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RC ? Endocrine System Affect Many Individuals Patient Care Discussion

RC ? Endocrine System Affect Many Individuals Patient Care Discussion.

Disorders of the endocrine system affect many individuals. Providing multidimensional patient care can be challenging for patients experiencing these disorders. Ensuring the plan of care meets the patient and family needs is important in order to increase adherence to proper medical treatment following discharge.What does it mean to provide a multidimensional approach? Provide at least three examples of how the care team can meet the patient and the family’s needs? List at least three care team members and how are they involved in providing multidimensional care?Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to
RC ? Endocrine System Affect Many Individuals Patient Care Discussion

EN 101 Grantham University Wk 4 Free Write and Outline for an Informative Essay.

English Composition I – Week 4 AssignmentFree Write and Outline for an Informative PaperThis week, we will be moving from narrative writing to informative writing. Your assignment this week will consist of a freewrite and outline similar to those you did for W2; however, this freewrite and outline will help you brainstorm your “How-to” Informative Essay.Some examples of recent how-to essays for this class include:How to prepare campfire coffee in an easy and affordable wayHow to prepare for a driver’s testHow to make Kahlua rum-flavored buttercreamHow to build a weatherproof shooting house for huntersHow to prepare yourself for going to a protestHow a first-time buyer can negotiate with a car salesmanHow to make your own customized wigHow to save money while living in a college dormHow to care for a person who has dementiaAs you can see, the topics vary widely, yet each focuses on a specific task and targets a narrow audience. Likewise, your topic can be unusual and off-the-wall or it can be somewhat common. Either way, it must target an audience that does not know the information you possess but wants or needs to know it.There are three parts to this assignment:Part 1: Complete all of the following statements and questions:The audience for my paper is ____________.I want to teach them how to _____________.What details will I need to accomplish this purpose?What issues or obstacles might I encounter?What is my working title?Part 2: FreewriteAs before, your freewrite should reflect about 10 to 15 minutes of brainstorming about your topic. Write down everything you can think of. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or punctuation for this part of the assignment.Part 3. OutlineThe outline should be similar to the one you used in Week 2 and contain an introduction, body, and conclusion, as well as enough details to show how your essay might be structured. Again, outline in three to five parts, summarize, and use complete sentences (not fragments or phrases).Your outline should be similar to the one used for Week 2. It will also contain an introduction, body, and conclusion, each with topic sentences and supporting points. Here is a link to the sample outline for Week 2.View your assignment rubric.
EN 101 Grantham University Wk 4 Free Write and Outline for an Informative Essay

Concepts and Terminology of Statistics Applied to Business Decision Making

Concepts and Terminology of Statistics Applied to Business Decision Making.

Big data is everywhere, and various businesses around the world are driven by big data. While some businesses rely on big data for organizational decision making, this does not mean that the implications and applications of big data are properly used to ensure optimal effectiveness for the organization

For this scenario, you have been appointed as a business analyst for Big D Incorporated, charged with providing authoritative recommendations to the Board of Directors. As the business analyst, the recommendations that you provide will be based upon data calculated from statistically appropriate formulas. Be reminded that you are not the company?s statistician yet. However, as the business analyst, you are therefore responsible for interpreting statistical data and making the appropriate recommendations.

Big D Incorporated was offered a series of business opportunities, and it is your job as the business analyst to provide expert insight and justification for recommendations regarding these potential prospects.

Assignment Details

6 slides with speaker notes (75 word minimum per slide)

Big D Incorporated has a business opportunity to provide two different types of information to a new client. As the business analyst, you are tasked to assess the financial feasibility of this opportunity. The new client is a retailer and looking to expand its product offerings. However, the client is requesting Big D Incorporated to assist in the decision-making process.

Prepare a presentation that addresses the following:

Explain the difference between nominal and ordinal data.List 3 qualitative attributes of outdoor sporting goods that the client may want to ask consumers. Make sure 1 of the qualitative attributes is nominal.For each ordinal attribute, assign names for the endpoints of a 5-point rating scale.Explain the difference between interval and ratio data.List 2 quantitative attributes of outdoor sporting goods that market researchers might want to measure.Explain the difference between a population and a sample.
Concepts and Terminology of Statistics Applied to Business Decision Making

