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Read and compare these two articles. Are there similarities in the conclusions? Are there differences? Why? These are the Essay

Read and compare these two articles. Are there similarities in the conclusions? Are there differences? Why?

These are the articles:

While answering, consider the following

-the country profile

-the type of study and tools used for data collection

-bias and any specific assumptions

-political environment and transparency

-importance of the issue to the public and government

The post should be developed in a comparative analysis style.

Please add references in APA 7

English Question

First Draft (1.5 – 2 full pages double spaced) 2/5 due
Final Draft (3-4 full pages double spaced 1 page pictures) 2/8 due
Overview of Assignment
Culture can be defined as “the products of human thought and action both material and non-material, particularly those that exist because we live in groups” (Weil). Your narrative writing project can be an exploration into the culture of your family, place of upbringing, or any other kind of culture with which you associate (ex. cooking/food, sports, activism, performing one’s gender, etc.) For example, in Beyonce’s “Formation” she digitally/visually her heritage with the catch line “I got hot sauce in my bag.” Also Sungtae explores how food allowed him to connect with the culture of the Buddhist temple.
Writing Prompt for Essay
How do you connect with the culture of your family, place of upbringing, or any other kind of culture with which you associate? Develop a narrative describing what the experience or action(s) is like and how you have struggled and/or succeeded. Explore a significant event in your life through the lens of a specific experience/action and how it connects to this culture.
This essay should narrate a significant personal experience. Concentrate on one specific memory or a few related memories. The significance of the experience(s) should be integral to the story.
A successful narrative will include the following:
a definition of your understanding of [a central theme] (ex. Culture – the “culture of basketball” may include plays, hand gestures, physical movements, a firm grasp of the game’s rules, knowledge of how to properly prepare for a game, etc.)
Inclusion and analyses of quotes from both multimodal texts to support your personal ideas in your body paragraphs
a moment (or moments) of struggle in connection with the central theme and how you did–or did not–overcome those challenges
a significant amount of sensory detail, dialogue, and scene work
an analysis of the narrative’s significance
Include images throughout the project: Please include images, photos, links, or video/audio that connect and help illustrate your research project. This is a requirement of this project.

Required Formatting, Preparation and Submission
Please use 12 Point Times New Roman or similar font.
Create one-inch margin, double-spaced.
Insert page number and your first name and last name.
Please use word file .doc or.docx file. (Please do not save as PDF, RTF or as Pages for Mac)
Please review the sample format document on BrightSpace.
Upload to BrightSpace.
Please include at the top of page 1:Your Name
Course title
Instructor Name
Date of Submission
Texts for EssayBeyoncè’s Formation
“A Meal of Solitude for a Restless Heart” by Jeon Sungtae
“Hot Sauce in Her Bag: Southern Black identity, Beyoncé, Jim Crow, and the pleasure of well-seasoned food” by Mikki Kendall (must read; optional to include in essay)

Meeting with the Founder & CEO of Aileens Pharma

Read and compare these two articles. Are there similarities in the conclusions? Are there differences? Why? These are the Essay Meeting with the Founder & CEO of Aileens Pharma.

 Describe a meeting with Sonia Longo Sormani, Founder & CEO of Aileens Pharma (an Italian pharma startup established in 2018) in which she tells about her new company start-up). Develop her narration based on the following: Meeting with Sonia Longo Sormani, Founder & CEO of Aileens Pharma Italian company dedicated to developing non-steroidal and non -pharmacological treatments to improve clinical outcomes in patients with dermatological diseases. Scientists have discovered that on the skin of patients suffering from atopic dermatitis (about 20% of children from six months up in different severity),there is an imbalance in the composition of existing resident skin flora, also called Microbiome. This imbalance can cause the release or overproduction of irritants that can trigger the disease or make it more acute. The active ingredient patented by Aileens Pharma, starting from the isolation of non-pathogenic bacteria, is supposed to act as an homeostatic agent modulating the skin or mucosa microbiome, thus enhancing its natural protective role and treating the atopic dermatitis as well as other types of dermatological disorders. Aileens, led by CEO Sonia Longo Sormani, aims at providing the first non-pharmacological treatment that is able to compete with current pharmacological invasive therapeutic approaches (mainly corticosteroids) which are not well accepted by all patients. Particularly, the solution could fill the existing market gap in pediatric dermatology. Aileens Pharma, an Italian pharma startup, raised 3 million of euros from financial firms Panakes and Invitalia Ventures. Barbara Castellano of Panakes, Svetlana Vashkel of Invitalia, and Maurizio Comini will be Aileens board members alongside Sonia Longo Sormani, the company’s ceo and founder. Write also something on the CEO Sonia Longo Sormani (her professional experiences at linkedIn page is

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Thinking About Crime

Thinking About Crime.

Thinking about Crime Paper:
The ‘thinking about crime’ paper will be a brief (2-3 page) essay where you will discuss your own views on crime causation. In particular, you will be asked to describe (1) your general thoughts on why people break the law, and (2) the events and processes in your life that have shaped these views. In other words, I want you to provide an explanation as to why your thoughts on crime causation are the way they are (i.e., why do you feel the way you do about the cause(s) of crime?).
The assignment must be submitted in D2L in the ‘Dropbox’. Attach the assignment as a doc, docx, or rtf document. The assignment must be double spaced in Times New Roman 12 font. Please provide a title page with your name, date, and title: Critical Thinking Assignment: Thinking about Crime.


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Shooting Sports Management

Shooting Sports Management.

 Description Be sure you cite any sources using Chicago-Turabian format and include a bibliography. For this discussion students are asked to share their experience with appraising firearms. Please address the following in your discussion response: • If you had a firearm you wanted appraised, what would be the first source you would utilize? • Would you go to a gun store for an appraisal and if so, under what circumstances? • What qualifies a person and a gun shop to appraise firearms? Shooting Sports Mgmt 9.16 Moodle 1.18 (TEXTBOOK) Chapter 5 – Appraising Firearms Chapter 6 – Trading in Used Guns Recommended Resources: Guns & Scopes, from Firearms Price Guide

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