it provides access to passive job seekers and allows potential candidates to learn about the company before deciding whether to apply, which can lowering the incidence time-wasting through the submission of unsuitable applications. Unfortunately, there is still some drawbacks, for example, If the screening process is not well done, the quantity of applications/resumes logged-on may be more of a hindrance to the process that an aid to selection.

Also, job seekers who demand confidentiality in the recruitment process may be reluctant to use this method. For College Recruitment, there are two major advantages of this strategy are the cost, and the convenience (since many candidates can be interviewed in a short time in the same location with space and administrative support provided by the college), but there are 2 major disadvantages also: suitable candidates become available only at certain times of the year, and candidates are lack of experience and the inflated expectations.

Besides, College recruitment also offers opportunities for internships. These programs may provide the organizations with quality employees at low cost per hire, and able to hone business skills, check out potential employers, and learn more about employers’ likes and dislikes before making final career choices. In case, some of the better interns are recruited after graduation.

To concluded, College recruitment is relatively expensive as recruiters may not be employees of the company, but paid professionals who have been trained to perform the function, and time consuming for the recruiting company as the process involves screening the candidate. In conclusion, the cost of internal recruitment is lower than external recruitment while the external recruitment can reaches a wider audience and may turn up a greater number of potential candidates in case.

But the most important element of recruiting is whether the post of vacancy is effective or not. Thus, manager(s) should pay attention on their advertisement- Defining the person and the job: identify the strategic and future directions of the organization, identify the organization priorities for candidates/agency, type of employees you need, work and job design issues (Develop a job description and selection criteria which clearly and concisely states what responsibilities and tasks the job entails, key qualifications of jobs) etc,.

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