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Reading Journal #2 on Citizen parts I-IV(1-66)

Reading Journal #2 on Citizen parts I-IV(1-66). Paper details Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen: An American Lyric Each entry must be at least 250 words (your heading and formatting do NOT count toward this word count). You need to quote, properly in text cite, summarize, and analyze from at least one of the readings from the class. Then you need to discuss why you chose that quote. ***Some questions to consider addressing in your entries (you do NOT have to answer all of these questions. These questions are here to help you generate ideas of what to write about in your entries): —Is this reading relevant today? Can you connect it to current events? —How does this reading help you achieve your educational goals? —How this reading can help you in developing writing skills —How does this reading connect to other readings for the class? —What literary elements do you see? (ex alliteration, imagery, symbolism, etc) —How does the structure impact the text itself? —What is the theme of the text? In what ways do you see the theme presented in the text? —How has this reading helped you meet one or more of the learning goals for the course? —How this reading may be helpful for your intended job/career —What do you think the purpose is of the text? Who is its intended audience? What is the tone? What is the message?Reading Journal #2 on Citizen parts I-IV(1-66)
SJSU Dexter Gordons Bikini Analytical Review.

Written Assignment #2: BebopTenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon was a leading figure in bebop, drawing upon the styles of both of Count Basie’s tenor players, Lester Young and Herschel Evans, to forge his own style in the bebop idiom. His composition Bikini exhibits an interesting and unique hybrid form.
Listen attentively to Bikini performed by Dexter Gordon, tenor saxophone (ts); Jimmy Bunn, piano (p); Red Callender, bass (b); and Chuck Thompson, drums (d); and address the following questions:The order of solos in this piece is: Gordon, Bunn, Callender, and Thompson (at end). Provide counter numbers for the beginnings and ends of all four solos.Compare and contrast the solo styles, and describe them. Listen to how they phrase or create musical lines over the chord changes. Try to include some detail.How many choruses does each of them take? Note: This piece is a 44-bar hybrid AABA song form in which each A section is a 12-bar blues chord progression, while the B section (the bridge) is a standard 8-bar section. The first chorus is 00:11 to 01:00.What is your impression of this piece? How do these bebop soloists differ from the swing soloists that you have heard? Does the bebop ensemble treat or arrange the melody differently from the swing big band arrangements (of melody) that you have heard? If so, how?Generally speaking, this band would have performed for what type of audience?
SJSU Dexter Gordons Bikini Analytical Review

ART 110 Anne Arundel Community College Buddha Art Statue Discussion.

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Identify an artwork or object
Consider the artwork, ideas and images we have studied in class to date. Look around you and find an
example of art: locate a painting, a building, or a public sculpture in your area. You do not need to visit
a gallery: simply look around you. This assignment asks you to reconsider, to re-see, what you might
walk by without even noticing it. Look at a public building or plaza, a mural, a park, a gated entryway,
a painting, a public sculpture, etc.
Ask questions
Whatever you find, apply the concepts and practices pertaining to visual art that we have discussed in
class. You can do this by asking yourself questions about what you see. For example, what is the subject
matter of your selected object? You might also ask how do spatial arrangements impact the work. How
about the composition, use of light and shadow, color and texture? How does the scale of the work
create impact? What about the level of realism, abstraction, or representation of the human figure? If
you look at an architectural structure, study the facade and look at how people move around or through
it. If you look at a 2-dimentional work, where is the painting hung and who gets to see it? These are
just a few of the many questions you can ask. Identify at least two questions that help you understand
or explore your selected object.
Take a selfie and other photos
After you have selected an object and identified questions, snap a selfie next to the object. Then snap
additional photos of the object in such a way that you make clear what the object is and it relates to
the questions you have asked about it. For example, details in your photo could show color and texture;
people standing next to the object can show scale and orientation. Be creative – use your photos to
show what you know about how your work of art is put together and what its impact is.
Post your photos, questions and analyses to Blackboard
Post your photos to the Blackboard discussion board (located in Assignments) under a thread titled
with your name. When you post your photos, identify your work, list your questions, and describe how
your photos help you respond to your questions.
Compare your selected object to an image from the textbook
Lastly, choose an image from the online textbook that your work reminds you of. Copy the image and
post your image on Blackboard. Include a brief description of the image you chose, and describe why
you chose thisimage and how it relates to the work you chose in your community. The work you choose
from the book does not have to be a perfect match. You just need to demonstrate that you can see
similar concepts, ideas, practices, etc.
ART 110 Anne Arundel Community College Buddha Art Statue Discussion

