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Rasmussen University Mod 6 Sunrise Medical & Hospital Center Marketing Plan PPT

Rasmussen University Mod 6 Sunrise Medical & Hospital Center Marketing Plan PPT.

Module 6 Content
For the past few weeks, we have identified marketing techniques, personal branding and created a SWOT Analysis. Now it’s time to use all of these concepts in a “real world” scenario.
Please develop a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that was recently cited by the OIG (Office of Inspector General), or has been investigated by a journalist (eg., newspaper article, journal). The marketing plan must include a cover page, reference page and must be completed using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Please answer the following items in your marketing plan:

Organizational Summary – Explain why the company is in trouble
Analysis of the External Environment – (Public perception, economy)
Threats and Opportunities                                                          
Marketing Goals and Objectives                                    
The Target Market
Competition – List possible competitors                                               
Marketing Strategy                                                           
Action Programs (Marketing tactics)                        
Budgets – How much money do you think this would cost?

Rasmussen University Mod 6 Sunrise Medical & Hospital Center Marketing Plan PPT

Using Southwest Airlines create a Perceptual Map using the attachment. follow the instructions and Enter 3 products Southwest offers and compare with American Airlines and United Airlines. input the data in the excel document and then In 100-150 words, summarize the information and how it influences the firm’s strategy choices. you can take a snippet of the excel document when finished and past it into an word document.
Creating a podcast, 5-10 minutes in length. I don’t understand this Accounting question and need help to study.

The AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics includes a mandate to “recognize a responsibility to participate in activities contributing to the improvement of the community and the betterment of public health”. (AMA, 2012 Principles of Medical Ethics, Principle VII).
Create a podcast, 5-10 minutes in length, where you will discuss the following:
Describe eight (8) ways in which a physician and his/her staff may participate in community activities. For instance, the physician may give free clinics for the homeless, or provide educational seminars for patients.
Summarize the AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics and discuss how they relate to the 8 ideas you developed on how a physician can give back to the community. Review the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics.
Thinking about your own community, describe the activities that local physicians participate in or offer. Conduct local research if you are not already aware of these activities.
Script & References
In a Word document, draft a script for your podcast.
Include a minimum of three references, in APA format.
Additional Information:
Listen to these podcasts to familiarize yourself with the tone and atmosphere you’ll need to create:…
Your audience for this podcast is both health care professionals, as well as the general public.
Helpful instructions on how to record a podcast are found in the Read Me First area of the course.
Submit the Podcast file (.mp4, .mp3), the Script, and References.
Creating a podcast, 5-10 minutes in length

The Effect on Influence of Wars History Essay.

Propaganda from various works such as posters, newspapers, stamps, film, radio broadcasts and infographics can tell us a lot about war and postwar society in the United States. In this assignment you will use a combination of secondary sources from your text book along with at least 3 primary sourced pieces of propaganda to answer one of the three questions for one of the three wars:How did the Spanish-American War, World War I OR World War II influence… (chose one)An aspect of Civil rights activism or racial relations?US Foreign Policy?Diet and nutrition on the home front?Labor and workforceGender norms/roles in wartime and possibly postwar society?Based on your selection of primary-source propaganda, argue your case and analyze the images you are using. Select no less than 3 images and no more than 6. You have four gold mines of primary sources readily available for you at: free to use other sources to find propaganda images. When analyzing your selection of images, make sure to ask yourself:What do the images display?Who made them?What were the time periods? What major events in the war were going on when published?What methods were used to convey the messages?Who did these images speak to?Were they effective in conveying their messages?How do the images relate to one another?And most importantly: How do the images support my thesis?It is also important to correlate secondary source material from your class textbook or any other acceptable sources to your area of focus. Please do not use Wikipedia as a source. It is ok to use when quickly finding a date, name of an event, place or term, but not for professional- level research. Embed your images into the essay where you feel appropriate (some students include them at the very end, some embed them within each paragraph, some include them before the bibliography- your choice. What is important is if they are properly analyzed and described.In addition to the above guidelines, students will be graded on the following three categories:Essay Structure and Written CommunicationThe essay must include an interesting and concise introductory paragraph (Between 6-10 sentences.)The introductory paragraph must end with a thesis statement: a single sentence which precisely articulates the argument.All body paragraphs must be a sub-argument of the thesis and must stay on topic in relation to the thesis.All body paragraphs must contain a topic sentence at the beginning and a concluding sentence at the end.All body paragraphs contain well- organized evidence and analysis that never stray from the thesis or sub-argument of the paragraph.Critical ThinkingThe essay must demonstrate an understanding of the events, people, and/or ideas discussed in the paper in their correct historical context.Students will only select evidence that best proves their argument.Students will not narrate events. They will synthesize pertinent points and explain how they connect to the main arguments.Writers will go beyond presentation of evidence in a narrative way to draw conclusions that are not immediately obvious.The writer not only mentions specific dates, places and people, but connects them to his/her thesis.Accuracy/ValidityHistorically accurate evidence and analysisA mixture of BOTH primary and secondary sourcesAll evidence is properly cited using the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)Students will write a paper that demonstrates the ability to use English for written expression at the college levelPaper is understandable with little grammatical or stylistic mistakes
The Effect on Influence of Wars History Essay

