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Read Chapter 1 Thinking About Exceptionalities and watch the YouTube video “Dare to Dream” (Please search this in youtube Essay

Read Chapter 1 Thinking About Exceptionalities and watch the YouTube video “Dare to Dream” (Please search this in youtube there are many versions any one of them will work. There is one loaded under the Instructors materials.
For this assignment you will find a website or journal article that is devoted to Disabilties and Social Justice. You may Google search this topic. I am sure you will find a plethora of material. You may find the YouTube video on page 10 about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt interesting and helpful. Write a summary of your findings (NOTE: this is not a research paper and can be submitted in essay format) Be sure to include your references, this should be between 2 and 3 pages. You may include some information from your text book.

“Class, Race and Gender.”

“Class, Race and Gender.”.

For your social issue paper, you may write about any topic that clearly relates to the theme of course, “Class, Race and Gender.”


1. Your paper must have a thesis statement. Explicitly state your thesis statement. 2. Everything following your thesis statement must clearly work to support it 3. Your paper must clearly deal with a topic that relates to our course. (which is given in additional material) 4. Your paper must be correctly formatted according to MLA standards (Time new roman – 12 point) 5. You must properly integrate several lines from at least three of the sources that is given in the addition material. Sources should only be used from the given material.

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What are the “bull” and “bear” cases for Impossible Foods?

Read Chapter 1 Thinking About Exceptionalities and watch the YouTube video “Dare to Dream” (Please search this in youtube Essay What are the “bull” and “bear” cases for Impossible Foods?.

Answer the questions listed below. Your responses should be in narrative form. Your analysis, supporting your responses, must be adequately developed. Superficial or shallow analyses will earn poor grades. The open-ended questions are seeking your opinions. A “no opinion” response will earn a failing grade. Your opinions must be adequately supported. With minor exceptions, your assertions of facts must include proper citations that back up your claims. The exceptions of this requirement comprise assertions of common knowledge and facts presented in the article. QUESTIONS: 1. What is driving the recent flurry of secondary market transactions in Impossible Foods’ shares? 2. The article mentions that private companies generally restrict the buying and selling of their shares. Why do you think this is the case? 3. How and why might the use of a special purpose vehicle potentially enable prospective investors to invest in Impossible Foods without explicit company approval? 4. What are the “bull” and “bear” cases for Impossible Foods?

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Data Description ( dataset related to smart cities).

Data Description ( dataset related to smart cities)..

Description Please make an offer for 2 pages-1.5 spacing paper.  Look for any dataset related to smart cities and download the data. In 2 pages, report the download process, where you found these data (e.g. a portal, news blog, data library, etc.), and describe the dataset. Explain your interest in this dataset, what might you use the data for? Be sure to provide a full citation of the dataset. You are welcome to use screen captures and they will not go against your page count! The following is a list of ideas to help you write this short report, but do not limit yourselves to these: Who produced the data and for what purpose? How are the variables defined? Dates? Format? Geographic extent? Was there a manual, dictionary, or methodological guide? Any limitations with these data? Was there a cost? What rights do you have to use these data? Do you trust these data and if so why?

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Considering a new Supplier

Considering a new Supplier.

Course Textbook(s) Northouse, P. G. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Case Study: Consider the following situation: Your corporation is considering a new supplier. This supplier’s cost is 17% lower than the current supplier’s cost. Your corporation is experiencing financial difficulties and is considering closing a manufacturing facility that currently employs approximately 200 people. While 17% may not seem like a significant figure, the saved capital would allow the company to maintain production at the facility being considered for closure. Unfortunately, the new supplier operates its facilities outside of the United States, so its operational environment is not subject to the same level of government oversight as domestic firms. There have been unsubstantiated claims that working conditions might be less ideal than those in the United States. However, when your company sent representatives to inspect the proposed supplier’s facilities, everything seemed to be acceptable. Given the information presented, you will write a case study in which you choose a position in favor of either changing suppliers or rejecting the proposal of the new supplier. Make sure to discuss the following items: The teleological argument in favor of or against changing suppliers The deontological argument in favor of or against changing suppliers How the decision-maker should employ the company’s culture in the decision-making process Your case study will be a minimum of two pages, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at least two sources to support your analysis and argument, one of which must be from the Waldorf Online Library. All sources used must have proper citations. Your case study, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.

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How can a buying office effectively assist the changing role of a buyer

How can a buying office effectively assist the changing role of a buyer.

Just make it match whatever was done or MLA is fine. I will attach everything. I will attach what I have done and you can add and edit it to finalize the paper with every instruction covered and deliver a well written paper so that I can graduate. It is about fashion buying offices. You can always call me with any questions or email me at . Please read the instructions from our school and I will attach what I have done. Please just complete the assignment by following the instructions to deliver a well written thesis that brings everything together to create a valid point and solution. Correct the hypothesis if needed and anything that needs to be adjusted to make more sense and I know I need to fix the grammar etc. Please help me make this all come together to get a good grade and graduate.

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Home Field Advantage in Professional Soccer

Home Field Advantage in Professional Soccer.

 Guideline for the Literature Review: 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 2.1. Research that supports home field advantage 2.2 Research that were home field advantage is unsure 3. Causes of Home Field Advantage 4. Effects of Home Field Advantage 5. Summary 6. Conclusion Need at least 40 reference from research journals. Need to be from year 2014 and forward

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Recent Purchase

Recent Purchase.

 Write a two (2) page paper about a recent purchase decision (a used automobile) and apply what you would take into consideration when trying to build your own TCO (total cost of ownership) model. The analysis should include links back to “inventory management & product price.” Ensure the vehicle is worth several thousands of dollars, by which something that has upfront costs, maintenance costs and a life span, additionally consider alternatives plus options. The content of the recent purchase needs to be thoughtful and accurate. Communicate an excellent understanding of a Supply Chain by explaining in own words and experience always using Supply Chain Management theory or concepts appropriately by connecting introduction with the body and the conclusion which is comprehensive and encompasses all of the main points in the paper.

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Why is weight lifting important to women

Why is weight lifting important to women.

 Description We have a website – which we post blogs about every two weeks. You can check out the site to see what we blog about. Would like to potentially tie into this document our products which support the topic. Looking for general and scientific data.

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Improving Patient Safety through Enhancing Provider Coomunication

Improving Patient Safety through Enhancing Provider Coomunication.

After reading the National Cancer Institute’s Making Health Communication Programs Work (, you should have a good overview and understanding of what it takes to conceptualize, design, test, implement, and review a health communication program. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of these programs actively operating in the United States.
Select a program to review and create a 15-20 page team-produced paper. Such a program may originate, for example, in a hospital, a clinic, a professional society, or a governmental agency. Contact the author of the program for information about how it was developed. Again, the point is to gain an intimate understanding of the program: what its goals are, how the target audience was identified, how materials were developed, what test marketing was done, how its success has been evaluated. Much material is available on the web; however, you still need to contact someone at the appropriate agency.
Your final papers should be 15-20 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, using 10 or 12 point fonts and 1” margins. The page length does not include your References page.
The paper should cite multiple references and be formatted by the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.

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