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Read and answer 1 simple question

Read and answer 1 simple question. I’m studying and need help with a Writing question to help me learn.

Question 1. Read the passage. Then answer the question. (30 points)The Show Must Go OnTessa received the letter in an oversized lavender envelope with a silver star across the addressee space. She knew what it was before she opened it due to a system error earlier that week that had sent out emails to the accepted students. She still opened it slowly to build anticipation, just like she had planned to do back when she first applied. Congratulations on your acceptance to the Hollywood Summer Stars teenage film program. Please see script submission deadlines below, and report to Studio 14 on the appropriate date. It was everything she had hoped for since six months prior when she had turned over her carefully crafted application.On June 24, Tessa stood outside Studio 14 clutching two binders to her chest. One contained her shooting script, which was several development stages ahead of where the program expected it to be. The second binder contained a summer-long schedule she had composed for herself, detailing the upcoming weeks and the progress she planned to make on the film. Tessa’s mother had poked fun at her elaborate preparations, encouraging her to use some of her free time for actual fun before the camp took over her summer vacation. Her mother didn’t understand that for Tessa, this was fun.The camp arranged students in pairs to provide feedback to and support for one another. Tessa’s fondest aspiration was to be matched with someone similar to her or related to someone famous who could maybe provide an exotic outside perspective on her work. Instead, they paired her with a Midwestern boy named Varick who had never left his home state of Ohio before his acceptance letter arrived. Tessa managed her disappointment and asked about his project, hoping it wouldn’t be too tedious. He told her his script was open-ended by design, and that he intended to develop the content further as he filmed. Tessa thought that approach amounted to wasting a golden opportunity to make a masterpiece under professional supervision.The first week of filming went smoothly, and Tessa managed to accomplish every single task on her extensive to-do list. The second week was less productive. The obstacles began Tuesday morning, when storms appeared on the horizon. Tessa wasn’t an amateur planner, so she had penciled in the possibility of poor weather. However she had not imagined the possibility of three consecutive overcast days taking place in a single week in Los Angeles. By Thursday, her mood soured, and she berated the clouds overhead for their interference. Through it all, Varick urged her to “change it up” and capture some of the fascinating skyscapes provided by the uncooperative weather. Tessa grew frustrated with his intrusion, and reminded him for the umpteenth time that her film had nothing to do with storms.The fourth week marked the halfway point for the camp. Tessa reviewed her footage methodically, and she was chagrined to find it underwhelming. Her special-effects work was clearly rushed due to a double-booking that had derailed her the previous week. Some of her shots lacked continuity, which she supposed was the result of lighting woes from the storms. There were even blatant mistakes in the editing, probably owing to the all-nighters she pulled to keep on schedule. Tessa was both jealous and regretful when she saw Varick’s footage. He had captured the storm, which had derailed her own film, in a unique and beautiful way. He had even cut back on special effects rather than burning the midnight oil to make up for the double-booked studio. When she complimented him, he thanked her and said nonchalantly, “I just go with the flow.” It wasn’t the exotic outside perspective she had hoped her partner would give her, but she had to admit that where results were concerned, his methods had so far outstripped her own.Tessa’s planned finale involved a scene at the La Brea Tar Pits Museum on Wilshire. She’d been there a handful of times when her father had brought her to LA for business, and she was so certain the museum would accommodate her that she had not planned an alternative. The rejection for her request came on Friday. She planned to start the shoot that Sunday. It was a very polite letter, explaining that it would be impossible to accommodate her equipment due to a charity 5k that would shut down the road and bring an unusually high level of foot traffic into the museum. Varick watched her pace the room with concern in his eyes. Unlike his helpful encouragement during the first six weeks of camp, he did not seem to have any words of advice to offer now. “I have an idea,” Tessa said at last. She stopped pacing and put her planning binder back up on the shelf. “I think I can make it work, but I want to be there when the runners are passing the museum.”On the final day of class, Tessa watched her film play as the instructors scribbled notes. Nerves twisted in the pit of her stomach as she thought about the perfect film she had planned and worried about what she had made instead. In the dim light of the theater, she watched the instructors’ faces. They had read her initial script, so they knew what was supposed to happen. She watched them murmur to one another in low tones as the final scene played out on screen, and when they clapped, looking genuinely impressed, Tessa met Varick’s eye and shared her relief with him in a glance. Maybe he hadn’t been the partner she’d envisioned, but he had certainly turned out to be the one she needed. His penchant for turning obstacles into opportunities had provided the necessary influence to save—perhaps even improve—her film.What is the theme of “The Show Must Go On”? How do specific details shape the theme and affect Tessa’s attitude as the story progresses? Use evidence from the text to support your response. Your response should be at least three complete paragraphs.Answer:

