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When we’ve enrolled this subject we didn’t know what this is all about, in our mind we think that it’s all about writing. When Mr. Mark Gil Gabe introduced this subject we’ve learned that technical writing is very important in our lives, courses, and it is a unique subject. This subject consist of different students and courses but we ended up of one definition that technical writing is giving an account of an aspect of a particular business, science, technology, trade, industry and other profession.

We have learned that the relevance of technical writing helps us to understand easily on how to operate a certain technology through user’s manual and guide. We’ve learned also the qualities of a good report writer this are the following: organized thinking, objectivity, mental alertness, intellectual curiosity, motivation if we have all this qualities we can organized and identify all the information we’ve gathered. We can easily know what the purpose of collecting data, we have the confident and eagerness to engage in a certain activity and to learned something.

The basic principle of effective technical writing gives us an idea to understand our reader we’ve learned this topic that we should think that our leader is intelligent, we should know our exact purpose of our technical report, in order when we delivered it we can give them the perfect information they needed, In writing a technical report, we should use a simple language and a familiar one in order to them to understand. In technical writing it is important to learn the steps; we need to plan first in writing a report.

We need to think and to study, after this we collect all the information through interviews, scan notes taken from books and journals and surfing the internet. Then designing, rough drafting, and the final step is revising the report. Technical writing got a lot of end products such as abstract, business letter, feasibility report and so on. Technical writing thought me and my partner how to produce a good report and to become an effective reporter using different expository techniques.

The techniques are definition, description of mechanism and process, classification, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, illustrations, partition, analogy and interpretation. Technical writing is written in a technical form. We’ve learned that if we didn’t understand some words we can easily refer to the so called “Holistic Guide “where in each word was represented by the English Alphabet Letter such as A as accuracy, B as brevity, C as confidence and so on. This guide contains familiar words which we can understand easily. In technical report we’ve learned the nature and function.

The function of this is to give a useful information to the readers in order them to understand. This is the characteristic of a report are the following systematic, objectivity, factual, informative, functional. It is very important to know this so that when we make a report we can easily organized it well and it help us to create an effective report. This subject gives information about the different types of reports and how to make it. We’ve learned that in writing a report there is a length it is either long or short, then the format is either formal or informal.

This is some of the example of report feasibility report, field report , research report, proposal, and so on. Making business letter is quite difficult but now we’ve learned how to create and it is not important to use a complex word in writing it. We’ve learned also the different parts of business letter and its function. Therefore we are so very bless that we enrolled this subject because we’ve learned a lot about technical writing and its significance in our lives.

Management Question

Read the Cirque de Soleil Case study in your text, starting on page 185.
For this submission, in one cohesive submission, respond to the first and third bullets contained at the end of the case study in the Case Questions text inpage189….make sure you include consideration of the content you have reviewed to date in this course.
Note: Before you start writing, think about the question and organize your thoughts…when you have had time to do so, then begin the writing process!) Please make sure you use APA format and cite your sources. This is a standalone document so if you use your textbook from time to time, cite as you would normally do and write the paper as if you were writing for someone who is not familiar with this course. Include an introduction that states your thesis, a body that speaks to your thesis and provides rationale (cited where necessary) and then conclude. The paper should be no longer than 5 pages in length, double spaced.
I will provide the text book.