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I consider myself lucky, because I hold the solution to a problem that most kids my age still struggle with. Many of my friends are still unsure what they want to do with their lives. Fortunately for me, I’ve had my mind made up for a long time. I want to be a writer, a writer for a newspaper or magazine. It wasn’t always this cut and dry. When I was six, I thought I had my mind made up too. I wanted to be a television chef with my own cooking show. One of my personal favorites was “Yan Can Cook.” The flashing knife blades and words like saut” fascinated me like a crowd at the fireworks. That was my future, I’d be the next “Frugal Gourmet”! After a few years, I came to the realization that I had no culinary abilities at all (if I remember correctly, flaming cookies were somehow involved). I was watching TV again, and the weather was on. Why not meteorology? After a chance meeting with the television weatherman, that became my next dream job. I went all out this time. The junior weather set, maps, thermometers all found their way under my Christmas tree. My room became its own little analysis area, but I used to call it the “forecast center.” For a while, I kept up my studies. I can remember when Hurricane Bob flew through New England, and there I stood with the Weather Channel on (until we lost power) charting the storm’s progress. I was sure that this was “the one,” my life would unfold on the six o’clock news. Until the seventh grade, I held onto my visions of stormy days and the foretelling of them. This was when everything changed. I had to write a paper for English class – the schooltime classic – “How I Spent my Summer Vacation.” I did it, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However when I handed it in, it got quite a response (and not because “golfing a lot” was the most interesting topic in the world). The teacher told me “it was the best writing he had seen in a long time.” I couldn’t believe it, was this my hidden talent? I began to read more newspapers and magazines, and noticed a trend. Comments on things I would have written the piece differently had I been the writer began to surface. This kept happening, and I thought maybe it was time I threw my hat in the journalism ring. The rest, I suppose, is history. Now I write for the school newspaper, and I love every minute. The exposure, the expression, and the fun of semicolons are just a part. The way my dry wit could influence those around me leaves me both proud and in awe at the same time. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll end up writing about cooking, in bad weather no less. –

Evidence-Based Pharmacology

Evidence-Based Pharmacology.

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to review an area of interest and apply the concepts you have learned in this course to a patient situation. In clinical decision making, you must combine knowledge and evidence to make a good decision. Using critical thinking and reading skills, you will meet multiple objectives for this assignment.
The following are examples of disease states that you might want to study. These are just examples. You can select whatever area is of interest to you.
? Asthma
? Chronic Obstructive Pulmunory Disease (COPD)
? Hypertension
? Diabetes Mellitus Type II
? Major Depression
? Migraine Headaches
? Pneumonia
? Tuberculosis
I think Diabetes Mellitus Type II is a good example but you can select the disease you prefer
Submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document of 12 pages. Include peer-reviewed references in APA format. Be sure to review the directions and grading criteria to assure that you will cover the content well.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
1- Described the pathophysiology of the disease process in depth. Included a discussion of the implications of the age continuum for this disease.
2- Discussed the genomic issues inherent in the disease process, including what is known and what is not known.
3- Provided a review of the literature on the basics of the disease and its treatment.
4- Described your approach to collecting this needed information. Included what keywords you used in a literature search, which databases were utilized, and any electronic clinical tools.
5- Identified and utilized at least one published clinical guideline related to the disease process.
6- Described the approach to the treatment of the specific disease, including the various possible approaches.
7- Defended the final selection of the approach for the disease process.
8- Discussed follow-up treatment, along with any referrals.
9- Utilized a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles published within the last seven years.
10- Provided references in APA style.
The references must be no more 5 years. You must use around 10 references (5 references must be reviewed articles point 9 )

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