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Read and answer 1 simple question

ENG207 Love Medicine Family Novel And the Nature of Families Discussion.

Reply to the “Love Medicine – Family” thread in 1-2 paragraphs that address the following:June Kashpaw appears as a character in the novel only in its opening pages, but the other characters remember her and speak of her frequently. What impact does June have on the other characters? Why is her character so important to the story? Would the story have the same affect without her?The novel deals extensively with the love-hate relationships between family members. What are some of the different kinds of familial bonds, positive and negative? What themes are explored through these relationships? What does this novel suggest about the nature of families?Include examples from the text to help support your ideas.Show works cited at the end and within the paragraphs
ENG207 Love Medicine Family Novel And the Nature of Families Discussion

APUS HTML Sass Less Stylus and Koala Discussion.

Using your submission from Module 3, you will incorporate the use of a cascading style sheets. Create an HTML file using a text editor (e.g., Notepad) in which CSS is added. Ensure that your .css file incorporates the following elements:Declare font size and line heightImplement bold and italicsSpecification of hex and RGB colorsBackground color specifications.Submit your .html and .css files in a zip folder. Also include a screenshot as a Word document that shows your complete page with stylings applied.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Research and present the differences among the Sass, Koala, Less, and Stylus applications.
APUS HTML Sass Less Stylus and Koala Discussion

Discussion post and reply to 2 people. I’m studying for my Communications class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Throughout this course, you will have many opportunities to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. After you have completed the Reading for the week, respond to the questions below. Discussion responses should be on topic, original writing, contribute to the quality of the Discussion by making frequent informed references to course materials and the course textbook (include proper APA in-text citations), and be a minimum of 200 words in length. Please refer to your Discussion Rubric for grading details.
Listening and Feedback
Listening is a skill and like any skill, the more we practice good habits, the better we get. Of course, it is also easier to listen to others when messages are crafted with the audience in mind.
For this Discussion, please respond to the following:

What are the key differences between an oral style of speaking and a written style of communicating?
Considering the strategies offered regarding how to make a message more listenable, please identify two which could you employ, and explain why they may be of benefit.

