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Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. free college essay help Environmental Issues online class help

It’s very likely that everyone has something that challenges them to the point of feeling like giving up. Since the first grade I have sometimes experienced feelings of failure due to my disorganization. Often when comparing my performances to others, I felt inadequate and wondered if I could ever achieve things that so called “normal” students do. Disorganization in my case meant losing papers, making bad grades, or turning in late work, annoying my teachers. A peek inside my backpack would take you to a place where mountains are made of homework and rivers run blue with pen ink. English papers were known to disappear into the abyss of my desk drawer at home. Thank godness for flash drives.

Positive change began for me in Spring 2012, when I began working with one of my teachers, Mr. R, who provides coaching and planning support for students with ADHD. He taught me how to create a good filing system, keep things in one place and to make a game plan of how and when to complete coursework. Most importantly, I began to notice a change in my focus during class and started thinking with an awareness towards more productive planning.

Having these challenges and sense of failure in my life has led me to getting the support that provides me with hope and a new sense of confidence. There is actually someone out there who can teach planning skills, which I didn’t even know existed. I went from being lost to having the guidance I needed and learned to gain new management skills. I now believe that college is a real possibility for me and that I can have more control over my future after high school. I feel my focus can be geared toward my freshman year of college.

On another note, I plan to contribute to my new college community by playing intramural soccer and doing volunteer work. Soccer is something which has always come easily to me and that I have enjoyed since I was four years old. Volunteering with and helping young kids has always been an important part of my life; I hope these activities will help me to meet like-minded students wherever I choose to attend college.

I started out with some serious challenges in ninth grade. Organization can be an ongoing struggle for me and is something that takes constant practice; I will always need to continue working on it. Most of all, I have learned that I am not a failure, because with solid guidance and a lot of personal dedication, I can accomplish anything. So now, armed with my new mindset, I know college is part of my future as I consider favorite majors such as culinary arts and hospitality management. Hey, everyone has to eat and sleep sometime.

Biodiversity in New York State and a Location Elsewhere

Biodiversity in New York State and a Location Elsewhere.

Introduction Specific kinds of wild organisms are not distributed worldwide, i.e. the natural range of any organism is not cosmopolitan. The only exceptions to this are species, which have been accidentally or deliberately introduced by humans into areas beyond their natural range and now have near-cosmopolitan distributions. A higher taxonomic group (e.g., the bird family Icteridae) or a particular species (e.g., Red-winged Blackbird, Agelaius phoeniceus) typically has a restricted global range, which may be large or small. Many factors explain why particular kinds of organisms are found only in specific geographic areas, and these include evolutionary origin, limited powers of dispersal, geographic barriers, inability to tolerate high or low temperatures or precipitation, dependence on other species (e.g. host plants of insects that develop in plants or hosts of animal parasites), competition from other species, and so on. If a person who is familiar with, say, the birds of northeastern North America visits Uganda or Singapore or Bolivia or Sri Lanka they will be surprised to find that none of bird species that occur where they live in America are found in the place they visit. [They may find the Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon) or the House Sparrow in some of those places, but these are examples of species which have been introduced by humans beyond their natural range, as mentioned above.] In this assignment you will select a particular taxonomic group of organisms (e.g., flowering plants, butterflies, birds, mammals, etc.) and use the iNaturalist website ( to find out what species in that particular group are known to occur in New York State (“local”). Next, you will select a comparable geographic area in another part of the world (“global”) and determine which species in the group you selected are known to inhabit that second area. Depending on your choice of the second area there may be few or perhaps no species that are common to both New York State and your second geographic area of choice. What reasons may explain the difference in species in two locations in different parts of the globe? If there were species that were common to New York City and your second area of choice what might explain that distribution?

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