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read articles and answer the question

read articles and answer the question. I need help with a Literature question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Read the assigned chapters/articles, and respond to the reading questions: (200 words minimum in total)

Who were the educated members of the Edo period?
What being educated meant for samurai, samurai women, and peasants?
What did education enable samurai women and peasants to do?
How does education in the Edo period resonate (or not resonate) with contemporary education?

read articles and answer the question

Table of Contents Overview Production of Signs and Signals Understanding the Meaning of Signals Further Considerations Conclusion References One of the important questions in the modern science is related to the use of communication by non-human animal species. In particular, it is sometimes alleged that animals may be using their own “languages” in order to communicate meanings to one another. However, such a question cannot be answered on the basis of pure speculation; in order to supply a reliable answer to it, it is important to gather a considerable amount of evidence pertaining to the issue and critically analyse it. Therefore, in order to approach the answer to the question “Are animals capable of using language for the purpose of communication?,” this paper provides an attempt to evaluate some of the scientific evidence related to this issue which has been gathered so far, for which purpose a number of recent scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals are used. After assessing the evidence, it is argued that if the language is understood as a structured system of signs that is used conventionally in order to communicate meaning, then it is possible to state that most animals do not use languages; however, it is stressed that using the word “language” in this context might be misleading, for animals seem to utilise other systems of signals so as to communicate. Overview First debates seriously considering the possibility that animals may utilise language for communicating with one another began approximately in the 19th century (Pearson, 2013). These debates, however, revolved around the classical notions which were popular in a wide range of fields at the time; these notions were related to the binary opposition of the divine and natural. For instance, it was asked whether the language originates from the soul, and is, therefore, unique to humans, or is it a product of the body, and is, thus, possible in animal species as well (Pearson, 2013). A period during which more scientific studies were conducted in large numbers was the 1960-1970s; numerous experiments were carried out, many of which showed a certain degree of success; in particular, some new methods to teach animals language were able to partially accomplish the goal where the previously used approaches failed (Pepperberg, 2016). In particular, the statement that certain songbirds are capable of vocal learning gained some empirical grounds (Pepperberg, 2016). These studies, as well as newer research on the topic, provide some grounds for answering the question about the use of language by animals. Answering this question may involve considering two different aspects related to the use of language, namely, production of signs and understanding their meaning. Production of Signs and Signals It seems quite obvious that animals are capable of engaging in communication with one another (in particular, with other representatives of their species) in order to give each other certain signals. However, it is stated that what they “say” in the process of such communication is usually not complicated; the animals mostly give signals related to the process of mating or to food; warn the members of their groups about possible danger; express the messages of groups domination (Balter, 2010, p. 969); and engage in certain types of conflict resolution (Naguib
University of Louisiana Analytic and Descriptive Study Design Discussion.

Hi please help. Its due TONIGHT AT 11:55pm! Answer 4 questions. Please answer the following questions, support your answer with credible resources (peer
reviewed journal articles, government websites, or books). Your own post
(14), must be 500 words- due by Tuesday, September [email protected]:55
pm & response at least two peers by Thursday, September [email protected]:55 pm1. Define
the descriptive and analytic study design.2. What
is the difference between them?3. What
are the sub-group of descriptive and analytic study design?4. Which
study design answer what, who, where, and when; and which one answer why and
how? Initial post worth 14 points, and
will be graded as following scales:· 11-15:
Excellent – clear, concise flow of ideas supported by appropriate cited
resources· 6-10:
Good – range of posts with minimal grammar errors, solid flows of ideas with
limited evidence. · 1-5:
Poor – no theme or flow of ideas, no evidence supporting response, · 0
Unacceptable· 1
point deleted for three spelling and grammar mistakes· Please
cite the source/s in your own post· NOT
accepted late; no excuses; no make-ups
University of Louisiana Analytic and Descriptive Study Design Discussion

Does Exposure To Media Violence Cause Aggression Psychology Essay

Does Exposure To Media Violence Cause Aggression Psychology Essay. Over a period spanning more than 50 years, research evidence has accumulated about media violence with leading scholars, principally in the United States, reaching the conclusion that exposure to media violence, especially that occurring on movies and television, facilitates aggressive and antisocial behavior among those who watch it. Furthermore, each exposure has a developmental effect that cultivates traits that increase the likelihood of overt expression of violence in later life (C. A. Anderson et al.; Johnson, Cohen, Smailles, Kasen,Does Exposure To Media Violence Cause Aggression Psychology Essay

psychology assignment

online assignment help psychology assignment.

