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Review: Just over a year after the release of his 2009 album “Relapse” Eminem releases his “Recovery” Eminem features Rihanna, Pink and Lil Wayne on this record and the songs are a bit stripped down, not poking so much fun at Hollywood celebrities. I see two down-sides to this record: 1. There are 17 songs on this record, it is a bit extensive and at times can be boring and 2. It’s not the Eminem we know and love, poking fun at Hollywood, Wasington politicians, etc. I don’t really want to an hour-some long record with Eminem whining instead of ripping. In the end, I wouldn’t buy the entire album on iTunes or in a store, just buy the singles “Not Afraid” “Love the Way You Lie” “Won’t Back Down” “Talkin 2 Myself” “Cold Wind Blows” “No Love” and “25 to Life” (most of these songs feature a guest)

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part 1
Video: Life and Death in Assisted Living (Frontline 2013, 53:40)
“Life and Death in Assisted Living” aired in 2013 as a documentary/expose on assisted living facilities. After watching the video, please consider the following:
(1) What did you learn about ALFs from this video that was positive?(2) What did you find most disturbing about ALFs from this video? Why?(3) How does this video “match” your own personal experiences with Assisted Living Facilities?(4) How does this video differ your own personal experiences with Assisted Living Facilities?(5) Based on your readings, experiences, etc – what has changed in Assisted Living since this video aired in 2013? part 2 ASSISTED LIVING IN MINNESOTA (
Regardless of field or profession, one of the most important skills you can learn is how to “keep up” with changes after you are out of school. Keeping track of senior housing policy is a good example of this – where policies can vary between states and are often changing. The MN Assisted Living Licensure (above) is one such example.
(1) Consider your current/future field: What can you do to stay current on the research, policies, etc?
part 3
Based on the materials for this week, define, compare and contrast “Assisted Living”, “Multi-Level Care” and “CCRCs”
How are they alike?
How are they different?
Who is more/less likely to live a CCRC?
Which, if any, would you prefer to live in? Why?
(2) Research, take some type of action (e.g., sign-up for email alerts), and tell us what action(s) you took (and why) to start your professional development.