Conexia Strategic Management Case Study

Conexia Strategic Management Case Study. Executive Summary Conexia is one of the leading providers of RTA solution in Argentina. The firm is currently planning to make an entry into the United States. Before doing so, it will be necessary to analyse its current capacity in order to determine the most appropriate approach it can use. It will also be necessary to analyse its current value chain in the Argentine market and determine its appropriateness in the new market. The top management will need to find an appropriate partner that already understands the United States’ market. The United States IT healthcare market has made great advancements in the world today. However some of the recent changes brought by the Obamacare have introduced uncertainty in this market as players try to speculate about the future. In order to conduct a comprehensive external environmental audit of this market, it will be necessary to use a number of tools in order to bring a clear understanding of the relevant forces that may affect Conexia as it seeks to enter this market (Barrett et al. 2010, p. 7). To conduct a systematic external environmental audit of this market, the researcher will use PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces, Industry Life Cycle, and Competitor Analysis Models. PESTLE Analysis In order to conduct a comprehensive audit of the United States IT healthcare market, it will be necessary to use PESTLE model as shown in the figure below. Figure 1: PESTLE Model Political environment According to MacLennan (2011, p. 90), when conducting an audit of a market, it is important to be as specific as possible. The political environment in the United States has been stable over the past decades. Under the leadership of President Barrack Obama, the country has seen a number of policies developed to protect the country from external threats, especially the international terrorists. As Adetule (2011, p. 84) notes, this is one of the countries with advanced security systems meant to protect people and property. Bhal (2005, p. 382) also notes that the political class has abstained from direct interference with the business sector. The policies in this country are friendly both to the local and international investors. As it makes it entry into this market, Conexia will be certain that its operations will not be interfered with by the political class. Economic environment The economy of the United States suffered from the 2008/2009 economic recession that affected various sectors. The health sector was one of the sectors of the economy that were affected by this recession. However, Kline (2010, p. 45) notes that the United States has since regained positive growth and the purchasing power of its citizens has also increased within the past six years. The health sector has also enjoyed a period of growth and development following various policy changes that are focused on improving the quality of healthcare services. The world’s leading economy has given serious attention to the healthcare centre in terms of direct government funding in order to make medical services accessible to all. Social environment According to Finlayson (2009, p. 28), the United States is one of the most diversified countries in the world. The products offered by Conexia may fit people of all demographical factors as long as they have insurance cover. However, the marketing strategies used in this market must be conscious of this diversity in order to avoid cases of controversy that may make a section of the market to develop hatred towards the brand. This means that when operating in this market, marketing messages that may have racial connotations, male chauvinism, or other divisive issues should be avoided. Technological environment The United States is more technologically advanced than the home market for Conexia in Argentina. The government has been rolling plans to ensure that the paper records are replaced by electronic health records to increase efficiency and reduce costs (Watson 2006, p. 451). This means that if Conexia is able to package its online products properly in this market, it can experience phenomenon growth. Legal environment The Obamacare is one of the leading legislations that have revolutionised the healthcare sector. This legislation has increased the relevance of insurance firms in the healthcare sector. It has ensured that more Americans are insured in order to lower the cost of health (DayalConexia Strategic Management Case Study

