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Over the course of the one-year study, they were: Three times more likely to hit a teacher Over 2. 5 times more likely to get arrested Twice as likely to have multiple sexual partners 1. 5 times more likely to get a sexually transmitted disease, use drugs, or drink alcohol. “What is particularly alarming about our findings is that we didn’t find an association with just violence or one or two risky behaviors,” says researcher Ralph J. Decremented, PhD, of Emory University’s Rollins School of public Health.We found an association With a string of these behaviors.

” His study, published in the March issue of the American Journal of Public Health, only involved black girls living in Birmingham, Ala. ? all of whom were already sexually active. While the researchers surveyed viewing habits for various types of rap videos, gangs rap was by far the most popular among the girls practicing these destructive behaviors. “We wanted to focus on young, African American women, a population that is very vulnerable,” Decremented tells WebMD. In these videos, men hold the rower and women don’t and as a result, are subservient. I’m not sure that the girls in our study were lashing out because of this, but more likely role- modeling the behaviors they see. The women in these videos are doing K, they’re hanging around with a man who is powerful, affluent, going to nice clubs and wearing nice clothes.

For these girls, they may not be a bad thing. ” His team is currently expanding its research to investigate how these and other rap videos may influence behaviors across other racial, gender and socioeconomic lines.Although gangs rap videos depict tough inner-city “street” life, their largest viewing audience is white suburban youth, who have better access to cable television channels such as MAT and BET (Black Entertainment Television). Of course, this isn’t the first time that rebellious music has been blamed for society’s ills. From Elvis to Columbine, the songs of music-obsessed youth have often been blamed for anti-social behavior. But rap and in particular, the especially violent and sexually-explicit gangs variety has raised special concern.

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Choose a topic } Big Tech Regulation, Online Education Divide, Cryptocurrencies, DNA In Investigations, Conspiracy Theories, OR Media Literacy.
Write a Thesis Statement that establishes emphatic order for the essay by introducing both subjects and clearly illustrates a preference for the second subject after introducing both authors and essays in the introduction.
Offer clear, fully-developed body paragraphs and topic sentences, making sure that the reader can see the similarities/differences and the rationale for offering such information—why compare/contrast these two subjects?
Ensure that the points are the same for both subjects and that they, too, follow emphatic order.
Choose either subject or point order and stay with it.
Ensure that all borrowed material, quotes and summaries, from the source essays is parenthetically cited to avoid plagiarism.
Offer bibliographic citations for both essays in the Works Cited at the end of the paper. ***This essay is being submitted to the plagiarism checking program in Canvas, so be sure to cite borrowed words and ideas.***
Make use of transitions so that the reader does not become confused as to which subject you are discussing at any given point, and the analysis moves smoothly between subjects and points.
Write 800 words.
Essay 1 Rubric
Essay 1 Rubric
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThesis
15 to >13.0 ptsExceeds Expectations
Thesis expresses a sophisticated, in-depth opinion about the topic, gives the paper strong structural direction, and introduces subjects of contrast
13 to >10.0 ptsMeets Expectations
Thesis expresses an in-depth opinion about the topic, establishes the general structure of the paper, and references subjects of contrast.
10 to >7.0 ptsAlmost There
Thesis is vague/generalized about the topic, provides an inadequate structure for the paper, and acknowledges subjects of contrast.
7 to >0 ptsNeeds Improvement
Thesis is unclear, absent, or unrelated to the topic, there appears to be no planned structure, and subjects to be contrasted are missing.
15 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTopic Sentences
20 to >17.0 ptsExceeds Expectations
Topic sentence is interesting, clearly relates to point or subject and fully establishes topics.
17 to >14.0 ptsMeets Expectations
Topic sentence clearly relates to point or subject, but lays out paragraphs’ topics in a shallow manner.
14 to >12.0 ptsAlmost There
Topic sentence is a bit unclear, does not adequately relate to point or subject, and fails to flesh out the paragraphs’ topics.
12 to >0 ptsNeeds Improvement
Topic sentence is incomplete or missing.
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEvidence
20 to >17.0 ptsExceeds Expectations
Evidence (fact, example, statistic, authority statement) is persuasive, specific, and thesis/topic sentence supportive
17 to >14.0 ptsMeets Expectations
Evidence is supportive of thesis/topic sentences, but lacking specificity or development.
14 to >12.0 ptsAlmost There
Evidence is vague generalizations that lack relevance and development.
12 to >0 ptsNeeds Improvement
Evidence is not relevant to the claims of the essay or missing entirely.
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSource Incorporation
20 ptsExceeds Expectations
The quotes or summaries for each subject are all correctly cited parenthetically and bibliographically.
17 ptsMeets Expectations
The quotes or summaries for each subject are cited parenthetically and bibliographically with minor errors.
14 ptsAlmost There
The quotes or summaries for each subject are cited parenthetically and bibliographically, but with major errors.
12 ptsNeeds Improvement
The quotes or summaries for each subject are missing as is the bibliographic citation.
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization
10 to >8.0 ptsExceeds Expectations
Presents information in a unique, insightful way with a logical flow of ideas, subject or point, with a high degree of effectiveness.
8 to >7.0 ptsMeets Expectations
Presents information in an intelligible way with a logical flow of ideas, subject or point, and good effectiveness.
7 to >6.0 ptsAlmost There
Presents information in a less clear way: flow of ideas, subject or point, is a little illogical, and impairs effectiveness a bit.
6 to >0 ptsNeeds Improvement
Presents information in a haphazard way: flow of ideas, subject or point, is illogical, and loses effectiveness.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting ConventionsPunctuation, mechanics, style.
5 to >3.0 ptsMeets Expectations
Infrequent, minimal errors have minor impact on overall message.
3 to >1.0 ptsAlmost There
Errors are frequent and cause confusion. Some aspects may be correct, but still impair writing
1 to >0 ptsNeeds Improvement
Errors are serious and numerous, causing the reader to struggle to discern meaning.
5 pts
Total Points: 90