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Ramapo College of New Jersey Child Neglect and Maltreatment Scenario Discussion

Ramapo College of New Jersey Child Neglect and Maltreatment Scenario Discussion.

1) Answer the following critical reading response questions regarding the following vignette. Support your answers with examples from the vignette as well as course readings. Also, feel free to add to the vignette to flesh out concepts in the questions. You should use APA guidelines to cite and support your answers. Make sure you cite the course readings to support your claims.THIS IS THE VIGNETTEYour sister has come to you concerned because she just found out that her daughter has been using prescription drugs over the past year. Your sister found out from the school and when she confronted your niece this was the story given in response:Last year when your sister’s partner had back surgery there was medication left over that your niece started taking from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom .Once that supply ran out your niece started buying similar prescription drugs from a kid at school, but when that became too expensive your niece switched to an illicit drug that had similar effects. Now your niece is using this illicit drug on a daily basis in increasing amounts and has begun to steal from your sister and her partner to support her habit. Your niece was also caught stealing from neighbors and friends. When your sister asked your niece why not just stop, her reply was “I am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms.” Your sister feels horribly guilty about your niece’s substance misuse problem since she divorced your niece’s father. However, you reassure your sister that she has provided a stable home for your niece, has her engaged in religious services, lives in a tight community, and your niece attends a good school. Your sister feels like although your niece’s father in absent from her life due to his alcoholism, it was for your niece’s own good, as he saw no problem with his alcoholism and disruptive argumentative behavior. She also feels she and her partner are very close with your niece. However, your sister has been concerned over the past year that your niece’s friends have changed, and your niece seems to have distanced herself from your sister. Your sister is also disappointed because your niece used to be on the volleyball team and hang out with other girls from the team, but she was cut from the team after missing several practices and games.2) Describe the developmental risk factors your niece was exposed to as described by your sister. Describe the developmental protective factors your sister tried to employ to protect your niece. Using the four theoretical perspectives that provide social context for substance misuse, describe what could have been going on with your niece in relation to her family, friends and peer group, and neighborhood. Make sure you discuss all four theories.
Ramapo College of New Jersey Child Neglect and Maltreatment Scenario Discussion

This is a discussion post, so one or two paragraphs is okay. Social Science Issues. Help me study for my Social Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Sometimes it is helpful to get an outside perspective. In your discussion post, describe your selected social science issue and include two relevant questions that social science professionals (e.g., psychologists, sociologists, or anthropologists) might be interested in.
In response to your peers, add a relevant question or summary that will support them in narrowing the investigative focus for their topic/issue. SEE THE RUBRIC BELOW.
This is a discussion post, so one or two paragraphs is okay. Social Science Issues

Table of Contents Introduction Emirates Airlines Air France Advantages and disadvantages of the strategies Conclusion References Introduction When organizations operate in a competitive market, managers are compelled to formulate strategies for their organizations to gain a competitive edge in the market. The idea of strategic management can also be relevant to non-profit organization when competing for resources in the market. This paper seeks to analyze the business environment, resources and strategic growth methods employed by Air France and Emirates Airlines. Emirates Airlines Emirates Airlines was invented in 1985 when it was issued with two aircrafts and ten million dollars as a starting capital by the government of Dubai. Its first routs were from Dubai to Karachi and Bombay to Delhi (Senge, 1990, 44). Emirates is a successful organization because it has employed successful strategies in its operations which has helped in the management of the company. The company has employed the strategy of acquisition and mergers in its operations and this has resulted into greater benefits to the company (Carnall, 2007, p.42). The Emirates merged with Qatar airways and Etihad so as to increase its profit margins. By merging with the two airlines, Emirates has been in a position to set high flight costs since there are no other competing airlines in the regions (Mintzberg, 1994, p.38). The Emirates devised another strategy of ensuring that it offers high quality services to its targeted customers so as to gain a competitive edge in the market. The company decided to order three hundred and fifty five wide body jets for Emirates, Etihad and Qatar airlines so as to overtake their competitors in the European and United States markets. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The company has attracted many clients who are willing to spend so as to enjoy the luxury and comfort of the Emirates air flights. Studies show that this strategy increased the profit margins of the company by nine percent in 2012 as well as its market share by three percent (Grant, 2012, p.98). Research shows that Emirates is registered as the fastest growing company in the airline industry since 1990s. Their revenues have always increased by ninety nine million dollars each year. This growth was accelerated by the Gulf War because during this time, Emirates carried over sixty seven thousand passengers and one point five tons of cargo (Burnes, 2009, p.56). In 2010, Emirates registered a net profit of nine hundred and sixty five million dollars in the first and second quarters of the year. The company has experienced an increase in passenger traffic that in 2012 the company registered sixteen million passengers in the first half of the reporting period as compare to the previous fiscal year. During the same financial year, Emirates managed to increase its profits up to three thousand five hundred and sixty dirhams as well as increased its sales by three point seven percent from the previous business year (Johnson, Scholes