Discussion post and reply to 2 people

Full Explanation Of Network Diagram

Network architecture is the plan of a connections network. It is a structure for the design of a networks physical mechanism and their functional association and design, its operational values and events, as well as data formats use in its function. In telecommunication, the plan of network architecture may also consist of a detailed report of products and services deliver via a communications network, as well as detail rate and billing structure under which services are compensated. Reference http://www. Network architecture diagram Figure-network architecture Full explanation of network diagram We designed in this company basic network architecture and we followed millstone for network architecture and all necessary information include now I describe in this architecture such as- Workstation Workstation is a design for professionally work in office. The company is an energy company this company’s customer uploads reading their payment in this company website but before times their payment report and upload file attack. But in the new network architecture security is very strong so workstation all work confidently is possible and it is saved from attack. Reference Own opinion Router Routers allow connectivity to one or more computers help generate a network. For home user, these are mostly useful for captivating a single broadband internet account and distribution it to at least two or more computers. Standard routers necessitate the internet connection from a standalone modem, but modem-routers are ever-increasing in popularity, which can be plugged into any broadband-enabled phone line, reducing cable clutter, and only taking up one power socket. The rules for handle traffic are an essential component of internet security. A home/office router may have rules preventive how computers outside the network can connect to computers inside the network, as well as prevent private network traffic from spill into the outside world. Many home routers include additional security features – they scan and filter all traffic that passes through them, frequently through an integrated firewall in the hardware. Some may carry out other useful roles such as acting as a print server. Reference http// Switches A switch is sometimes call an ‘intelligent hub’, A switch does the similar as a hub, in that it connect devices to allocate them to take action as a single segment. However, it does not automatically send traffic to each other port. Every time a frame of data comes into the switch, it saves the physical address (MAC address) and the port it came from in its MAC address table. It then checks the purpose MAC address in the table, and if it recognizes it sends the frame to the suitable port. If it is not in the table, or the address is a broadcast address then it does the similar as a hub and sends the frame through every port except the originate port. Reference http// Hubs A hub is a device for connector multiple Ethernet devices typically PCs to form a single segment – a portion of a network that is divided from other parts of the network. It has multiple ports throughout which devices are linked, and when it receive data it sends it out again through every port except for the one it came in through. A hub replace the cable, make sure that traffic is seen by each computer on the network, and enables the network to be connect in the form of a star before a bus using the familiar twisted pair Ethernet cable. Reference http// Firewall A firewall is an element of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access even as permit authorizes communications. It is a device or set of devices that is configured to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and other criterion. Firewalls can be implementing in any hardware or software, or a combination of both. Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, in particular intranets. All messages entering or leaving the intranet pass through the firewall, which inspects each message and blocks those that do not meet the specific security criterion Reference http //www. Demilitarized zone (DMZ) In computer security, a DMZ, or else demilitarized zone are a physical or logical subnet work that contain and expose an organization external service to a larger untreated network, typically the Internet. The term is usually referred to as a DMZ by information technology professional. It is now and then referred to as a perimeter network. The function of a DMZ is to add an further layer of security to an organization local area network (LAN); an external foe only has access to equipment in the DMZ, before any other part of the network. Diagram of a typical network employing DMZ using a three-legged firewall Reference http //www. Honey pot In computer terminology, a honey pot is a lock in set to detect, redirect, or in some manner counter attempt at unauthorized use of information systems. Usually it consists of a computer, data, or a network site that appears to be part of a network, but is actually isolated, (UN) protected, and monitored, and which seem to contain information or a resource of value to attacker. Reference http //www. pot Virtual private network (VPN) A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure such as the Internet to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization network. It aims to avoid a luxurious system of own or lease lines that can be used by only one organization. It encapsulate data transfer between two or more networked devices which are not on the same private network so as to be the transferred data private from other devices on one or more dominant local or wide area networks. There are many diverse classifications, implementations, and uses for VPNs. Reference http //www. HIDS agent installed Server agent use middle organization and multiple agents which are provide safety public and private among network hosts. It is advantage local installation on every host. HIDS agent server performs all log analysis then the agent connected to it. Active response are initiate from the server, but can be executed on an agent or all agents simultaneously Reference Own opinion Internal NIDS sensor Internal NIDS sensor is inserting into a network section so that the traffic that it is monitor must pass through the sensor. One way to achieve an Internal NIDS sensor is to combine NIDS sensor logic with another network device, such as a firewall or a LAN switch. This approach has the advantage that no additional separate hardware devices are needed; all that is required is NIDS sensor software. An alternative is a stand-alone internal NIDS sensor. The primary motivation for the use of inline sensors is to enable them to block an attack when one is detect. In this case the device is performing both intrusion detection and intrusion prevention functions. Reference http// External NIDS sensor External NIDS sensor monitors a copy of network traffic; the real traffic does not pass through the device. From the point of view of traffic flow. The sensors connect to the network transmission medium, such as a fiber optic cable, by a direct physical tap. The taps provide the sensor with a copy of all network traffic being carried by the medium. The network interface card (NIC) for this tap usually does not have an IP address configured for it. All traffic into this NIC is just collected with no protocol interface with the network. Reference http// Server and database server The network architecture main important part is server in this server use for this company. Company internal or external all important information will save in server and the server client all request respond and work station all employee in this company all details handle in this network architecture by server. Database server is very important for this company because the company provides their customer upload and reading and makes payment. customer details save database server for future. Reference Own opinion IDS manager Integrated delivery systems (IDS) very need for this company manages process text arrangement Manager writes to handle IDS sensors in a distributed situation. This is done by having the capability to receive the text arrangement files and allow you to change them with an easy to use Graphical interface. With the additional capacity to merge new rule sets, manage preprocessors, arrange output module and steadily copy system to sensors, IDS Manager Makes managing Snort easy for most security professionals.