Issue of Self-Serving Bias and the Role of International Ethics Standards Boards

online assignment help Issue of Self-Serving Bias and the Role of International Ethics Standards Boards. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION SECTION B A Critical Appraisal of the Role of International Ethics Standard Board for Accountants SECTION B Self-Review threat Intimidation threat Practice Management Issues CONCLUSION REFERENCES INTRODUCTION This paper tends to look into behaviour known as “self-serving bias” trying to look at the implications of the behaviour as provided that “Whenever individual’s face a trade-off between what is best for themselves and what is morally correct, their perceptions of moral correctness are likely to be biased in the direction of what is best for themselves. It seems likely that the judgments of auditors, who ultimately represent the interests of the shareholders but are hired and fired by the people they audit, are likely to be blinded to some degree by the incentive for client retention. Therefore the sole reliance on professional ethics to ensure desirable behaviour is a questionable resource for audit management¹.” This paper is divided into three sections with in-depth research and knowledge carried out on each section. The paper starts with an in-depth research into the behaviour known as “self-serving bias” and, using relevant examples, with the application of the research to the special problems of auditor’s objectivity. Furthermore, the role of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) is critically discussed and the paper comes to a conclusion with a demonstration of the application of knowledge in a case study situation which identifies and explains the ethical, professional and practice management implications with regards to the case study. SECTION B Self-Serving Bias Given the advent of recent accounting scandals and their distressing effects on workers and investors, it’s not surprising that the public assume that the underlying problems are corruption and criminality. However, the bigger problem with corporate auditing, as it’s currently practiced, is its vulnerability to unconscious bias (Bazerman etal, 2002) Self-serving bias refers to people’s tendency to behave inequitably when it benefits them, and they think they can get away with it (Prentice, 2000). It affects how people gather and process information, it is influenced by people’s perceived best interest and existing beliefs (Prentice P. R., 2014). (Bazerman, Morgan,Issue of Self-Serving Bias and the Role of International Ethics Standards Boards

BASOA 2 UOC Statistics Value and Calculations Question

BASOA 2 UOC Statistics Value and Calculations Question.

Activity I – You have just opened a restaurant in a large city, and you are deciding what you should charge for a regular-sized soda. You’d like to charge a price equal to the average of your competitors, which you believe is $2.58. To inform your decision, you want to learn more about the average price charged by competing restaurants in the area. You know you won’t be able to get prices for every restaurant, so you randomly sample 35 and collect their soda prices. These data are in Soda.xlsx ( See the attached)You are assuming the mean soda price is $2.58 for all of your competitors. When conducting data analysis to test this belief, what is this assumption called?Calculate the t-statistic assuming the mean soda price for all of your competitors is $2.58.Calculate the p-value for your t-statistic.Using a confidence level of 90%, test whether the mean soda price of all your competitors is $2.58 using the t-stat.Using a confidence level of 90%, test whether the mean soda price of all your competitors is $2.58 using the p-value.Is it possible that your answers to parts d and e would yield different conclusions?Activity II – To better assess your willingness-to-pay for advertising on others’ websites, you want to learn the mean profit per visit for all visits to your website. To accomplish this, you have collected a random sample of 4,738 visits to your website over the past six months. This sample includes information on visit duration and profits. The data are contained in WebProfits.xlsx (See the attached). Using the data in WebProfits.xlsx:Build a 99% confidence interval for the mean profit per visit for all of your visitors.Let the null hypothesis be that mean profit per visit for all of your visitors is $11.50.Calculate the corresponding t-stat for this null hypothesis.Calculate the corresponding p-value for this null hypothesis.With strength of 95%, decide whether or not to reject this null hypothesis.Detail the reasoning behind your decisionNote: Please refer to this textbox: Prince, J. (2018). Predictive Analytics for Business Strategy. McGraw-Hill Education
BASOA 2 UOC Statistics Value and Calculations Question

Soft News – MLK Day of Service

Soft News – MLK Day of Service. I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.

Assume the role of PR communicator at Widener University. Prepare a news release of soft news (non-crisis) that can help the university further its communication goals of building a positive relationship among the community and the potential students and parents.
For this assignment, focus on the DAY OF SERVICE that accompanies the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday.
These can be factual but they do not have to be! Be creative. The goal is to CREATE NEWS that is important and relevant to the audience.
The release should include contact/release date formatting and headline, dateline, copy, quote, boilerplate (see university website).
Bring a printed copy to class on the due date. If you have issues printing, you may upload the release here.
if you have any thing just text me
Soft News – MLK Day of Service

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