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I’m not a huge rap fan. I usually like my music to have some kind of message to it. However, Eminem creates raps that have some of the most meaning I have ever heard in a song.

Eminem receives a lot of criticism for his music because of the excessive swearing and occasional reference to drugs or alcohol. He also receives criticism because originally he was on drugs and wrote a lot of music about his party life and getting crazy.

Eminem, however, has lots of good moments when it comes to his music. For one thing, he takes the challenge of being the only good professional white rapper in America today. He broke down the color barrier of rap music, just like Barack Obama did in the 2008 election and Jackie Robinson in baseball.

Eminem’s music often has a lot of meaning to it. Take, for example, “Not Afraid”. By far my favorite song of all time, “Not Afraid” talks about taking a stand and not being afraid to defend your rights and opinions. “Talkin’ 2 Myself” explains Eminem’s feeling that he is alone in his world and that there is nobody to help him. And has anybody heard his latest hit, “Headlights”? It is absolutely amazing! Eminem released the music video for “Headlights” on Mothers’ Day because the song talks about his struggle with his parents, specifically his mom. Eminem explains that after his father beat him and his mother up and left them, his mother has not been caring for Eminem as much. Eminem also talks about how his mother isn’t appreciating the fact that Eminem still loves her. Overall, a beautiful song.

I would recommend Eminem’s music for anybody, but I would specifically recommend it for anyone who has shunned rap music as terrible and without meaning. Eminem brings rap music to a whole new level that is enjoyed by many people for many different reasons.

Back story based on the song Ode to Billie Jo by Bobbie Gentry

Back story based on the song Ode to Billie Jo by Bobbie Gentry.

 Assignment # 3: Write a 500-word (two pages, double spaced) back story based on the song Ode to Billie Jo by Bobbie Gentry. A back story is a fictional piece which describes the events which have transpired in one or more characters’ lives (in a film, book, short story, play, lyrics to a song) BEFORE the fictional story begins. This song tells a story. Your job in your back story is to create a story which tells WHY Billie Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge and answers any other questions left open by the end of the song. Specifically, your back story should follow the guidelines below: Your back story should be written in story form and should not be an essay. You may use dialogue and narrative or narrative only. As a practical matter, write your back story in the past tense. Your back story can be anything you want it to be, but it should answer at least the following questions: Why did Billie Joe McAllister jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge What were the narrator and Billie Joe discussing at church? Why was Billie Joe at the saw mill? What did Billie Joe and the narrator throw off the bridge? What was the relationship between Billie Joe and the narrator? Be as creative as you can. You can spread your wings with this story and add facts not included in the lyrics, but you cannot write anything that contradicts the facts of the story as presented in the lyrics. Do not use the same back story which was the basis for the film and book, RESOURCES FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENT # 3 The story behind the song Ode to Billie Joe

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