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Reading Reflection 130

Reading Reflection 130. Help me study for my Sociology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Readings are Attached:
Must Read:
Stanton, “Before Columbus”, pp. 17-54, plus photos.

There are a total of 1 readings + photos. Must write a minimum of 1 page double spaced 12 point font.
For the assignment, you will answer the following questions:
• What did you not understand or find new and challenging from the reading?
• What questions for class discussion did it raise?
• What did you find most useful in the reading?
• What new terms and concepts were contained in the reading?
Note that these reading questions/reflections should NOT be a summary of the readings.
The purpose is:
1) that you demonstrate you have done the reading and given thought to it;
2) to identify what you did not understand and what you think is important and why is it important, in relation to the course and to Development and Social Change in Latin America
Reading Reflection 130

Framework for Business Analysis: – Tweeter, etc. Evaluation Essay

Framework for Business Analysis: – Tweeter, etc. Evaluation Essay. A stringent analysis of a business enables managers to understand the businesses’ working environment and make informed decisions. Information about the competitors, customers, the firms’ profit trend, and the risks associated with any competitive strategy helps the business managers to make meaningful decisions. This paper will give a detailed business analysis of Tweeter etc, a retailer of consumer electronics that came into being in 1972. Business Strategy Analysis At the time of its establishment, Tweeter did experience stiff competition, as many businesspersons had not ventured into the electronic industry. In fact, Tweeter encountered only two competitors, Tech Hi-fi, and Lechmere (Gourville and Wu 3). Tweeter did not focus on fighting the existing firms; therefore, it targeted the students who desired sophisticated and high quality stereo components. In a few years, Tweeter had tripled its sales and it opened new stores to reach new customers. By 1979, Tweeter had expanded its product line and it dealt with quality high-end video equipments. Bloomberg, the founder of Tweeter focused on the value and the quality of products, as well as the consumer services. Bloomberg enjoyed the increased profits until the mid 1980s when competitive entrants got their way into the business. The real struggle to secure a market share took effect in the electronic industry during that time. Without doubt, Lechmere had domineered in the market by the time Tweeter was established. It was the only retail store where Englanders could purchase their electronics. Customers were already overwhelmed with the store’s fair prices, esteemed customer care services, and the wide range of products that all classes of consumers could afford. Lechmere had already gained popularity and trust from the customers and Tweeter found it quite challenging to compete with it. In 1985, two powerful stores, Fretter Superstores and Highland Superstores entered the Boston electronic market. Each of the superstores opened four stores in Boston and Tweeter experienced a very stiff competition for customers (Gourville and Wu 4). However, the harsh US economy of 1987 through 1988 greatly affected some of the Highlands Superstores’ outlets and they closed down. Following the flattened economy, sales of electronics decreased drastically, and Lechmere introduced the weekend “sale” campaign strategy to encourage customers to buy electronics. Tweeter and other electronic retailers had no choice but to adapt the same strategy to retain their market shares. With time, the weekend “sale” campaign strategy became monotonous and there was a need to invent other strategic measures. Essentially, customers focused on price, and they considered Tweeter as somewhat expensive as compared to other electronic stores. Therefore, Tweeter experienced massive decreases in profits as their business majorly dealt with middle and high-end products. These products only attracted the quality/ service customers who only formed 10% of the England customers (Gourville and Wu 6). In response to the customer price-focused minds, Tweeter introduced the lower-end electronic products and a series of entry-level brands that would enable them to have their prices comparable to those at Lechmere. However, Tweeter still did not win the trust of customers, and there was a need to introduce yet another strategy to deal with the existing rivals as well as new entrants. The Automatic Price Protection (AAP) Strategy Tweeter took a stringent analysis of its three powerful competitors, Lechmere, Fretter, and Circuit City (Gourville and Wu 6). The competitors were having “sales” for different models of products every weekend; therefore, it was difficult to compare the prices across the three competitors. The struggle to adopt the competitors’ strategies was not doing any good for Tweeter, therefore, Bloomberg and his team decided to make a radical departure from the strategies. Twitter abandoned the weekend “sale” strategy and instead embraced the “Every Day Fair Pricing” strategy. Tweeter moved to the “Automatic Price Protection” (APP) strategy. This was a unique strategy that assured the customers of a reimbursement incase the product purchased was advertised for a lower price than the purchase price at any other retail store within 30 days of the date of purchase. The other competitors also adopted the strategy and even offered a refund of 110% or even more as compared to Tweeter that offered 100% refund. The struggle continued and Twitter took yet another step of tracking the newspapers and other advertisement sites. Tweeter would automatically mail checks to the customers in case an advert showed a difference in pricing for items worth more than $50. Tweeter went ahead and extended their protection policy to 60 days, and this changed the strategy to a “Regular Price Protection” strategy. In addition to the regular price protection strategy, Tweeter invested in television advertisement, radio advertisements, creation of product catalogues as well as mailing seasonal “buyer’s guide” to individuals who had made purchases at Tweeter for the past one and a half years. Conclusion Indeed, the above-mentioned strategies, and especially APP, enabled Tweeter to double its sales. APP is a strategy that sought to acquire new customers and maintain the existing ones. However, in the 1995 consumer survey data, it is evident that 77% of the respondents were not aware of the APP, and it is upon Tweeter to popularize its strategy (Gourville and Wu 24). By concentrating on the middle and high-end products, Tweeter focuses on the quality/ service customers. This fact has made customers to have the perception that Tweeter’s prices are high as compared to its customers. Therefore, Twitter should keep up with the APP, popularize it, and introduce the entry-level brands to win the entry-level customers and change the customer’s perceptions about its prices. Work Cited Gourville, John, and George Wu. Tweeter Etc., Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing, 1996. Print. Framework for Business Analysis: – Tweeter, etc. Evaluation Essay

