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To what extent have Razak & Rahman Talib Reports affected the direction of the national education system? From my points of view, there are a few things that from both of the reports give an impacts to our education today. Introducing the Bahasa Melayu as the national language and as a medium of the communication has make the relationship between the races become more stabil and better. Free education from the goverment had help all the unwealthy family to send their children to school.This will help all the poor family to get education more better and this will them to make better lives.

Teaching moral in school will help pupils to build their characters and implant good values in them. Create examination among all the school will help pupils to know about their abilities and achievement in academic. Basically, when we are re-examine the Razak Report(1956) and Rahman Talib(1961) to the current education that is KSSR, there are many similarities.It is actually an improvement from time to time according with the time flow. If we look back from the Razak Report saying that a national education needed in line with Malaysia’s aspiration to unite the community, Malay language will be the national language, the development of language and culture of China and India. Bahasa Malaysia and English are compulsory in schools, the teachers are qualified and were placed under a professional services and the inspectorate was established. theCompared to the Rahman Talib Statement, its still remained and emphasized 4 aspects which are implementing national language and taht is Bahasa Malaysia, examination of the same system either in primary, secondary and higher education.

Its also provide technical and vocational education for the need of skilled workers and emphasized on religious and moral education. Some changes occur as free education in primary and secondary schools. The current development has changing the educational system but its actually a continuation. A few changes are made for improvement.But in our new system, KSSR and before this KBSR(1982), we still remain Malay language as the main medium of instruction and English is a compulsory language in the classroom. The syllabus were adjusted and it is based on 6 elements that are communication,spirituality,humanitarian, physical and aesthetic development, science and technology and personal skills. The National education system which is implemented now has some affects from the Razak Report and the Rahman Talib Report.

As the Razak Report, it uses the comman syllabus for all schools.Besides, compulsory study of National and English languages in primary and secondry schools. Have the equal grant to all schools. According to the Rahman Talib Report it provided free education system. Continued the nationals school and national type schools. Have religious education and moral education to non-muslim. Based on the the brief points of the reports, they still have the similarities in today’s education system.

All those which were introduced based on the 2 reports are still being implemented but they are upgraded for example all the schools still use the comman syllabus.Now it is revied based on today’s education demand like the usage ICT which was not implemented during those time. In my opinion, I think Razak and Rahman Talib reports have affected the national education in positive and negative ways. By bringing Bahasa Malaysia as the national language in education has benefited most of the Malaysian citizens because even though we are from poor and middle families, different races, the only language that help us to communicate well is the Malay language.Not only that, these reports has brought the entire Malaysian ethnicity together in one educational system which is good and easy for us. For those who are poor and unaffordable, these reports has brought light to their children’s lives because of the free school books policy was implemented. For those bumiputeras, Razak and Rahman Talib’s reports benefited due to the ‘ Sekolah Kebangsaan ‘ implementation where all Malay students who lives in rural areas are encouraged to learn Malay language in schools situated in these areas.

Besides that, examination system to the same school even though different languages at the primary, secondary and upper secondary had really brought good impact in nowdays students’ lives because examinations tests students’ achievement in education line and through these exams, students would be able to further their studies. Moral subjects which is taught in schools helps to build the character of pupils and implant good values within them. Free education to all schools regardless of the medium helps the poor families who are unable to pay for the fees to enjoy this benefit.

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HRM Portfolio/Workbook Individual.

 Instructions 1. Context: You are a Human Resource Management professional working for a major organisation (with over 5,000 employees). As a global or national organisation there are a range of competitive market pressures being experienced. Importantly, the organisation recognises that its people are its greatest asset. You have been requested to consider three critical challenges to assist the organisation from a HR Program perspective. 2. You can choose any ONE of these organisations: a. b. c. 3. Select THREE critical issues (challenges), pick ONE from each of the chapter groupings below 4. Research and critically review each of the three issues and investigate how these issues would impact the implementation of a HR Program. The report format: executive summary, analysis of the literature, summary of key findings, recommendations/ideas/solutions. Your report will be 3,000 to 3,500 words exclusive of references and appendices.

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