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Quality Assurance Differences Report

Quality Assurance Differences Report. Introduction Chris Jensen Health and Rehabilitation Center in Duluth and Cerenity Residence on Humboldt in Saint Paul are two nursing homes of extremely different quality. Chris Jensen Health and Rehabilitation Center is a one-star nursing home while Cerenity Residence on Humboldt is a five-star nursing home according to the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare. According to the information provided on the official site of Chris Jensen, the nursing home aims at providing treatment that concentrates on self-respect, competences, and rights of every individual. Chris Jensen operates on the basis of five primary values including respect, hospitality, stewardship, integrity and humor (Chris Jensen Health and Rehabilitation Center, n.d.). Two principal programs of the nursing home include memory care and palliative care. Cerenity Senior Care is a five-star nursing home. It focuses on the creation of the warm and respectful atmosphere for clients. This nursing home provides various programs for physical, social, and spiritual care. The mission of the Cerenity Senior Care is to promote the dignity and independence. Nursing home’s values include hospitality, respect, stewardship, and collaboration (MissionQuality Assurance Differences Report
OU Scheider Logistics & JB Hunt Supply Chain Management Processes Discussion.

Trucking companies no longer merely carry goods from one place to another. Some also provide supply chain management services to their customers and help them manage their information. In this project you’ll use the Web to research and evaluate two of these business services.
Investigate the Web sites of two companies, J. B. Hunt and Schneider Logistics, to see how these companies’ services can be used for supply chain management. Using the information found in those sites as well as your own outside research, create an essay in which you answer the following questions:
What supply chain processes can each of these companies support for their clients?
How can customers use the Web site of each company to help them with supply chain management?
Compare the supply chain management services provided by these companies. Which company would you select to help your firm manage its supply chain? Why?
OU Scheider Logistics & JB Hunt Supply Chain Management Processes Discussion

Hello there, I need help with this Speech 140 (Public Communication) assignment, I would really appreciate it.. I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

1. Rank the following individuals in the order in which you perceive their credibility as a speaker. Ties are not permitted. Men and Women should be ranked separately. If you do not know an individual, research him/her on the Internet and write a sentence on what you learned about the person that relates to this assignment.
Men Women
Barack Obama Sarah Palin
Henry McMaster Ann Coulter
Bill Clinton Tina Fey
George W. Bush Hillary Clinton
Colin Powell Nikki Haley
Lindsey Graham Oprah Winfrey
Tim Scott Nancy Pelosi
Dalai Lama Katie Couric
Jon Stewart Robin Roberts
Jimmy Fallon Ellen DeGeneres
Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren
2. For the 3 individuals in each list that you ranked the most credible, indicate 3 reasons why.
3. Who is the least credible on the list? Why?
4. Add a name to the list of someone you find credible that is living and why they are credible to you.
Remember…the ability to speak effectively or to move someone does not equal credibility.
Hello there, I need help with this Speech 140 (Public Communication) assignment, I would really appreciate it.

Argue the following and take a position of agree or disagree(this is up to the writer) You need to argue your position and support your point with three examples. (For example the three examples can be income, wealth, and distributional equity) you can use this if you can support it with the articles. This is a Toulmin method argumentative essay, if writer is unfamiliar with Toulmin method please look it up. I have provided 3 article sources that will be used in the essay, you can use one from the internet if needed. Please use MLA Format for the citations PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE Thank You!!!

UNC Long Term Effects of COVID 19 Pandemic on Business and Society Discussion

UNC Long Term Effects of COVID 19 Pandemic on Business and Society Discussion.