Journal Entries 13-18 for Penn Foster

Journal Entries 13-18 for Penn Foster. Paper details Journal Part 3: Entries 13-18 Required Journal Entry 13: Evaluating Your Sources Describe when it’s appropriate to use sources in an essay. Why is it important to differentiate between facts, opinions, and bias when choosing sources for your research? (2 paragraphs, 6-8 sentences each) Required Journal Entry 14: OrganizingYour Information Review page 606–611 in Successful College Writing. Describe at least two ways to organize your information effectively. Choose the method that would work best for you and explain why. (2 paragraphs, 6 sentences each) Reflect: Take a look back to your response to Journal Entry 10. Briefly describe what counts as plagiarism. When is it appropriate to cite information? What information doesn’t need to be cited? (1 paragraph, 6–8 sentences) Required Journal Entry 15: Using Your Sources Responsibly Review the definitions of direct quotation, paraphrase, and summary in Chapters 22 and 23 in Successful College Writing and in Chapter 39 in The Little, Brown Essential Handbook. In your own words, define these terms. Then, explain the most effective use of each of these three types of sources. (2 paragraphs, 6–8 sentences each) Required Journal Entry 16: Planning Your Argument Study the argument essay topics on page 167–168 in your digital study guide and choose your topic for your argument. This journal entry will help you begin to plan, research, and organize your paper. Please note that both topics are very broad, so you should narrow your chosen topic appropriately to suit your purpose and interest as well as the research and length requirements. Review “The Basic Parts of an Argument” on pages 514–520 in Successful College Writing. Once you’ve chosen your topic and identified your issue (516), you need to develop support. According to your text, the three common types of support for an argument are “reasons, evidence, and emotional appeals” (517). I. State your claim: A. Identify the type of claim (fact, value or policy). B. Explain your purpose or goal for your research paper. II. Identify your reasons: A. Reason 1 B. Reason 2 C. Reason 3 III. Start your research to develop support for your claim (provide at least two examples of each): A. Support your reasons with evidence 1. Facts* 2. Statistics* 3. Expert opinions* 4. Examples* 5. Personal Experiences B. Identify your emotional appeals: 1. Appeal to needs 2. Appeal to values * Cite your sources using MLA citation and documentation format (i.e., parenthetical citations and a list of works cited). To research effectively and efficiently, use the Expanded Academic ASAP database in Penn Foster’s digital library. For more information about using Expanded Academic ASAP or other library resources, visit Required Journal Entry 17: Recognizing Your Opposition. Identify and define the three ways you can recognize opposing views in your argument. In your own words, explain why it’s valuable to include the opposition in your essay. (1 paragraph, 6 sentences) Reflect: Read Lisa Hamilton’s “Eating Meat for the Environment” and review the graphic organiz- ers on pages 554 and 556–557. In your opinion, does acknowledging Dr. Pachauri’s opposing viewpoint strengthen or weaken Hamilton’s argument? Required Journal Entry 18: Course Reflection Reflect: Acknowledging that am a learner has been the pivot on which my studies is held. Being a learner has helped me to pursue my course activities with an open-minded perspective. That is, exhibiting a mentality in which am ready to know new things and give room for corrections in places I have made errors. As a learner I have always believed that succeeding in this course is pegged heavily on my efforts to undertake assignments promptly with due concern to follow instructions and guidelines as provided. The aspect of time management has been my priority as a learner. Undertaking the course activities alongside other responsibilities calls on me as a learner to have proper time management skills which enable me to ensure that a strict schedule is followed and adhered to appropriately. I have an excellent opportunity to develop my time management skills and learn how to simply say “no” to things that seem least of my priorities as far as how undertaking the course is concerned. As a learner I have developed a culture of being determined and dedicated in whatever you pursue within the limits of my academics, job related responsibilities and family responsibilities. Pursuing the course activities has been a process in which I have developed a personality dedicated to striving for excellence on every task and responsibilities assigned on me. As a learner I have known the course is guided on the basis of an outlined learning objectives. Acknowledging the fact that the learning objectives are critical elements of the course activities I rank them in terms of their importance. Moreover, I’m prepared to manage class time and accomplish the most important learning objectives in any case am pressed for time.Journal Entries 13-18 for Penn Foster