resilience in children

help me with my homework resilience in children.

Part 1
Identify key factors in the environment that can influence behavior in both a positive and negative manner.
Part 2
Illustrate the relationship of community programs to increasing socialization in children. Discuss how this can be used to promote resilience.
Part 3
Prepare a plan for a community program that aligns with qualities that were highlighted in Part 1 and 2. Show how socialization can be used to promote positive behavior in children and increase resilience.
This paper should be 3-4 pages (not including the cover page and reference page). It should be formatted in APA style. Your paper should include a minimum of three academic peer-reviewed journal articles in addition to your textbook. Be sure to provide in-text citations and references for all information in this paper

resilience in children

complete the business discussion.

complete the business discussion.. I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

For this assignment, list two to three business scandals or issues that interest you. The issues should be ones that can be framed in ethical terms or in terms of corporate social responsibility. For example, you may be interested in consumer privacy and wonder if it is acceptable for companies such as Amazon to collect and track your digital footprint for marketing purposes or you may be interested in the broader question of the purpose of a corporation: is it for shareholder wealth maximization or is it for the value of all stakeholders, not just shareholders?
complete the business discussion.

China and Britain cultural difference

Investigate why China and Britain have different behaviors CHAPTER 1: Introduction The problems of communicating effectively and successfully are compounded when culture factors come into play, cross-cultural communication is the central theme which explore in various contexts. So the concept of culture is important to introduce firstly. A “classical” definition is interpreted as two parts: one is “achievement culture” also named “big culture”, that include— geography, history, literature and art; another one is described as “behavior culture”, that culture is the commonly held and relatively stable beliefs, logos, attitudes, values, word and deeds.Especially,behaviour culture exsiting in business communication evidently (Williams et al, 1989). In the essay, the different culture between China and UK is due to the diverse backgrounds, exploring why China and Britain have cultural difference is the most stressing on, finanlly analysing unlike performance in business activities. CHAPTER 2: Explore why these two countries have cultural difference 2.1 The impact of cultural context First of all, the cultural context has an impact on people’s values, mode of thinking. Like western civilization, it was built by the tradition of Greece, the mode of thinking was based on Aristotle’s logic and analysis, but for oriental culture that was deeply affected by traditional Confucianism and Taoism, so mode of thinking also mainly founded on dialectic method of analysis and holistic thinking. The reslut is western society concentrates on individual characteristic and freedom, this is a society donimated by individualism. However for Chinese society, for which emphasizing the realationship between individual and the whole society (it is a society owned by collectivism). Due to the different mode of thinking that lead to western and Chinese have different effects on people’s behavior. For instant, western and Chinese think differently when they analyse a muder case. Western feel the reason is the characteristic of muderer but Chinese are inclined to the environment around the evident. The different between these two cultures are western prefer personal role while Chinese think it is caused by other people and circumstance impact. 