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Read the following article about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, then answer the following questions: Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis

Read the following article about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, then answer the following questions:

Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study
In order to track the disease’s full progression, researchers provided no effective care as the study’s African American participants experienced severe health problems including blindness, mental impairment—or death.
Each student must respond to the following discussion question in 150 words. Each student will also have to comment on 3 classmates’ posts. Comments should offer some insight into what was written but not overly critical or judgmental.

What should have researchers done differently if they wanted to study syphilis? What aspects of this study make it especially unethical?


-You must type your responses into the forum box. Do not upload images or documents.

– Copying/pasting and rewording without citations will result in a grade of zero.

Affects the Supreme Court decision in Carpenter V. US has had

Affects the Supreme Court decision in Carpenter V. US has had.

Affects the Supreme Court decision in Carpenter V. US has had

Paper details Instructions: Write a 5 page paper and include a reference page (total 6 pages) On the political, social and historical effect this decision has had on the United States. Clearly state and understand the issue decided on and the impact that’s it’s had on society. The paper should sum up the intended outcome of the course in terms of your learning and the Supreme Court. It would help to study the language of the affirming justices and the accenting justices if any. Of course we know the big ones, Brown V. Board of education or Loving V. Virginia, essentially we are taking a look at what decisions on Supreme Court cases do / the role they play every single day that affects society. The term paper will be based on the Carpenter V. United States Supreme Court Case

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Article Criticque

Read the following article about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, then answer the following questions: Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Article Criticque.

This assignment involves the collection and analysis of four (4) media items on one current Indigenous health and wellbeing issue/topic. You are required to link this contemporary issue as presented in the media with those discussed in the unit outline and in the readings.

It is advisable to start thinking about your topic and collecting your media items from early in the semester.

For the purposes of this assignment, the definition of media is:

The main means of mass communication through broadcasting and publishing and the internet (TV, radio, newspapers etc.) that reach or influence people widely.

Discuss your topic and check the media items with the unit coordinator prior to commencing.

You will need to:

Identify an Indigenous health issue from a social determinants of health approach (i.e. not only disease or illness – for example the impact of racism)
Collect 4 media items in a variety of forms – this can include newspaper articles, editorials, magazine articles, video clips with transcripts, online blogs and other electronic articles.
The 4 media items also need to be from a variety of sources as much as possible � so not all 4 from the same source for example all from the SMH or the ABC.
You must have either a hyper linked or attached PDF copies to assignment.
Summarise key issue(s) in the media items collected .
Link media items to various models and approaches discussed in the unit modules and readings.
Discuss how the media items might affect the current debate and discussion on the issue.
Discuss your position and views on the issue as it presented and explore other perspectives.
The sources will need to be local, interstate and possibly international. Utilise a variety of sources in order to assess the breadth and depth of the issue. Using only one source may result is a biased account of the issue.
Please note: material including cartoons, posters, health promotion YouTube clips, websites or academic journal articles and government publications are not media items unless they are discussed and cited as a media release or news item
Feel free to run ideas and drafts past the lecturer for feedback. This may save you from a nervous breakdown.
You can format the assignment as follows (or close to):

1. Introduction

Chosen topic and why it is an Indigenous health issue
2. The 4 media items – analysis

Full reference and working link at beginning of each item
Summary and analysis of key points in item
How fits into unit overall and topics discussed or covered
How media item contributes to the topic discussion or debate
Personal reflection on the issue
3. Conclusion

4. Reference list (on separate page)

You may wish to browse through one or both of these two references for ideas as to why we examine the media in relation to health:

Germov, J., & Freij. M. (2013). Media and health: moral panics, miracles, and medicalisation. In J. Germov (Ed.), Second opinion: introduction to health sociology (5th ed.). (pp.337-355). South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press.
Willis, K., & Elmer, S. (2011). Society, culture and health an introduction to sociology for nurses. (2nd ed.). (pp45-65). South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press.

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Triangle shirt waist factory fire

Triangle shirt waist factory fire.