Under the sole dome: the time for magic has come Critical Essay

best assignment help Analyzing a design in order to check its efficiency and comment on its strengths and weaknesses is not an easy task, mostly because personal taste issues will most likely stand in the way of an objective evaluation. However, when taking a wholesome construction of a design of a particular object or site apart, one can possibly provide an adequate evaluation of the expressivity of the chosen artistic means and the message that the design in question conveys. Although the way in which the SOL dome looks might strike one with the lack of meaning and expressivity, after a thorough analysis of its elements, one will be able to see the efficacy of the chosen medium and the uniqueness of the construction. A single glance cast at the SOL installation is enough to be impressed by its grandeur and magnificence; truly a work of art, it incorporates the modern idea of what technology is and what it is going to be. First, it is important to stress that the material When it comes to the color cast of the installation, one must mention that the artwork, as well as its creator, has stuck in the eighties, with the rainbow-like choice of colors and the combination of the color cast with the texture. Although the latter can be considered a technological breakthrough, as it has been mentioned above, the palette chosen by the artist washes the message that the given texture conveys away and sets the stage for the fashion of the era whose time in the sun was at least two decades ago. It could be argued, though, that the choice of colors was restricted by the material that was chosen for the installation. Indeed, when it comes to picking the palette for solar powered LEDs, an artist is most likely be restricted by the limitations of the material; in fact, the audience was lucky enough to see the sculpture the way it was made, luminescent yet at the same time not shedding an acid bright light all over the place. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Nevertheless, taking the honeycomb structure into account, one can assume that the choice of a warm color instead of a cold palette would have been a much more reasonable choice; in fact, the color of steel would have hit the chord with the general idea of the installation in a much better way. However, the message has still been conveyed efficiently. The author of the installation has out a proper emphasis on the role of technology in the present-day world by stressing the fact that the construction is powered by the sun. Thus, a cautious remark about the nature vs. nurture conflict has been made. That being said, the SOL dome definitely makes an impression. It can be argued that the shape of the construction lacks clarity and that the color cast could be improved for the installation to be brighter, therefore, pushing its exotics to the breaking point and, thus, transporting the audience to the postmodern era. However, the fact that the author of the installation decided to take such a bold step by crossing the line between retro and technological breakthrough eras that the installation definitely deserves being looked at a bit closer. A love letter to the era of the 80s from the glamorous and sophisticated 2010s, the SOL is definitely worth a prize for its originality.

Berkeley City College World War II The Good War Essay

Berkeley City College World War II The Good War Essay.

Drawing on as many specific examples from course materials as you can(including lectures, films, primary source readings, and class discussions), answer the question in essay format (Introductory paragraph, 2-4 body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph):

Americans have tended to remember World War II as the “Good War”—a conflict in which the U.S.:

fought for a good cause;
fought a “good fight” with honorable means (methods);
expanded freedoms for people at home and for nations abroad.

Evaluate this public memory—what truth is there to this characterization, and what does this memory neglect or ignore?
I will provide you with one of the following essay questions.  In other words, you will not get to choose which essay appears on the exam.  Drawing on as many specific examples from course materials as you can (including lectures, films, primary source readings, and class discussions), answer the question in essay format (Introductory paragraph, 2-4 body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph).  
An “A” essay will

-have a clear argument and a clear organization (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion)
-synthesize material from multiple lectures, not just one.  
-incorporate description of any discussed primary sources that help answer the question
-cover the major points made in lecture that help answer the question, including multiple specific examples for each point.  
-demonstrate an understanding of particular historical examples, as well as their larger historical significance
-be free of errors of chronology or historical understanding
Berkeley City College World War II The Good War Essay

Social Validity Essay

Being an essential factor in identifying the behavioural patterns of patients, defining the issues that can be described as aberrations in social interaction and locating the methods of intervention, social validity, in fact, is rather hard to define, as “something of social importance would have to be judged by someone as having value to society” (Wolf, 1978, p. 203). At this point, the element of subjectivity factors in, which is inadmissible for behavioural research. Nevertheless, being the key criterion for determining instances of deviation from the acceptable behavioral standards, social validity is still essential for selecting target behavior and designing an intervention strategy, as it helps the patient locate the boundaries for the behaviour types, which can be considered the boundaries of a socially accepted behaviour. Herein the paradox of social validity lies; though it is hardly definable in the broad sense of the phenomenon, it, nevertheless, allows a therapist to compare the behaviour of the patient with the appropriate one and, based on the differences thereof, provide the treatment that the patient needs (Cooper, Heron,