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This Is where Gary. B. Has tried to fill the vacuum by trying to bring to the foreground the sentiments present during the American Revolution towards Abolitionism and the counter points that shaped history. Book deals primarily with the strong Impulse of present In the Revolutionaries and the compromise, which helped deflect their attention from this social malice to concentrate on the seemingly more urgent matter of their liberation from colonial rule.Gary argues that generations of historians – and antebellum – had led to the collective camouflage of the abolitionist sentiments heightened in achievement during the consensus historian’s era. As he quotes Land in his works, “tolerance towards the institution of slavery and intolerance toward the abolitionist movement are attitudes usually found together, for they support and supplement each other” (Gary.

B., 1990, page XVI) argues, that though a series of generations of Historians had argued to the contrary, there were some strong reasons to make it an opportune moment for the abolition of slavery. Though the consensus historians argue that the resistant south would have endangered the union if abolitionists were persistent, it can also be seen through ‘ argument hat the precariously placed south states would have gone along even on this contentious issue had there been more vigor and attention added to tackling Slavery.It was also, as claims the era with an over riding sentiment for ridding the American society of its long-standing ill news. Therefore Revolutionists missed their rendezvous with History in not being to carry out their humanitarian agenda of Slavery-abolition. Cites several aristocratic Leaders of the generation In his documents who argued that Slavery “is a violation of both Justice and religion: that It Is dangerous to the community in which It prevails” (Gary. B.

, 1990, page 92).Equal rights movements also had their seeds In such arguments of the revolutionists who argued that ” as freedom Is unquestionably the birth-right of all mankind, of Africans as well as Europeans, to keep the former In a state of slavery Is a constant violation of that right, and therefore of Justice” (Gary. B. , 1990, page 92) Though the Constitution conveniently side stepped the Issue of Slavery and excused Itself the need to revisit the profitable but highly nefarious trade In the Southern states In 1 808, the voices of dissent were recorded.There were vociferous opponents to this compromise formula who cited the basic tenet of American constitution -“All men are born free and equal” as being directly in opposition to slavery. Which support his claim of a strong current of Abolitionism present during the Revolution. What Race and Revolution achieves is to put the entire question of abolition of Slavery in historical perspective and avoid glossing over the issue, which had been widely practiced by Historians.

Revolution was a step towards establishing arguably he most humanitarian constitution and social system in the world.

Diversity Issues in Career Counseling

Diversity Issues in Career Counseling.


You have explored five diverse cases in the Riverbend City: Career Counseling scenarios media piece designed to enhance your cultural competence and ability to work with a variety of life situations. As previously discussed, we must understand our own assumptions, values, and biases, as well as the worldviews of others and then develop appropriate strategies and interventions. The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of cultural competence, your limitations as they relate to career counseling, and your plan to develop the needed skills.

For this assignment, choose one of the five scenarios that may be applied to your counseling specialization. Using the Diversity Issues in Career Counseling Template (linked in Resources), address the following elements in your assignment: Discuss an issue or challenge for a chosen client or student in developing their career plan. Describe specific characteristics pertaining to culture and diversity that are associated with the fictitious person from your chosen scenario and explore considerations that may factor into the presenting career or job-related concern. Analyze how societal norms such as gender, age, culture, socioeconomic status or other characteristics may have influenced your client’s career development. Select at least three characteristics or diversity issues. Explain how these factors, combined with the presenting career counseling issue, impact the person’s mental well-being, life roles, and relationships with others. Analyze the interrelationships among work, mental well-being, social interactions, and other life roles and factors. Explain how these factors interrelate in defining or clarifying career goals. Assess how biases and assumptions can impact the career counseling process both from your perspective as the counselor and from the perspective of the client or student. Propose strategies to decrease biases and assumptions. Self-assess biases and assumptions and describe how to minimize them when working with diverse populations. Assess your own biases and describe how you will work to decrease these biases when working with diverse populations. Describe strategies you can use to decrease your biases and assumptions. Review the Diversity Issues in Career Counseling Scoring Guide to understand the grading criteria for this assignment. Submission Requirements Communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the counseling professions. Write effectively through the consistent use of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and APA format. Use scholarly resources that support your analysis through clear, concise, well-organized, and grammatically correct writing that incorporates appropriate APA style conventions with few errors. APA Requirements: Follow current edition APA style and format. References: Include at least three references from scholarly sources, one of which should be your selected article. Length: 4–5 pages in addition to the title and reference pages. 

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