Final EssayDue when and where: submit one Word document (.doc or .docx) on Quercus by Friday, November 27th at 11:59pm ESTPossible points: 30Despite progress with equality over the past few decades, there are still conflicts between socialgroups including instances of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. For your essay, you will pick a specific and recent (2018+) conflict or tension between two different social groups and critically evaluate the situation using course theories and additional research. The goal of this assignment is for you to apply concepts and theories learned in the course to explain events happening around the world.Your essay should be 4.5 – 5 pages long (excluding the title page, references, and appendices)In your paper, you should:a.Provide a brief background on the situation – who, what, where, and when details (who is involved, what happened, where did it happen, when did it happen?)oProvide enough background on the topic so the reader understands what happenedoJustify why it is important to study this particular event/topicoE.g., “In the past few years police shootings in North America against unarmed Black men have been reported with disturbing regularity…”b.Provide an explanation/rationale for why the event/conflict is occurringoThis section should provide the reader with explanations of why the event is occurring. What motivations, rationale, and explanations are relevant to explain the situation you have chosen?oDepending on the situation you are discussing, different explanations and theories will be appropriate. You will need to assess that situation and determine what explanation (or what combination of explanations/rationales) best explains the situation. It should be clear why this is the best or most appropriate rationaleoE.g., “Despite the declining acceptability of explicit prejudice, many people in North America have negative implicit attitudes towards Black men. These attitudes have been shown to predict a range of behaviours, including…”The structure of your paper may depend on your topic of choice and the complexity necessary to adequately describe the event and explain the behaviour. Do not provide an unnecessarily lengthy description of the event to fill the page count. Distribute each rationale/explanation however you see fit as long as you are within the overall page limit and have included proper support and critical discussion of the theories and ideas you include.Formatting and RequirementsThe final submission will include a Word document (.doc or .docx) with 4.5 – 5 pages of writing + a title page + references (+ appendices if needed, but not required)You are expected to follow APA 6 or 7 formatting (e.g., 1-inch margins, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, etc.) – deductions will be made for not following APA.Write for an educated audience but one that does not have a background in intergroup relations research or your specific topic. You should provide brief definitions for terms that are psych/intergroup specific. In general, avoid using jargon or complicated language.You must include a reference to at least one news article that describes the event/situation you focus on in your essayYou must have peer-reviewed journal articles supporting your arguments for the essayoAt least 8 peer-reviewed journal articlesoAt least 4 peer-reviewed articles must be from 2014-2020oYou can include additional sources (including blog posts about your topic, newspaper articles, etc.) but you must have the required number of articles published in peer-reviewed journalsYou will be evaluated on the quality of your rationale/explanation, whether course theories and research have been interpreted and applied correctly, whether additional research has been conducted, the quality of your writing, and your critical thinking skillsTips Based on Previous Years’ Submissions and QuestionsContent:Make sure that the essay is about a specific event or incident and not a broad topic. If you cannot answer who/what/when/where details, chances are you have not picked an appropriate topic. Choosing an appropriate topic sets the tone for your entire essay. If your topic is not appropriate (i.e., does not follow instructions laid out here), it is highly likely that the remainder of the essay will be negatively impacted.You can use what we learned in class to inspire your ideas about what theories or research you should research for the essay, however, you are expected to do your own research by conducting a review of the literature and going beyond simply what is covered in class. Papers that rely solely or largely on content covered in the course (readings, lecture material) will not be seen as meeting the expected requirements for this assignment.Do not cite the lectures. Lectures are a secondary source and you are expected to draw conclusions based on primary sources (i.e., where the ideas originally came from). If you choose to cite content you learned about from lecture, you must find the original article and cite it. You should also conduct your own literature review and cite additional original research articles.oNOTE: dissertations, theses, and book chapters are NOT empirical articles and are generally not appropriate sources for a research paper. They will not count toward the 8 peer-reviewed journal article requirement.Writing:Given that this is a research-based paper meant for an academic audience, claims should be based on evidence from research and not from personal opinions or anecdotes. The essay should avoid including highly emotional language, describing personal experiences, or making recommendations about what others should do.Avoid beginning the essay with “the article I will discuss is…” or “I want to discuss…”. Instead, simply begin discussing the particular event/incident that the essay will focus on.Avoid using terms such as “I think”, “I want”, “I believe”, or “in my opinion” because the reader already knows that what is written in the essay are your thoughts and opinions.Avoid directly quoting articles. Direct quotes signal to the reader a lack of understanding or ability to write and formulate original ideas. Therefore, stick to paraphrasing using your own words (and don’t forget to cite).Most sentences in the essay should have an in-text citation and many sentences in your essay should have multiple in-text citations. Keep in mind that anytime you present findings, ideas, or theories you must cite them. Even if you put two different ideas together to form your own logical argument, these two different ideas came from somewhere and they must be cited. If you have a paragraph or several sentences in a row with no in-text citations, then the essay is likely missing in-text citations, expressing a personal opinion rather than making research-based claims, and/or failing to write clearly and concisely. A lack of in-text citations should signal to you that the essay may need some large modifications and additional research.Grading based on:Background:oEffectively and clearly summarizing the issue to be discussed (who/what/when/where details)oJustifying why this is an important area to understand/studyExplanation:oProviding an appropriate and logical explanation/rationale of what might motivate or cause the behaviours or actions described in the news articleoExplanation is supported by relevant research/empirical support. The evidence provided is of good quality, has been interpreted correctly, and includes both classic and recent research articles. Although theories discussed in class may be included in the essay, the essay goes beyond simply what was discussed in class.oDescribing the relevant theories/explanations and applying them accuratelyoClear explanation and justification of why these theories are suitable to explain the issueStyle and Structure:oIntroductory paragraph introducing the topic/issue and providing a very brief overview of the material covered in the body of the essayoProper grammar and sentence structureoLogical development of ideasoClear writingoFocus is suitable to the issue and not overly broad (e.g., rather than attempting to explain all racism, focusing on one event or behaviour from a news article)APA:oThe entire essay from start to finish should be APA 6 or 7 formatted.oHere is a quick guide to APA 6 rules from OWL Purdue:…oHere is a quick guide to APA 7 rules from OWL Purdue:….doc file
psychology assignment

