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Quality and Sustainability

Include the following:1. In your own words, define quality and safety measures and describe their relationship and role in nursing practice today.2. Create a table that identifies three barriers, and three facilitators or methods for addressing the barriers, in today’s health care that impact both patient outcomes and organizational outcomes. Evaluate two of the barriers and provide solutions for how health care organizations can overcome them. Describe two of the facilitators or methods and explain how the facilitators or methods will assist overcoming or reducing barriers. Attach the table as an appendix to your paper.3. Identify a health care entity. Provide an overall description of this entity without using the real name (e.g., location, size, profit or nonprofit, years in operation). In addition to not using the name of the health care entity, do not use the name of any person described.4. Select a specific contemporary quality and/or safety issue that is measured at the health care entity and explain how that measure is applied in nursing practice. You will use this selected issue for all quality and sustainability assignments.5. Describe the current quality and/or safety program the health care entity has in place to address the quality and/or safety issue you selected. Describe the key quality measures or components currently used to analyze the health care program’s outcome. Discuss what is working and what is not working.6. Summarize the specific variables used to track improvement of the health care quality and/or safety program’s outcome.Guideline:This assignment requires that you support your position by referencing six to eight scholarly resources. At least three of your supporting references must be from scholarly sources other than the assigned readings.This assignment will be completed in two parts, which will be synthesized into a final paper.The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a quality and/or safety issue in a health care entity. You will use the issue and health care entity that you select in this assignment for Part 2 of the paper and for the sustainability assignments.Rubric is attached.

The effect of leadership style on job satisfaction

The effect of leadership style on job satisfaction.


This is a RESEARCH PROPOSAL. Please refer to the attached documents for clarification on the requirements. The current assignment has to be based on Assignment #1- Submitted Copy (attached). I have provided the teacher’s feedback in RED COLOUR in the attached Assignment #2 instructions (below the Literature review section) so that it can help you out. Attached are also the Assessment criteria and a sample provided for the current Assignment #2. Please note that URKUND is used for plagiarism detection

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PSCY 3001 social psychology

Quality and Sustainability Hello everyone – Welcome to week 3. You will notice in the week 3 folder that there are many documents for your review. Each of the documents has been selected to expand your understanding of: a) the information in the chapter b) using Pinterest c) accessing the Social Science Network website d) registering for and taking free online MOOCS. Additionally, I have uploaded some information about the importance of developing self-esteem. You will also find a powerpoint for this week which we will partially review.
In addition, I cannot stress the value of your watching the news on a regular basis for things we discuss and references I make will be based on what is going on in the world.
As mentioned our time together is brief. Rather than lecture to you for 2.5 hours I believe it more valuable for me to act as more of a facilitator providing you an overview and the materials you need so that you know how and what to learn. Reflecting on what you have read and viewed is most important for if you do not reflect and try to integrate some of what you are learning into your thinking and life you will not have truly experienced any learning.
Tonight I will be meeting with you for an hour or so. Since your seat time is 2.5 hours it is expected that you will work on your own once our zoom meeting has ended. With that in mind the assignment for this evening is in 2 parts. Part 1 is due this evening and Part 2 is due by Sunday midnight. Giving you such an extended period of time will allow you to complete all of this work and get credit.
PART 1 –
1. Please review the Social Science Network – select 2 articles read, review, write up summary
2. READ THE ARTICLE ON SELF ESTEEM – read, reflect, write up summary
Social Science Network
Free online courses and MOOCS…
Article: Beginners Guide to MOOCS
Article: Self Esteem and Academic Performance for College Students…
To complete this assignment you will need to review the information posted about MOOCS and PINTEREST. In class on 1/26 I provided you with a list of MOOC sites you can explore. After reading the articles that most interest you please complete the following – select either A or B then base your written summary (due 1/30 on the task you selected)
OPTION A – EXPLORE AT LEAST 2 DIFFERENT MOOC SITES. REVIEW THE TYPES OF COURSES THAT ARE OFFERED AND OPEN A FEW IN ORDER TO READ THE DESCRIPTIONS. REGISTER FOR AT LEAST ONE SITE (COURSERA AND EDX ARE FREE NOT SURE ABOUT THE OTHERS). Register for 1 class. You don’t have to take it – you are just going to review to determine what topics are being explored, what the course is about. Read and cite at least 3 paragraphs of information to share with me that focus on: a) What was your experience like learning about MOOCS? b) which sites did you explore? c) which courses do you feel you would be interested in if you were signing up? d) What is your thinking about using a MOOC?
OPTION B – Review the information about how to use Pinterest. Register on the Pinterest site and create 3-4 Boards related to aspects of Social Psychology (you can use your textbook to get ideas or you can get them for the Social Science Network page. Once you have created 3 board please pin at least 5-8 pins related to the Board. For example, if you create a board on self-esteem you will put the term self-esteem in the search bar – articles will come up – you can pin what looks interesting to you.
After doing this please invite me to view your board. If you are having difficulty doing this you can take a screen shot of your boards and send to me either by email or upload to this assignment.
In addition to creating your boards – write me a 1/2 page summary sharing your thoughts on using Pinterest for Educational purposes. Include what you found to be most interesting and how you think you may use Pinterest for this class.
Pinterest for Education…
Pinterest article…
5 Ways College Students can build self confidence and…

Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma.

I will upload all the files with instructions and rubric for the paper. Please include the article that I upload as one of the references.

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Plato’s Euthyphro” Dialogue

Plato’s Euthyphro” Dialogue.

Select one of the readings provided below, separated by topic: Possible Readings Plato’s “Euthyphro” Dialogue ( For this reading, describe three of Euthyphro’s attempts at defining “piety” and Socrates’ criticism of each. Consider whether Socrates’ criticisms of his definitions are justified. Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Book I ( For this reading, discuss Aristotle’s argument that happiness is that which is “final without qualification” and how virtue relates to happiness. The Dhammapada ( AND Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s article on Buddhism ( Read Chapters V-VII of the Dhammapada and the Stanford article and relate the Dhammapada readings to the article (what is at the base of the arguments being made in the Dhammapada?). Write a paper in which you: 1. (7 points) Follow the directions for the reading you chose. This includes in each case describing key arguments that are being made. For instance, what conclusion is the author forwarding and what reasons are provided in support of it? 2. (7 points) Put the argument into context by referring to other philosophers and arguments we’ve been studying in class. If you are writing on Euthyphro, you can discuss Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Socrates’ realism versus the subjectivism of the Sophists, the arguments of the Presocratics (Parmenides and Heraclitus), etc. If you are writing on Aristotle, you can compare his concept of virtue and happiness with Buddha’s ethics (a part of the Eight-Fold Path). You can also contrast Aristotle’s empiricism with Plato’s rationalism, explaining how their methods differ. If you are writing on Buddhism, you can compare/contrast Buddhism with Hinduism, reflect on “the fool, wise person, and venerable person” with reference to Plato’s concept of different kinds of people being ruled by different parts of the tripartite soul (explored in our upcoming reading on social justice – pages 92-96). 3. (7 points) Critique the argument. For instance, do you agree or disagree and why? 4. (4 points) Use correct grammar and formatting (MLA or APA) and write in an organized and clear fashion. Your paper should be roughly 750-1000 words (~3-4 pages with 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double spaced, and include at least three references – at least one will be the online assigned reading, one can be our class textbook). Use MLA formatting. Here is a great resource on formatting:

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U.S. Civil War, opponents as well as defenders of slavery invoked the idea

U.S. Civil War, opponents as well as defenders of slavery invoked the idea.

