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Quality Medical Services and Life Insurance for the Militaries Essay

Quality Medical Services and Life Insurance for the Militaries Essay.

TextbookMason, D. J., Leavitt, J.K., Chaffee, M.W.
(2016). Policy and Politics: In Nursing and Health Care. (7th• Ed) St.
Louis, Missouri: Elsevier, Saunders. ISBN-13: 9780323299886Policy Analysis Paper Topic : Veterans health Purpose: To investigate & integrate knowledge of advanced nursing practice, scholarly inquiry, & leadership by examining a policy at the level of clinical practice, health care systems, or public/social health
policy. Students are to submit a paper between 7-8 pages long
excluding title page and reference pages. Paper must be completed in APA format and contain
current scholarly sources dated from 2015 until current .Paper must be organized according to the guidelines below and should include all the identified sections as required. Introduction 10 points: Generally define & describe the policy issue to be addressed.Identify the purpose of analysis, the targeted level of policy (i.e.,clinical practice, health care systems, or public/social health) &significance of topic. Identify questions the policy analysis is intended to address. Background 10 points :Provide details of the issue or problem, including its nature/scope, relevant literature& history, & the context within which the issue exists. Describe existing policy addressing the issue, if any. Discuss strengths &shortcomings in existing policy. Identify & describe keystakeholders (individuals & groups) that are or will be affected by the policy & why. Analysis 15 points: Identify alternative policies to achieve objectives. Establish/identify criteria that will be used for selection of “best” policy. Evaluate each alternative & its potential impact relative to the healthcare & patient outcomes.Assess the trade-offs between alternatives. Recommendations 15 points :Based on the analysis, identify the “best” alternative to address the current issue & policy situation. Provide rationale for selection. Describe possible strategies to implement selected alternative. Identify barriers to implementation of selected alternative. Describe methods to evaluate policy implementation. Discussion 20 points: Discuss analysis & recommendations relative to the original questions identified, & the level of policy it is intended to address (i.e., clinical practice, health care systems, or public). Identify limitations of analysis. Discuss implications for practice, education, research, & policy-making. Conclusion 15 points: Summarize findings & recommendations of analysis Identify questions to
be addressed in future studies or policy analyses. References 15 points:
List all references cited in paper. Must be completed in APA format. A Sample Paper has been attached below to view an example of how this written assignment should be completed and organized. Paper must has less than 20 % of plagiarism .
Quality Medical Services and Life Insurance for the Militaries Essay

Initiative A challenging task in community development is to make a community a better place to live and grow. Various community initiatives can be undertaken to make society a better place to live in. These initiatives target different groups in society. For instance, it can target an age group, household, area, and income among others. This treatise tackles one of the initiatives that can be undertaken so as to bring change to the teenagers. It will focus on teenagers facing peer pressure. Teenagers face a number of problems in today’s society. These problems are widespread ranging from the use of drug abuse, sex, alcoholism, theft, among others. Teenagers need to help out of the problems arising from peer pressure. This is because out of all the teenagers negatively impacted by peer pressure, there are some who care about their well being. Therefore, they need assistance to get out of the vices (Fisher, 2003). This initiative aims to provide youth with a secure environment. In addition, it helps them receive life guidance, realistic information, instructive tutoring, as well as participate in esteem building activities. Mission The mission of the initiatives is to enable teenagers to improve their health, education, economic strength, and social vitality in the community. Vision The initiative’s vision is a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community that offers meaningful opportunities for teenagers’ growth and success. Community’s demographics The initiative will be carried out at Lakewood California. The state has a total population of 88,253 people. The female is 45,889 while the male is 42,364. 56% of the population comprises of the whites. The remaining percentage is made up of African America, Hispanic, Asian, and Native and other Pacific Islanders. The average income for nonfamily house old amounts to $41,091 while that of married couples amounts to $79,150. The total household in that state is 26,719. Out of the total household, 8,703 have their own children who are below the age of 18years old. Out of the population of youth between 18 and 24 years, 7.1% are less than high school graduates, 33.7% are high school graduates, 50.6% are in college, and 8.7% have bachelor’s degrees and higher qualifications. In a population made up of 16 years and above, the employed are 39,844, the unemployed are 2,726, and 58 are in armed forces. From the demographics, it is observable that the target population is available. Development assets Search engine (2012) defines the development assets framework as “40 common sense, positive experiences and qualitative that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible, successful adults,” (Search Institute, 2012). This framework has proven to be a successful tool for developing youth in various countries. Some of the specific development assets are discussed below. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Empowerment Empowerment entails increasing the aptitude of teenagers in the community. This process helps them transform choices into favorable outcomes. Community views youth as a vital resource for development. In most instances, the community grants youth important roles in society and empower them to execute those roles. Empowerment is an important tool for community development because it ensures the utilization of idle human resources (Haines,
Week 5 Doctor of Nursing Practice Paper.