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Our discussion and review for the last part of the course focuses on the implications and effects of the coronavirus pandemic for business and society. We are all experiencing some of the effects of this ongoing crisis. A large number of businesses have closed, unemployment claims have risen to an all-time high, the US stock markets have tumbled in a manner not seen since the great depression, and all this is happening just a few months after we saw the economy achieve a series of all-time low unemployment records for different groups along with all-time high stock market averages.Nassim Taleb used the term Black Swan Event (Links to an external site.) to describe unexpected events that fundamentally change our outlook and how we proceed after that event. The coronavirus pandemic is definitely such an event. Of course, the economy will eventually recover and, once it does, we are likely to see both structural and operational changes in industries, in businesses and in jobs. For example, we might see an even greater increase in the use of robotics and automation that might help keep plants open during future events. We will also probably seen an acceleration in certain online trends based on labor issues and distancing, etc. Businesses that are affected by supply chain issues may react to reduce the likelihood of problems in the future, etc. These kinds of things will in turn affect capital/labor ratios, the nature of available jobs, etc. Clearly, some industries are better placed to deal with these kinds of issues than others, but all are likely to be affected in some ways.With all these things in mind, your assignment is to select an industry that is of interest to you and then write a short essay on the changes that you believe will take place in that industry, its firms, the operating procedures of firms and possibly also in available jobs and job requirements.
UNC Long Term Effects of COVID 19 Pandemic on Business and Society Discussion

Ashford Issue of The Legal Rights & Responsibilities for Teachers and Students Essay

custom essay Ashford Issue of The Legal Rights & Responsibilities for Teachers and Students Essay.

Since writing your first reflection paper, you have learned more about different philosophies and approaches to teaching. For this paper, explain the content and skills that students should learn and identify ways that teachers should teach them. Keep your overall focus from your first paper in mind. For example, if you wrote about the purpose of high schools, discuss the content and skills that should be taught in high schools for this paper. Consider the different philosophies of education when you discuss how the content and skills should be taught. Also, remember that these reflection papers 1 and 2 are leading to your overall philosophy of education paper you’re constructing at the end of the course. You’ll have a chance to discuss the changes that would need to happen in order to enact your ideas.Be sure to make this reflection paper at least 500 words and include a minimum of three in-text citations from the assigned textbook. No outside research is required. The paper should follow APA format, including double-spaced text, 12-point font size, and 1’’ margins.PLEASE READ CHAPTER 10 IN THE TEXTBOOKUSE ONLY THE TEXTBOOK FOR REFERENCES…
Ashford Issue of The Legal Rights & Responsibilities for Teachers and Students Essay

Early Civilizations worksheet

Early Civilizations worksheet. I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Early Civilizations Worksheet
Part I: Timeline
Create a timeline for each of the following civilizations, listing any major events in the civilization’s history:

Vedic Aryan

You may create your own timeline using Microsoft® Word or you may use any of the timeline creators online. However, if you use an online resource, you must provide a web link to the completed timelines or a screenshot of your timelines. You may also use the University of Phoenix Timeline Builder if this link does not work you can copy the link and paste in your browser.
Part II: Cultural Contributions
Complete the following matrix with at least one element for each category.

Intellectual Contributions
Artistic Forms or Contributions
Religious Beliefs





Vedic Aryan


Part III: Short Answer Responses
Respond to the following in your own words:

What is culture?
What is civilization?
What is history?
Why do you think it is important to study the development of civilizations?
What are the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron ages? To what dates does each refer?

Early Civilizations worksheet

Risk Identification Project Management Spreadsheet

Risk Identification Project Management Spreadsheet.

For this assignment, you will begin to populate the risk register and identify the risks that may occur in the project. For this assignment you will complete and submit: Risk Register that includes a comprehensive list of identified risks. A minimum (“meets requirements”) of 15 risks should be identified Risk statements must be written in the cause-condition-conclusion format. Additionally, you should identify the risk owner and the trigger event for each risk. For this assignment, do not work to analyze or determine handling actions for the risks – this assignment is to identify the risks only. Include a summary paragraph sharing how risks were identified, what was effective about the process and what you might do differently moving forward. The project description and a sample of risk register will be provided. Complete this assignment in Excel.
Risk Identification Project Management Spreadsheet