The Concept Of Subjectivity In Accounting Accounting Essay

order essay cheap The Concept Of Subjectivity In Accounting Accounting Essay. Many scholars and theorists have supported the concept of subjectivity in accounting and have also used this concept has an argument against academics that have a different perspective to this concept¸ who considers accounting to be objective. Morgan argued that accounting/accountants are ‘constructors of reality’, ‘subjective’ (Morgan, 1988, pg. 477) and they produce and represent situations in financial statements with some degree of subjectivity and one-sided ways. This perspective or ideology was further supported by Ruth Hines, a source to the improvement of accounting theory, who used the notion of reality construction to justify her view. She believed that ‘in communicating reality, we construct it’ (Hines, 1988, pg. 251). Hence, accounting is socially constructed, which means it is concocted by people, individuals or societies at large. However these were views that positivists, David Solomons and Rob Bryer did not support. Bryer used Marx’s theory of labour process to argue that ‘objective accounting lies at the core of capitalist control of modern business enterprises’ (Bryer, 2006, pg. 42). In addition, Solomons had a more radical view by suggesting that accountants should be like ‘journalists’ (Solomons, 1991, pg. 287). He explains that accountants should be reporting the news as it happens, not build it to be the reality or full picture of an event; but do we know what reality is?, how and when do we know what the true and fair view of an event is without having an historical background?, can we rely on it?. These are views that will also be explored during the course of this evaluation. First of all, what is accounting? The American Accounting Association defines accounting “as the process of identifying, measuring and communicating economic information to permit informed judgements and decisions by users of the information” (PorterThe Concept Of Subjectivity In Accounting Accounting Essay

INSS project

INSS project.

Assignment Due: September 19 at 9:30 AM. Complete the four homework questions after completing all Khan Academy modules up through and including Logic and If Statements. My suggestion is that you give yourself time to think and plan your approach before attempting to write any code. If you become stuck please take advantage of my office hours. Copy the code that you write to a Word document and attach it to this assignment. Also, save your project on Khan Academy with the title Homework 1 – Your Last Name (and of course, substitute your last name in for the italicized Your Last Name!) Please do assignment on khan academy and then submit it to me with the Word document of the code. Thanks.
INSS project