How to Write a Science Essay

cheap assignment writing service The steps to writing a science essay are much the same as any other type of essay: planning, research and analysis, outlining your ideas and then writing your prose. Once completed you need to edit your manuscript by carefully proofreading for content, context and format required by your instructor. Following a detailed discussion of each of these points, a discussion on the differences between science essays and other types of essays will be presented. If you think of this first paragraph as an example, your first paragraph tells your reader what you’re going to write about. Alternately, your first paragraph can be used to get your reader’s attention with statements or statistics on your topic in order to focus the read into the urgency of your topic. Planning When planning your essay one of the first steps is making sure you understand the research question posed to you by your instructor or that you understand specifically what the topic is about. If not do some preliminary ground work to gain either the level of understanding you need to follow through on the essay or to clarify the topic. The planning phase is also a time to strategise how you will carry out the process and how much time you will need. The larger the essay, the more important the planning phase and the longer the lead time you will require. A well-researched 10,000 word essay probably cannot be written the night before it is due; plan accordingly. Research and analysis While many individuals still use the library for research, the internet is also a source of great volumes of information. Depending on the area of science, professional organisations usually have websites with sections dedicated to publications as well as links to other websites that have professional sources of information. These are excellent sources of information. Additional sources available online include or some of the professional academic databases. Try to stay away from general or generic websites such as or as these are not considered valid sources for most university essays. Once all of your references are gathered and read, analysing your research is critical in order to make proper sense of what you’ve read. Only then can you be assured you have enough material to answer the question posed or to support the type of question you are asking in your essay. Preparing the outline Your outline can be as detailed or as high level as you believe appropriate for your essay. Many people skip outline preparation as an essay writing step if they have no problem organising their thoughts; but for others, the outline serves as a roadmap and a method of staying focused. The outline should serve to assure all topical areas are covered, that the essay has a proper flow of information, that it effectively answers the question posed or discusses all aspects of the topic you wish to cover in an effective manner. Writing the paper One way of transitioning from the outline to the essay is by organising the research you’ve gathered by outline section or point covered. Summarising your reference material and stating how it relates to your topic are your next steps. If you’ve not prepared an outline, your essay flow might resemble something like this: Introduction and background to the problem. Research question posed or topic selected Thematic presentation of the literature gathered on the topic or used to answer to the question. Discussion of how the material gathered relates to the topic or answers the question; perhaps how this relates to a specific area of professional practice. Conclusion summarising your essay. Once again, if you’ve not prepared an outline, it is critical you work hard to stay focused in your essay. The larger the topic area the more you may be tempted to veer off course. A well written science essay is focused. Proper essays require appropriate citations and referencing. There are many websites with formatting guides that accommodate MLA, APA, Harvard and just about any other format your instructor might request. Most science essays require either Harvard or AMA formatting. Be sure to check with your instructor for verification as many university professors will lower your grade if proper formatting is not followed. Conclusion The conclusion should be a short recap of what you’ve written. You’re essentially reminding the reader what you’ve told them and adding any concluding remarks you feel appropriate. Proofreading and editing Proofreading is essential! While it’s tempting to turn in a paper after you write the last word, careful proofreading and editing can make the difference in your grade. If you are using a word processing program, first run your spell-check. It will likely remove most spelling errors and question detected grammatical errors. Once you complete your spell check you need to carefully read your paper one or more times for typos and spelling errors that are not picked up by your spell-check. Additionally, it is important to review your writing for sentences that may be too lengthy – shorten them. Tightening up your writing by eliminating jargon and wordiness make for a more effective and enjoyable essay. How the science essay is different than others The science essay is different than many other types of essays. For example, psychology, marketing, sociology, anthropology or even management essays will all have specific theories you can reference. However, for subject areas such as these the types of research you are likely to find are both a mix of qualitative and quantitative. For the science essay, the type of research you will most likely find is only quantitative – those dealing with statistics and hard facts. Unless asked for your opinion the science essay is not the place to deal in grey areas. In order to write a well regarded science essay stick strictly to factual data and make sure you present your information in a similar fashion, factually. More information on writing the effective essay, proper formatting guides, journal article analysis, research methodologies and essay examples can be found online.

University of North Alabama Koeppel v Speirs Case 6 & 7 Review

University of North Alabama Koeppel v Speirs Case 6 & 7 Review.

Case Review 6Review Koeppel v. Speirs, 808 N.W.2d 177 (Iowa 2011), in Chapter 17 of your textbook and answer the following questions:What were the legal issues in this case? What did the Iowa Supreme Court decide?Why does the Court conclude that an intrusion upon seclusion claim does not require evidence that the offending party actually succeeded in viewing or otherwise intruding on the plaintiff? Does this decision amount to, as the defendant argues, authorizing claims for attempted invasion of privacy? Why or why not?This decision focuses on whether an intrusion occurred. On remand, will the plaintiff be able to establish the other elements of her intrusion upon seclusion claim? Why or why not? Would the outcome be the same for the privacy claim being brought by the plaintiff’s coworker Miller? Why or why not?Regardless of the ultimate outcome of the legal claims in this case, what should this smaller employer have done differently?case: Review 7Read Dillon v. Champion Jogbra in Chapter 18 of your textbook and answer the following questions:1. What were the legal issues in the case? What did the court decide?2. What was the implied contract in this case? How did the employer breach it?3. Why does the disclaimer in the employee manual not have the effect desire by the employer?4. Why does Dillon’s promissory estoppel claim fail?case:
University of North Alabama Koeppel v Speirs Case 6 & 7 Review

For the Final you will write 1 essays, The essay should be at least a 5-paragraph essay with an

For the Final you will write 1 essays, The essay should be at least a 5-paragraph essay with an introduction that makes a claim about your position. It will then have 3 supporting paragraphs that defends that position by giving specific examples of people and events that you learned this semester. Last, you will write a concluding paragraph that sums up your position and why you think it is right. You will do this for 1 of the following questions. 2. The meaning of the Civil War is a very contentious issue in American history. Some people say it was fought to maintain states’ rights and individual freedom. Others claim the only real cause was slavery. From what you learned this semester, which do you believe is true. Support your position with evidence you learned. To access the book use the login details The login information is available for assigned writer. Use author-date system of APA citation

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