Triangle shirt waist factory fire 

Using the New York Times articles on blackboard (that we discussed in class) as well as the article, “Remembering the Unknowns,” write a 2-3page essay about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. Describe what happened on the day of the fire, its aftermath, and at least one of the events leading up to the fire – e.g. the strike, Chief Croker’s proposal, the ILGWU and the WTUL, etc. Your essay should include information about the victims, the factory owners, management, and witnesses – and of course the trial. Why were the owners acquitted?

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Trends in Marketing Communications.”

Trends in Marketing Communications.”.

Write a 1000 word paper in which you include the following: Evaluate key attributes of the selected product or service chosen in your Week 2 assignment, “Trends in Marketing Communications.” Identify three advertising tools that the company uses to advertise this product or service. Evaluate the effectiveness of each tool in its ability to reach the intended target market segment compared with competing products or services (use metrics and facts to support your points). Determine the competitive advantage(s) of the product or service in relationship to the competition. Propose new marketing processes, tools, and media channels that can be used to increase market penetration and consumer spending. Explain how these new tools and processes will reach the target market and increase sales

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Individual Report (Project Plan): — Project to Install an Emergency Power Plant at a Tidal Barrier

Individual Report (Project Plan): — Project to Install an Emergency Power Plant at a Tidal Barrier.

– Part 2 (75%): Individual Project Report based on a Case Study – maximum word count of 2500 words. – Please read the attached file to follow the instructions and to read the case study details. – The individual report just by doing Part B – the individual report will be marked to Learning Outcomes 1, 3 & 4. – Learning Outcomes to be Assessed: 1. Critically analyse project management methodologies and tools for implementing a successful project. 2. Evaluate approaches to human resource management for a successful project noting cultural, social and economic influences. 3. Assess the role of quality and risk management in the delivery of successful projects. 4. Evaluate the usefulness of current tools and software, such as Prince II as a methodology. Part B – (75%) – Project to Install an Emergency Power Plant at a Tidal Barrier. Given the information below you are asked to apply project management techniques to the Proposed Project to address both the Planning Phase and the Implementation Phase of the project. In your report you should include your understanding of what is meant by the meaning of “project” and provide examples of different types of projects, including research, administrative, process improvement etc. See also Table of data (below) giving an overview of the Project, a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), durations and cost-related information.

1) Construct a suitable network diagram which shows the precedence logic of each activity. You should use the activity-on-arrow or precedence method. This may be done manually on paper but a higher grade may be obtained with the help of software to draw the diagram. Use the diagram to calculate each activity Early Start Day number and hence determine the earliest likely overall completion time. Taking this day number as a target for completion, calculate the Latest Times for each activity or node. Finally calculate the floats and show 

2) From your network information using an Excel spreadsheet to one day accuracy produce a Gantt chart based on Early Start times. Explain the limitations of the Gantt Chart on its own and how an activity network assisted by computer software could be used to monitor the actual progress in terms of timing throughout the project and what steps might be taken to improve the timing schedule if the project were required to be completed in two months. Higher marks are awarded for additional examples with calculations done in Mircosoft Project. (15%)

3) Using the given cost estimate information calculate total cost by Group and Overall, without and then with Contingency. Construct a budget (BCWS) spreadsheet with activities down the left hand side and a month by month calendar as the X-Axis. Apply a suitable method of allocating the cost of each activity evenly over each month of its duration. Allocate costs to months. The sheet should show sub-total costs for each activity group and overall per month. Construct a graph against time for the periodic spend and the same information on a cumulative basis. Higher marks are awarded for additional examples and clear explanation with illistrations. (20%)

4) Explain how the Earned Value System (EV) works and why it is more appropriate for projects than a simple Actual v Budget system as often applied in on-going business operations. Illustrate how the indices can reveal the true cost and time variances at intermediate stages in the project and help to predict the final position at project completion. Higher marks are awarded for additional examples. (15%) For Part B: You are to produce an individual report. Maximum word count of 2500 has been set as the limit. All charts, diagrams and additional useful information should be included. – Marking Criteria: Table of Assessment Criteria and Associated Grading Criteria Just Part B – individual report will be marked to Learning Outcomes 1, 3 & 4.

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