2.2 The historical background effects China and UK existing different culture Secondly, the historical background effects two countries existing different culture. In the year of 1215, because of King’s dictatorship ruffled English nobles’ feathers, they united threat of force and consulted with King about a contract that asked King give up a part of power and recognized independence of judicature. The aim was to limit royal power by laws. The document of year 1215 named “Grand Chater” was built the foundation of British parliament’s democracy and rule of law. Another great contribution to democracy and rule of law was by John Locke, his “Two Treaties of Government” support the viewpoint of opposing divine right of Kings, also first clarified the problem of limitationand distribution of government’s right and believe that administrative power and legislative should be seperated, legislative should has more power than administrative power. Thanks to the solid foundation of democracy and rule of law, United Kindom is the earliest country that built the constitutional monarchy parliament cabinet system, its constitutional democracy was based on rule of law economy and law-ruled society. In contrast to Asia, specially in China, was forced by western countries in the 20th century and blindly follow western parliamentary democracy in the circumstance of lacking market economy and society government by law that made society fell into the fierce turbulence, then experience of The Soviet socialist reform that made the supreme leader personal authority. Lawgovernment and democracy bring about the attitute of abide by the rules to British people and British merchants, the motivation to whom will more concern about whether law has a well-developed system during business activities. Such as an employee contract are covered all employees, from a hamburger flipper to the CEO of a major corporation; the realationship between two parties should depend on the contract strictly.While in China, because the limitation of government by law and democracy, so they will not comply with legislation severely, but will be more flexibility. CHAPTER 3: Different performance in business activitie The above reasons affect the behaviors in business activities profoundly, it extends the way to treat others, linguistic phenomenon, buiness etiquette and so on. For example, when meeting someone in a British business setting, conversation usually remains focused on business matters and business topics. Family or personal matters are not involved, especially the first time you meet. Conversations stick to the business purpose at hand and remain objective and professional. Another case is that in collectivistic society, like China, people are borned into and protected by extended families, to which they exchange loyalty, rather than speaking one’s mind, harmony should be maintained and direct confrontation avoided. Rather than purely a contract, the employer-employee relationship is seen as a moral one such as a family relationship, and when hiring or firing the emplyee’s in-group is considered. Hence, relationships are more important than tasks; while in the UK, behaviors which exerts pressure on subordinates is more closely linked with performance orientation than in Chinese, also consideration for maintenance can be expressed by talking about task in British data but resolving personal difficulties in an indirect manner in China. CHAPTER 4: Conclusion To sum up, the reason why presents different behaviors culture in business activities are caused by many factors. With the development of society, the business relations are getting wider and wider, the international aspects are not simply an afterthought, but an integrative part of learning about this important suject. Coordinating human relations and human and social relations, so that respect different cultural background and different bahaviors, compliance with the protocol norms, it is easy for people feeling of interpersonal communication, so emotional pool play to the role, and establish mutual respect, mutual trust, friendship and cooperation relations, in turn help the development of various undertakings. REFERENCE: 1. Williams, A., Dobson, P. and Walters, M. (1989) Changing Culture, London: Institute of Personnel Management. 2. Tyler, E.B. (1871) primitive Culture, cited in Levi-Strausss, C. (1963) Structural Anthropology (trans. Jacobson, C. and Schoel, B, G.). 3. T. Jackson (1993) Organizational Behaviors in International Management, Contemporary Business Series.(P9-38, 101) 4. (Exclusive Interview to Li yingzhi by CNN, 30/06/2007) 5. 6. (Xinhua, 02/02/2008)