Reflection on the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): In approximately 500 words, reflect on the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. Using at least 5 evidenced-based articles found through an academic library search that are no older than 5 years, analyze (1) the history and purpose of the DNP, (2) the current state of the DNP, (3) the future state of the DNP, (4) how DNP-prepared APNs will assist with transformative healthcare and help solve complex health problems, and (5) the advantages of having the DNP and reflect on your own thoughts on why (or why not) the degree would be appropriate for your career path.In this 500-word paper, the student will analyze: (1) the history and purpose of the DNP, (2) the current state of the DNP, (3) the future state of the DNP, (4) how DNP-prepared APNs will assist with transformative healthcare and help solve complex health problems, and (5) the advantages of having the DNP. The student will reflect on why (or why not) the degree would be appropriate for his or her career path. Succinct and clear reflection written at the graduate level and reflective of synthesis and/or evaluation. Outstanding organization. Includes all 5 elements listed in the assignment description.APA format, grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation are accurate, or with zero errors.
Week 5 Doctor of Nursing Practice Paper

If $400 is invested at an interest rate of 2.5% per year, find the amount of the

If $400 is invested at an interest rate of 2.5% per year, find the amount of the.

If $400 is invested at an interest rate of 2.5% per year, find the amount of the investment at the end of 11 years for the following compounding methods. (Round your answers to the nearest cent.)(a) Annually$   (b) Semiannually$  (c) Quarterly$  (d) Continuously$ 
If $400 is invested at an interest rate of 2.5% per year, find the amount of the

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Cybersecurity Governance Extra Credit Assignment:Complete a 10-page research paper on Cybersecurity governance.Use at least one DHS case study publication.Use APA format with appropriate citations and referencesReference: Summary:2pages,APA formatiscuss the complexity of the intelligence craft and the roles of intelligence agenciesUnderstand the importance of securing information infrastructureEvaluate options for target hardeningAssess options for infrastructure securityDiscuss policy options for border patrolDefine homeland security response and recoveryCritically discuss national homeland security response and recovery protocolsUnderstand the necessity of federal leadership in response and recoveryEvaluate federal leadership initiatives
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AJS 594 Baylor University Criminal Justice Program Proposal Project

AJS 594 Baylor University Criminal Justice Program Proposal Project.

Assignment ContentResource: “Seven Stage Model for Planned Change” located in the introduction and appendix of Criminal Justice Policy & Planning.Research possible programmatic solutions by bench marking best practices. Your program goals and objectives must be based on industry best practices.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word proposal for a program that solves the problem identified in the case study you selected in Week One-Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities. Address the following:Identify two or three goals of your program.Describe outcome objectives for each goal.Determine the resources needed to implement the program.Identify how you plan to elicit stakeholder participation.Include terminology and concepts identified through the assigned readings.Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.include proper grammar, in text citations, title page, reference page,page headers and numbers, proper headings, no plagiarismattached is my week one!!
AJS 594 Baylor University Criminal Justice Program Proposal Project

