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In the past time, studying aboard might be only a dream for some people due to limited conditions such as opportunity, finance and communication. Nowadays, increasing opportunity of education enables more students to study in other countries. One destination that I desire to visit is Japan, considered as one of the most innovative countries in software development program. The following explanations are the reasons why I want to study in Japan. Japan has a great reputation of education institutions such as University of Tokyo, the best university in Asia and the 24th in the world.

Furthermore, Japan is also one of the leading nations in the fields of scientific research, particularly technology, machinery and biomedical research. This evidence shows that I would gain a lot of useful knowledge to further develop my country including my future career. My dream would be greatly enhanced by achieving this chance. In addition, today Japan is one of the world’s leaders in the development of new environment-friendly technologies. Although economic goes beyond many countries in the world, they are still able to keep a balance between economic development nd environmental protection.

The climate and atmosphere there are still in a good condition even though they are placed in the country of high development of technology and industry. This would lead to sustainable development in every aspect. It would be a great advantage of my future work to improve and create an environmental friendly software program in Thailand. Lastly, looking back into Japan’s culture and history, it is amazing that they can recover, develop and improve their country to be the leader of Asia after the Second World War loss.

Having such a rapid change refers to hard work of Japanese people. If I get a chance to be there, I would be able to learn their way of thinking, methods and adapt it to further develop my country. Apart from that, cultural issues could be exchanged such as language, fashion, food, etc. If I have a chance to go to study in Japan, I believe that I will develop myself with the wonderful culture and amazing innovation of this land to combine with Thai culture. It can be a trigger of fusion in perfect combination in innovation of technology for my country and the whole world.

ProfilingPresentation Issue/Question: Is profiling people based on ethnicity justified in an effort to reduce terrorism or crime?

ProfilingPresentation Issue/Question: Is profiling people based on ethnicity justified in an effort to reduce terrorism or crime?.

Title Slide – This first slide must include the presentation title, your full name, and the date. -Body – The next slides will contain an explanation and summary of both sides of the issue. Use your research to objectively (your opinion will come later) present the facts and opinions of bother sides fairly. In your slides, cite (current APA format) the research you use, including citations. Your explanation and summaries should be in depth, thus taking up several slides (should be 3+ slides). Use the notes section of the slide if you feel the slides are becoming crowded with too much text. Relate any principles, concepts, or information from your textbook into your presentation. -Reference Slide – This next slide must list all sources in current APA format. Opinion Slide – This next slide is your opinion. Present your own opinion about the controversy. You must explain why you believe what you do. Also, tie your opinion to one or more of the ethical approaches discussed in the textbook. State this ethical approach on the slide and explain why the approach is the right. Ex. “Utilitarian approach focuses on consequences of abortion, more infant deaths vs. reduced back-alley deaths; deontology approach, does a fetus have rights vs. rights of mother; etc. Use the text or another professional source to support your stance. Be sure to properly cite your sources accordingly. -Conclusion and Discussion Questions – Provide a summary of your presentation and close your presentation with three discussion questions for the class about the topic. Think about these questions. Your questions must be ethically challenging and tough. You want your questions to really make your peers think about the topic and invoke a great deal of discussion. These questions will serve as the basis for our class discussion in Module 7.

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