Apple Inc and IPhones 4 Market Report

Introduction Apple Inc. is one company that for a long time has dominated smartphone market due to its exemplary technology and innovation. The company has built a formidable reputation that its competitors find virtually impossible to dislodge or ignore. Apple Inc., spearheaded by dedicated management team, has remained keen to innovation and technological development, which are the bedrock of the company’s success. Success for Apple Inc. has largely come from a combination of brand development and loyalty, innovative products, superb marketing strategies, and exemplary public relations strategies. Recently, the company launched the innovative iPhones 4 products, which will be the basis of this study analysis. It is perceived that exemplary performance of this product in the market depends on identifying the right marketing strategies through carrying out adequate market analysis. Company Overview Apple Inc. was established in 1977 by three friends – Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Since its establishment, Apple Inc. has established itself in the market as a company that is involved in the design and production of innovative personal computer (PC) products and also developing its own unique operating systems to run its designs of Mac desktops and laptops (Porter and Norton 2009, p.335). In addition, Apple Inc. boasts of numerous innovative products and services it has introduced in the market over the years. For example, some of popular products innovated by the company include: Mac computers, iPhones, iPod, Apple TV, Xserve, consumer and professional software applications, the Mac OS X and iOS operating systems (Reuters, 2011). Other products and services include third-party digital content such as iTunes stores, and many more accessories, service and support offerings, all of which are geared towards satisfying identified market niche (Reuters, 2011). At the same time, Apple Inc. employs different market methods to dispose its products and services. The most notable ones include retail stores, online stores, direct sales, third-party network carriers, wholesalers, retailers, and value-added resellers (Reuters, 2011). The market niche for the company’s products is diverse, but the most identified ones include individual consumers, small and medium sized companies, education fraternity, enterprise organizations, government, and creative markets. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Apple Inc.’s market segmentation has concentrated largely in five market regions that include America, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, and Retail (Reuters, 2011). American market serves both North and South American markets, while the Europe market extends its network among Europe countries, Middle East, and Africa regions. On the other hand, Asia-Pacific markets cater for all Asian countries including Australia and New Zealand, but exclude Japan, while the Retail market has big concentration in United States of America and selected international markets. Financial performance of the company remains healthy, and this can be attributed to increasing sales of iPhones units. Since 2007, net income for the company has been on upward trend and by the end of 2010’s fourth quarter, the company posted improved revenues of $28.27 billion with net profit of 6.62 billion (Apple 2011). Market Analysis for iPhone 4 In 2010, Apple Inc designed yet another innovative product in the market (iPhone 4) which immediately became a market ‘hit’, recording massive sales and enquiries. Since the introduction of the first iPhone 4 products, Apple Inc. has continued to improve the product and just a few weeks ago, the company introduced to the market, an improved version of iPhone 4 known as iPhone 4S (Gallagher, 2011). Within three days after being introduced in the market, iPhone 4S sold 4 million units, surpassing records set by other devices (Gallagher, 2011). PEST Analysis Political China’s political climate remains conducive for local and international business activities. The country enjoys political stability where also, government has been initiating policies that tend to open up the country’s market for outside world, while protecting the home firms through balanced regulation of business activities and contracting requirements for foreign firms (Asian Market Research, 2003). Economic China is a growing economy where social classes are differentiated by economic position. Young people and students tend to have fewer resources to purchase products or satisfy their consumption needs. We will write a custom Report on Apple Inc and IPhones 4 Market specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As a result, they tend to operate on limited budgets while making purchases for smartphone products. Therefore, they tend to buy products that their budget constraints can afford, yet possessing the desired features and ‘smartness’. Social China’s market is composed of different demographics that differ in consumption characteristics. With a population of over a billion people, China’s smartphone market remains dominated by young people and students who embrace latest technology at faster rate than older people do. However, the young population is limited by financial constraints in their consumption needs of smartphone products. Technology Technology remains the most avenue companies continue to battle especially as taste among different demographics tend to shift regularly and embrace technologically enhanced products. Apple can capitalize on its exemplary technological know-how to respond to consumer needs of Asian market. Competitive Analysis for iPhone 4 Competitive market leverage emanates from market segmentation