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Primary Target Audience We used both primary and secondary methods of research to determine the correct target market based on demographic, psychographic and behaviouristic qualities. We also used the VALS (values, attitudes and lifestyles) test to describe personality characteristics that relate to purchase behaviour of our prospective buyers. Demographic Ray Ban’s primary target is men and women between the age of 18 and 34, who have enough discretionary income to purchase Ray Ban products. In terms of ethnicity, the target market encompasses White, African American and Asian population.

W plan to target people who live in areas that are often exposed to the sun, wear sunglasses often and like to listen to music wherever they go. These areas include beaches along the coastal lines of Australia. Psychographic (attitudes, values, lifestyles) The men and women in our target market share common qualities that make them important prospective buyers. When making decisions, they often make purchases to reflect their attitudes, values and lifestyles. Our target is comprised of adults who value an active lifestyle and strive for success.

They share a knack for the finer things n life but are realistic in their decisions Behaviouristic No matter how diverse our target market is, we can conclude that the people who comprise the target market put a strong emphasis on individuality and self expression. The majority of our target market is employed either part time or full time but still has time for leisure whether it is with friends, family or co-workers. Secondary Target Audience We have identified adults, ages 45-65 as the secondary target market. Ray Ban is a brand that appeals to many generations and ultimately characterizes themselves as a brand with something for everyone.

We believe that this age group is an ideal secondary target audience. The Ray Ban brand was created during the late 1930’s and therefore it was a relatively new brand when this age group was growing up. Many adults in this age group are most likely aware of the brand and would purchase the product. They are fiscally settles and often have kids in our primary target market group. Many people in this age group can be influenced or inspired by their children and they are a critical target to reach in order to obtain new customers and renew old customers. RaayBan proposal By pokerJlz

AA Meeting Reaction Paper

AA Meeting Reaction Paper.

The Reaction Paper:1. Overview of Meetings watch this video and write a reaction paper about what happens in a AA can also watch other YouTube video about AA meetings indoor to answer the questions blow. Watch this video •

• Name of the meetings attended, place, and type of meeting (NA, AA) •

• Description of the demographics of the each group • • Description of the structure of the meeting and what occurred in each meeting • • Compare/contrast meetings including atmosphere & tone • 2. Analysis: This paper is not a mere description of what occurred at the meetings. You are also attempting to analyze and conceptualize the event you observed especially as it relates to addiction and recovery. Your analysis should include relevant information from course readings (including outside reading), lectures, and discussions. Suggestions include: • • How did the 12 step movement evolve? How has it sustained? •

• How were program values, beliefs, and literature demonstrated in the meetings? •

• Discuss models of addiction that were evident at the meetings. • • Is there empirical support for twelve step groups? Have they been proven effective? •

• Explore curative factors related to recovery support groups. •

• In what instances can twelve step groups be detrimental? •

• How do twelve step groups compare to other non-twelve step recovery support groups? • 3. Personal Reaction: This section should be more than a simple summary of the material; it should contain your reaction to meetings. •

• What was this experience like for you (specifically preparing for and attending the meetings)? •

• How would your experience influence your work with addicted clients? • • How did your personal constructs about substance abuse and recovery change as a result of this project? •

• What was the most important thing you learned from this project? •

• What questions, concerns, and reassurances did this project bring to mind? • 3. Implications for social work practice: This section should include scholarly literature about twelve step groups (or the program as a whole) as they relate to the field of social ork. Considerations may include: •

• Rural social work •

• Cultural competence • • Mandated treatment • • Work with dually diagnosed clients • • Ethical issues • • Peer Support movement • Paper format: a) Five to seven (5-7) pages (ten is the maximum); maintain anonymity of individuals if • you cite them in the paper. b) Typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins. d) Reference page. e) Paper will be graded on fulfillment of assignment, clarity of ideas, use of resources, • correct format, and grammar. • Reflections of my first AA meeting 07/13/2017 01:13 am ETaa

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