The History Of United Overseas Bank

The History Of United Overseas Bank. Having a history of over 75 years, United Overseas Bank (UOB) was first founded as the United Chinese Bank in 6 August 1935 by Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang. In its early years, UOB catered mainly to the Fujian community. It was then renamed as UOB in 1965. Establishment of UOB UOB has grown strongly over the years. It has established itself as a leading and regional bank – in Singapore and also in Asia through a series of acquisitions. Today, the UOB group has expanded worldwide in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America – having a network of over 500 offices. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and mainland China are the banking subsidiaries of UOB. One of the main board of directors, Dr Wee Cho Yaw, being the chairman, he takes charge of the subsidiaries of UOB such as Far Eastern Bank, United Overseas Insurance, United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) and United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company, President Commissioner of PT Bank UOB Indonesia and PT Bank UOB Buana. Financial Services provided UOB offers an extensive range of financial services through its global network and partnership with associates, giving access to services like private banking, personal financial services, commercial and corporate banking and investment banking are some of which that the bank caters to. With the diversified interests, UOB is said to be committed in providing quality products and services in the region. In the business of credit and debit cards, UOB is a market leader in Singapore. It is also a dominant player in loans to small and medium enterprises and also private residential home loan business. UOB Asset Management being the fund management arm has been recognized as one of Singapore’s most awarded fund managers. Performance review for Q3 2010 UOB Group’s net profit after tax rose 44.2% to $1,990 million for the nine months outlook as compared to a year ago. Operating profit grew 25.8% to $912 million and this was mainly driven by the higher trading and investment income. The total income increased significantly by 16% to $1,468 million. More about UOB Currently, UOB has approximately over 10,000 staff under its helm. I am attached to Commercial Banking – Product Sales Specialist: Factoring, which is responsible for helping the relationship managers clinch factoring deals and relating to clients on how factoring can help their financing. The aim of such financial service is to benefit both the clients and the bank. The organisation chart of UOB can be found in Appendix 1. (400 words) 2. Description of job/work assigned 2.1 Project: End-to-End Factoring Workflow It was a project given to me and the Management Associates (MA). The task is to create a better workflow for the team using the existing one – to be able to comprehend it better. This is in view that the factoring workflow has too many steps which are not in favour to the team. It involves thirty steps and it can be very time consuming, confusing and tedious to the reader. The main purpose was to enhance the workflow such that it benefits everyone. Shortening the workflow and picking out the redundant steps were some of the suggestions made. However, the challenge faced was that the steps involved were hard to minimize or even leave out. Meetings are still currently being held to discuss what could be done to make further improvements to the workflow. 2.2 Cross Checking of the migration system Two ‘dummy’ accounts are created to assist in the checking of the migration systems. This is to ensure that before the launch of the Business Internet Banking account is implemented; all necessary screenings of discrepancies are made. Checking of spelling errors, figures, dates, accounting format, etc were part of ensuring the migration has no mistakes. When an erroneous mistake was found, a description of the error is noted with a print screen attached to show the errors. After giving a summary description of the error spotted in the system, it will be sent to the IT department who is in charge of doing the software migration for the accounts. 2.3 Summary of Factoring accounts A list of accounts that the factoring team is currently liaising and servicing was required. My task was to identify the relationship managers involved in the servicing of the accounts. I am to read through the files of the clients that have engaged in the factoring facilities given by the bank. The debtors involved, debtors’ limit, credit limit and type of factoring account which was opened, were needed to be updated. This is to give the product sales team a better overview of the details as mentioned above when they are to refer to any specific client. It helps to summarize the important information as knowing who the debtors are, the limits given to both the client and debtors allows the sales team to have the facts on their finger tips when referring to the list. This gives them better information at hand than referring to the files whenever needed. The list will be updated as and when necessary. 2.4 Background check of client Reading up on the client so as to understand the nature of business and how it functions gives an overview of what needs to be discussed in the survey call. This is to prepare well for the Pre-Activation survey with which the survey team is involved in. Before heading down to client’s premise, the factoring workflow will be checked against for the documents needed. Having a good knowledge of what needs to be done and prepared helps ease the audit process. This in turns leaves a good impression to client as we are able to do business smoothly with no mishaps. 2.5 Merging of Product Manual Target Operating Manual (TOM) and Product Guide are to be merged into one final product manual – Factoring. It serves as a comprehensive product guide for the department. It requires the thorough identification of changes in both guides and compiling the necessary or unnecessary additional info. Updating and retrieving of input forms, creating a board resolution and amendments to the manual instructions. The rationale is to ensure the manual is updated as alterations to the processes are often made. These are later being checked by the operations department as it involves processes which they are responsible for. (600 Words) 3. Learning experiencesThe History Of United Overseas Bank