The term paper provides you an opportunity to examine in more depth how the two most influential texts in American history–the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution–became embroiled in the most bitter and divisive controversy of the nineteenth century: the fight over slavery that eventually led to a bloody and cataclysmic Civil War. In this paper assignment, you will evaluate information and its sources critically and select specific information for inclusion into your paper (information literacy), assess the impact of these two seminal documents on the debate over slavery, and vice-versa (cultural and social understanding), assimilate, organize, develop, and present your own argument in formal writing (communication), and weigh evidence from both specific primary sources and the textbook and make assessments based on your reading of that evidence (critical thinking). The term paper is divided into parts, which you will complete in stages throughout the second half of the semester. Directions For your Final Paper, you will write a 4-6 page, one-inch margins, typed 10-12 font, double-spaced paper that provides an answer to the following prompt. Please read the question, and the instructions below it, very carefully. The Final Paper prompt is: In the decades leading up to the U.S. Civil War, opponents as well as defenders of slavery invoked the ideas as well as the words of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Drawing upon the list of primary sources located in the American Yawp Reader identified in the detailed directions below, write a 4-6 page paper analyzing how critics and defenders of slavery drew upon these two foundational documents to make their respective cases. There are three tasks you need to complete and they are all due at different times. Please make sure to find the due date for each task on the Course Calendar. Paper Outline (divided into two parts: the Primary Source Summary and the Working Thesis) Term Paper Draft Final Term Paper Please follow the detailed directions for the term paper [PDF] to complete each task by the due date indicated on the Course Calendar so that you will receive timely feedback that can help you meet your instructor’s expectations for the final paper. Submission: Please find the submission links below. Grading The term paper is worth 60 points (20% of your course grade). It will be graded according to the following criteria. Part I: Primary Sources Summary (5 points) Summaries should accurately capture the essence of the source. Pro- or Anti-Slavery Stance of each source should be included, and be accurate. Evidence should be provided for each document, be relevant to the prompt, and should be properly quoted and cited. Formatting should conform to the format given in the instructions, and each source should have a summary and evidence. Part II: Working Thesis and Outline (10 points) Thesis should address the prompt, and demonstrate a knowledge of all eight primary sources, as well as textbook material. It should be more than a summary, but an explanation of the use of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by pro- and anti-slavery advocates. Evidence should be provided for each document, be relevant to the prompt, and should be properly quoted and cited. Evidence from every source, and from every chapter of the textbook from Chapter 10 to Chapter 15 should be included. Formatting should conform to the format given in the instructions, and each source should have evidence that is properly quoted and cited. Part III: Term Paper Draft (15 points) and Final Term Paper (30 points) Thesis should address the prompt, and demonstrate a knowledge of all eight primary sources, as well as textbook material. It should be more than a summary, but an explanation of the use of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by pro- and anti-slavery advocates. Evidence should be provided from each document, be relevant to the prompt, and should be properly quoted and cited. Evidence from every source should be included. The most relevant contextual evidence from the textbook should be included, and the paper itself should demonstrate an understanding of 19th Century historical context. Critical analysis should be present throughout. This means that the paper is not just a summary, but explains the documents in a way that is consistent with the thesis. Citation should be present for every paraphrase, and for every quote, properly formatted. Grammar and Organization should be consistent and on par with college-level writing. The organization of the paper should make sense, and be consistent, without the author needing to explain how the paper is organized. Page length should be 4-6 double-spaced, 12-point font pages. (One inch margins all around).

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Professional product

Professional product.

 Develop a professional product to improve care or the patient experience related to the identified health problem with a 2-4 page summary of intervention findings, evidence, and best-practice basis for the professional product.

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How do you personally define an inclusive environment? What do you believe contributes to a diverse and accepting community?

How do you personally define an inclusive environment? What do you believe contributes to a diverse and accepting community?.

 During summer I went to study in Malibu to learn English. In my class were people from all the walks of life. People from the four continents, different religions, languages. People who mastered very well English, others who didn’t. Different accents. Differnt ages. Different ideas from people with different background that enriched the class. A different opinion, made us question our belifs, see things in a different perspective without being agressive because someone dosen’t agree with you. One day, one of my classmates died and she received a phonecall. Nobody think twice or hesitate, everybody decided to go with her to her church although we didn’t have the same religion. This is the art of coexistence in a inclusive environnement in its purest and refined form. During the time we studied together, we found ways to communicate that they were not too dependent only on speech. We discovered a language born of a relationship free from any kind of segregation and labels. True inclusion occurs not only when learn to accept and respect the limitations of others, but when we fail to see the differences defining them; and when we see the characteristics that differentiate us, we see as a part of the immense and rich variety of ways in which human beings can interact with the world. In a inclusive environnement diversity is not only respected – it is valued and the exercise of tolerance to any behavior, opinion or choice that escapes the pattern is practised. Cultural differences as manifestations of the enhanced complexity of ways human beings communicate their experiences is appreciated. A truly accepting environnement involves individuals that believes in the potential of each and embraces diversity. People are very open and accepting of all walks of life; almost to the point that you are living in a bubble, compared to the real world. And, we can all contribute to an accepting community by accepting that other people can think, act and live in different ways. Tolerance brings with it benevolence, which expresses a positive and beneficial way of seeing things and people. It is sharing in every way, in every segment of our lives. It to expose, taking care not to impose our ideas having a guiding factor of the conduct and dialogue. Its to receive different ideas and enriche our world and way of living.

