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Read Pozgar text chapter 9 and 12 ISBN-13: 978-1284172560

Read Pozgar text chapter 9 and 12 ISBN-13: 978-1284172560

Computer Science Question

i have an exam of two hours of subject Component-Based Architecture
There are 4 questions and 40 marks available. Each question is worth 10 mark.
175-200 words each questions so total will 700-800 words.
no plagiarism please

i have attached the sample questions paper. please check that.

Demonstrating the concepts

Read Pozgar text chapter 9 and 12 ISBN-13: 978-1284172560 Demonstrating the concepts.

 SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS For the concept in the video, you must include: 1. A definition of the concept (in your own words) 2. An explain of how the demonstrationthe concept. This should be a clear explanation where you are using specific examples from your demonstration within it. please explain the three topics one by one with same directions.

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Aims of the report

The report aims to give students the skills necessary to apply their knowledge of finance to solve

issues faced by financial institutions participation in foreign exchange market.

For this assignment, you should concentrate on the course material covered in Topics 5A & 5B.

Do not use derivative products.

Foreign Exchange Treasury Dealing Report Task

You are part of a foreign exchange dealing team working for a large Australian bank. Your team

trades major Asian and world currencies (AUD, SGD, JPY, USD, EURO, GBP and HKD) and has

been asked by your senior manager to provide him with a report on the following:

1. An outline and explanation of your market view concerning the behaviour at least two

currency pairs (e.g. AUD/USD, USD/EURO, USD/JPY, etc.) over the next three to six


2. An outline and explanation of what foreign exchange trading strategies you will

undertake, to achieve maximum profits for your bank, as a consequence of your market

view outlined in part 1. (You should include the bank’s role both as a price maker and as a

possible speculator). You must also look at you trading strategy as a price maker trading the

currency on a daily basis based on clients’ needs.

3. An outline and explanation of what risks and obstacles you might encounter in attempting to

implement your strategies.

Note that you should not use derivatives products, only spot currency.


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EE KD4008 Assignment 1

EE KD4008 Assignment 1.

Assignment Brief

Clear statement of the work that students are expected to undertake:

An ideal projectile is any object that is released with some initial velocity and then moves only under the influence of gravitational acceleration, which is assumed constant and acting vertically downwards


Projectile motion is completely described by a parabola, where the time of flight, t, the maximum height, H, and the range R can be calculated from the equation of motion given below. The two governing parameters are the  Initial velocity, V0 , and the angle of elevation from the horizontal, θo. The figure below shows how these parameter relate to the motion of the projectile.




Using Quincy, develop a programme which will calculate projectile motion, using the equations below:









Maximum vertical displacement occurs when vy=0

Projectile travel time (and maximum x displacement) occurs when y=0

You will be marked on the existence and quality of the following:


1.     Code which will calculate the distance travelled by the projectile, the time taken to travel said distance and the maximum height achieved

2.     Code which can change key input parameters (release angle, height and speed) to alter the output data

3.     Include a menu system which make navigating the options user-friendly

4.     Be able to export projectile profile data for analysis in excel

5.     Display current parameter values in the programme

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