USF Surreal Photos An Editing and Creative Challenge Project

USF Surreal Photos An Editing and Creative Challenge Project.

Students will be challenged to see the world in new ways by altering photos to re-colour the world around them. In brief, students will be taking pictures, editing those pictures to be black and white, then re-colouring them in unusual ways before doing some final polishing, editing and submitting. Students may either re-colour their photos digitally, or by printing them out, painting or otherwise colouring on them, scanning those images, and then doing whatever final edits they prefer.Your project must come with an artist’s statement explaining your message, statement or thought that goes along with the photos. Please consider what you want to say with this assignment. For example, I might take a photo of an apartment building and make every window a different colour to show how different people with different personalities live in each apartment. Your assignment cannot be fully random, you must have some kind of message or intention behind what you photograph and how you colour it.
USF Surreal Photos An Editing and Creative Challenge Project

Colorado Technical University Adverse Events in Health Care Organizations Essay

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When an adverse event (e.g., wrong-site surgery or avoidable death) occurs in a health care organization, it can be complex and intense. The media, regulatory agencies, and even government involvement will likely occur.For this assignment, discuss the following: Why might health care organizations and staff members be reluctant to report adverse events? Explain the financial and nonfinancial implications that a major adverse event may have on a health care organization. What can organizational leadership do to improve the reporting of adverse events? Note: Use APA style to cite at least 2 scholarly sources from the last 5 years.
Colorado Technical University Adverse Events in Health Care Organizations Essay

I dropped the template. I have an example I will send it.

Complete a home safety inspection on a person age 70 or above. Go to their home and complete this template. As appropriate, make as many corrections during your visit as possible. ONLY Typed papers will be accepted, and upload completed assessment into the corresponding clinical dropbox. Use as much space as needed to answer the questions thoroughly. Yes and No answers are NOT acceptable. Incomplete, late assignments are the same as an unsatisfactory in clinical so please make sure you turn this in on time and it’s fully completed. See your Canvas dropbox for the due date. Incomplete or late documentation will affect the satisfactory progress of your lab grade, which may result in a course fail. Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment TEMPLATE.docx Download Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment TEMPLATE.docx Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment EXAMPLE.pdf Download Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment EXAMPLE.pdf **In order to successfully complete this assignment you must attain a Level 2 in all categories. You may be asked to resubmit the assignment until you have met a Level 2 in all rubric categories.

Strayer University Microeconomics Data Using the Ford Car Industry Sales Worksheet

Strayer University Microeconomics Data Using the Ford Car Industry Sales Worksheet.

I’m working on a micro economics spreadsheet and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Do some research and find three years of this microeconomic variable for your industry.For example, you might find automobile sales data for 2017, 2018, and 2019.Go to the Census Bureau (NAICS) website and select an industry that has a description. Some of the smaller industries are named, but not described.The industry could be broad, such as industry 11 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting, or it could be narrow, such as industry 112112 Cattle Feedlots. The more digits in the industry label, the narrower the industryPrepare an Excel spreadsheet that has two columns and four rows. In cell A1, type in the industry you selected and bold the text. In the heading for cell A2, type “Year.” In cells A3, A4, and A5 descending below this heading, type the years for your data. In the automobile example, this would be 2017, 2018, and 2019.In the heading for column two, cell B2, type the name of the variable you chose. For example, it could be “Sales.” In the cells below this heading, type the sales data for each of the three years.Underneath your table, type “Source:” Then paste the URL of the source where you found your data.
Strayer University Microeconomics Data Using the Ford Car Industry Sales Worksheet