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Rauschenberg as a Reflection of Three Philosophers essay help writer Geology online class help

This paper discusses Robert Rauschenberg’s painting Persimmon from the concepts presented by Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and Nietzsche.

The author states that Rauschenberg’s “Persimmon” does not look like a real subject, yet it is a real thing. From Heidegger, the “strife” between the rational and the irrational is the key to art. From Merleau-Ponty, the strength of Rauschenberg’s work is found in its inherent irrationality. From Nietzsche, art represents the strife inherent in human condition.
Rauschenberg frequently takes subjects from nature (again, as is traditional in Asian art) and reconfigures them in a bright, compiled, collage-style form, so that the apparently surface perceptions of nature and color become slightly askew. One is cognizant of the fact that one is observing something simple and natural but not necessarily observing the subject as one might in so-called real life and in nature. One feels as if one is viewing the artist’s perceptions of what is real, rather than the thing itself.

Targeted marketing and mass marketing

Targeted marketing and mass marketing.

Instructions Consider the differences between targeted marketing and mass marketing and what led to the rise of each. Do you think one is more effective than the other? Why, or why not? Give an example of a target market that you are (or could be) a part of and why you think you are (or would be) targeted. What compels you to choose one brand over another? Your journal entry must be at least 300 words, single spaced. No references or citations are necessary. 

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