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When it comes down to a future planning, there is no agreement as to whether high school graduates/teenagers/students aged between 16 to 18 should continue their education in university or come upon the stage to make a living. From my point of view, there are advantages for both college study and job hunting. On the one hand, there are two reasons in support of continuing study and gaining new knowledge and experience in the university.

First of all, because professors in the college generally have abundant knowledge, people who often go for lectures are more likely to achieve a chance to be well-equipped with professional and advanced theory in their respective fields. In addition, receiving education in college gives students the opportunity to live with other students and cooperate with their peers. Usually people feel uncomfortable about having to live with a stranger, because different personalities, living habits and cultural background make it difficult to co-live.

They have to live together for a period to learn to care for and understand each other. It is a sufficient preparation for students’ future encounters with people from all walks of life. On the other hand, there are two facts illustrating the benefits about starting to work immediately after graduation from high school. There is no better way than earning money and feeding yourself to be independent and become responsible.

You will have to follow the schedule in your company and serve the customer in a friendly manner because you are representing the company as a whole. Also, a good job contributes to an extension of teenagers’ horizon and personal network. Personally, advantages of both means of planning for the future are obvious. However, I’m inclined that people who have talent and passion in study should complete a college education because they could never get ready for adult and social life until they learn enough survival skills in their colleges.

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