strategies, and this can be possible with Asian market (Sigal, 2010). Different market competitive frameworks can be used to assess Apple’s potential and suitability of penetrating the Asian market (China), which is one of the developing economies; this is in addition to how well the company can introduce the iPhone 4 products in this market. Porter’s Five-force Model In 1980, Michael Porter observed that the profitability potential of an industry depends on five competitive factors, which possess the ability to influence return on investment of any given company (Henry, 2008). The five competitive factors, popularly known as Porter’s five-force model include threat of new entrants, rivalry among competitors, threat of substitutes products, bargaining power of buyers, and bargaining power of suppliers (Henry 2008). Threats of new entrants At the moment, the smartphone market is gradually becoming complicated, given the increasing number of competitors such as Nokia and Samsung. This shows that as potential continue to grow in the sector and entrants’ barriers become loose, it is likely that in near future, there will be flood of new entrants into the market, especially in potential markets like Asia. Rivalry among competitors Currently, Nokia has established itself in the Asian market more strongly, given its concentration in low-end products; this endeavors the company to many consumers. Other smaller competitors are coming up, as market barriers reduce, and this is likely to complicate the market environment even further for Apple Inc. Not sure if you can write a paper on Apple Inc and IPhones 4 Market by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Threat of substitutes products Asian market, and specifically China, has a number of players producing market moving smartphone products. For instance, Nokia has the Nokia Oyj; Google Inc has numerous Androids, while Samsung also market numerous smartphone products. Therefore, substitutes to Apple’s iPhones are likely to be more as numerous competitors join the market. Bargaining power of buyers The smartphone market in China is highly competitive where many players offer a wide range of smartphone products to different consumer groups. As a result of many providers, consumers have become ‘price shoppers’, as they look for the best products at reduced price. This has increased consumer bargaining power, especially as constraints on the budget affect consumption needs of many consumers. Bargaining power of suppliers As competition increases and many players enter Asian market, there is tendency for competition among suppliers to source contract from various players (Apple, n.d). This aspect has led to reduced bargaining power of many suppliers in smartphone market, especially with tendency of many companies to reduce costs of operations and production. Behavioral motivation for consumer purchase behavior Consumer culture China’s culture abhors the concept of ‘face’, which is integral in the society. As a result, status consciousness is important to majority of Chinese. Among consumers, achieving greater status and prestige in the society is exhibited in the type of gadget can has and given the p[premium nature of iPhone products, majority of consumers have expressed desire and drive to purchase iPhones products not only for their usefulness, but also for the status it accord the user (Panzarino, 2011). Consumer lifestyles and psychographics China’s market for smartphone products is largely concentrated among young people and students who, given their trend, flashy and lifestyle tend to exhibit consumption behaviors for ‘smart’ products that propel their lifestyle. Products that appeal, convenient in nature, perform multiple functions, and still provide the user with fame are most preferred in China’s market (Panzarino, 2011). Consumer attitude Attitude plays great role in consumption behaviors of many people and this is evident in China’s market. For a long time now, China’s social life is intertwined in their consumption behaviors (Chan 2011). A product with negative social approving is likely to get backlash in the market. Social approving for products emanate from the capacity of the product to meet social, economic and cultural benchmarks of the larger China’s society. Smartphone products especially that integrate China social, economic, and cultural aspects tend to have greater acceptance given the overall improved consumer attitudes on such products (Panzarino 2011). Emotional involvement, expressiveness and intelligence Asian markets are characterized by consumer attaching great emotions to products they use. The products become part of the consumer emotion expressiveness. Majority of Chinese students and young people can be described to have great emotion involvement, especially on products that meet their needs and expectations. Smartphone products are used for educational purposes, social life, and all life activities, hence they have become part of emotion expression on part of consumers. Recommended marketing mix for iPhone 4 Product Apple Inc valued products exhibit innovative technologies that integrate consumer needs and wants. Apple’s products are preferred and they have dominated the market, given their ability to remain flexible, unique, and technologically accepted to different demographics. Therefore, to appeal to China’s market that remains front for competitor battle, this will require Apple Inc to design iPhone 4 products that have faster chip, possess higher resolution camera and possess software capabilities to meet customer needs as compared to competitors. In addition, the products should remain innovative, compatibility, easy-of-use, upgradeable and quality in nature (Maxwell, Lee, Suen,