CPIT 221 Andrews University Dayton Mistakes Reporting Template Paper

CPIT 221 Andrews University Dayton Mistakes Reporting Template Paper.

The pdf file contains a topics, and each topic is about 1 small paragraph. I’m expected to find ten mistakes from the list below in that pdf file, so‎ what I really want from you , is to identify those common errors. However, don’t choose more than two errors of the same type.If you find out that the attached pdf file has less then 10 errors, then I want you to prove it.‎ The error sentences, its correction and the reason (From the errors list below)‎, must be fills in the table on the second page of the Word file.o Sentences Fragmentso Comma Spliceso Run-On Sentenceso Ambiguous Pronoun Referenceso Compare Items Clearlyo Use Adjectives Clearlyo Subject-Verb Agreemento Pronoun-Antecedent Agreemento Focus on the “real” subjecto Focus on the “real” verbo Modifiers: Non-restrictive or restrictive modifiers, Misplaced modifiers, Dangling Modifierso Use positive constructionso Be Concise: Avoid fillero Be Specific: Use precise wordso Be Specific: Avoid ambiguityo Heading and titling the document using the styles (heading) tools‎o Organizing content with appropriate spacing, and alignmento Naming the figures & tables, and use their numbers to indicates them in the text
CPIT 221 Andrews University Dayton Mistakes Reporting Template Paper

Borough of Manhattan Community College Raybridge Recruiting Sales Report Worksheet

Borough of Manhattan Community College Raybridge Recruiting Sales Report Worksheet.

1.Lindsey Sawyer is the director of recruiting and business development for Raybridge Recruiting in Washington, D.C. She has been analyzing sales and commissions for recruiters in an Excel workbook and has asked you to help her complete the analysis.Go to the Sales worksheet. Rename the Sales worksheet as Sales and Commissions, which is a more accurate name. 2.Unfreeze column A so it is not displayed when you scroll horizontally.3.Middle-align the contents of the merged cell A1 to improve the appearance of the worksheet title.4.In cell B3, insert a formula that uses the NOW function to display today’s date.5.Fill the range C6:G10 with the formatting from the range B6:B10 to use a consistent number format for the sales data.Lindsey wants to show the sales trend for each position and month from January to June. Provide this information as follows:In cell H6, insert a Line sparkline based on the data in the range B6:G6. Use the Fill Handle to fill the range H7:H10 without formatting based on the contents of cell H6.Change the color of the sparklines in the range H6:H10 to Dark Purple, Text 2 (4th column, 1st row of the Theme Colors palette) to emphasize them.d.Show a High Point and a Low Point in the sparklines to make those values easy to identify.
Borough of Manhattan Community College Raybridge Recruiting Sales Report Worksheet