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Arthur Miller In the play “The Crucible” Arthur Miller brings out the theme of conflict between good and evil. Miller brings out this theme using the characters in the play. At the start of the play Abigail Williams and other village girls are found dancing and running naked in the woods and the town people sees them as good, not evil this is because the girls are deflecting their punishment for dancing by telling the name of the women who were witches, actually they were convicting the women they don’t like.

For Example: Abigail Williams who was in love with John Proctor but since John was married to Elizabeth, Abigail blames that Elizabeth is a witch too and must be hanged. The people who were convicted of witchcraft are the evil people in the eyes of villagers unless they confess to compact with the devil. This shows that the people who are good and the people who are evil have switched identities, good are evil and evil are good.

In this play the main evil character is Abigail Williams the niece of Parris. She had affair with John Procter while working for them. She also had lied many times and seems to enjoy when people were hanged. Thus, she uses her evil action to disguise as good to hide her guilt. A good example of Abigail being a liar would be; when in ACT IV, Abigail and Mercy Lewis (her friend) ran away with 31 pounds to aboard. This shows that Abigail and the other girls were lying.

Although, John Procter is convicted of compacting with the devil and became a lecher with Abigail, he was still seen as a hero (good) due to the things he did during the play. At the end of the play when John was about to get hanged, Danforth (one of the judge) asks him that, “Did you see any one with the devil? John says, “No”. This shows that John is not accusing any one else like Abigail did, even though he knew that he will be hanged. As a result he was hanged but saved other innocent people’s lives.

At the start of the play he was an innocent, hard worker, kind and prestigious man but as the play opens up people’s view for John changes from good to evil person when Mary warren and Abigail accuses him for compacting with the devil and he shouts “God is Dead” (ACT III Pg:105). But by the end of the play he again becomes evil to good because he saves other people’s lives and dies. In the end, Miller made evil win by the death of hero (John Proctor) and the escape of the evil unpunished.

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