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Distribution improvement strategy for the Hunt Company

Distribution improvement strategy for the Hunt Company.

 Assignment Instructions You will prepare a distribution improvement strategy for the Hunt Company. Recently, the company began outsourcing its manufacturing to overseas companies. Due to this recent change, they have suffered various issues and problems with their distribution processes. Instructions: Read the Hunt Company case study on pages 85-88 of the Hugos textbook for additional information pertaining to the challenges, issues, and problems facing the company. In a 3-4 page written paper, address the following items in your distribution improvement strategy: 1. The major facts of the case study. 2. The main problems or issues facing the Hunt Company. 3. The possible solutions to these problems or issues (1-3 solutions). 4. Rationale for these solutions using concepts, terms, processes, procedures, and/or real-world examples discussed in the course materials. 5. The main steps to implement the new strategy or plan. Please remember to include a title page, in-text citations, and reference page in APA style. The title page and reference page are not included in the page count.

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Portfolio task about Integrating Business Perspectives for solving problems.

Portfolio task about Integrating Business Perspectives for solving problems..

 In Autumn Semester 2019 the problem you and your teammates are working on is as follows: This semester the UTS Business School has over 10,000 students across its different degree programs. Like any group of students they have a range of motivations and expected outcomes from their study. They also, however, are experiencing a number of of challenges. The literature tells us that students at university frequently face difficulties in a range of areas. These include: making friends, understanding the academic expectations of their degree, financing their degree and finding appropriate accommodation etc. While there are many businesses out there already trying to assist students with these and other problems, the fact remains that for many students studying at university remains a daunting experience. Your challenge is to work in teams to critically assess the challenges faced by students in the UTS Business School. We want you to design a business around a product (or service) that will meet a specific need(s) of a group of students. Your product idea needs to be desirable, feasible and viable. The idea you are working on in your tutorial teams will eventually be presented in a final group presentation and report at the end of semester. Before then, however, you have two individual portfolio tasks. Timely completion of these tasks is intended to allow you to be an active contributor to the team’s tutorial deliberations and thus assist with the completion of the wider project. Task 1 – Analysis of the Student Problem Space (20%) The first question you and your group will have to consider in the tutorial is what specific problem affecting Business School students you wish to focus on. Below we have listed five broad problem/topic areas you can use to start to think about what you will research. 1. Uni students and accommodation 2. Uni students and finances 3. Uni students and study habits 4. Uni students and making friends 5. Uni students and eating 6. Uni students and the transition to university life Your first task is to research one of these broad problem areas (or another related problem that interests you) for uni students. The assessment is split into two sections. 1) Start by seeking to understand these problem areas through the experinece of your fellow group members. Write 750 words on the how and why one of these problems has (or has not) influenced three of your fellow group members. Use the following quesitons to guide your report: a) What is the problem they have experienced? b) Compare and contrast the way your group members have (or have not) experienced it. c) Explain what you believe caused these different experiences. 2) You should then investigate how this problem has been reported on by experts in the academic literature and/or government policy documents. Write a 750 word report on your findings. Use the following quesitons to guide your report: a) What is the precise problem that students are experiencing? b) How big is the problem? c) What are the main causes of the problem? For this part of the report, we want you to go beyond the experiences of your group members by using secondary research to inform your understanding of the problem. Make use of the library, the library’s databases (e.g. Factiva), Google Scholar and other reputable information sources. Submit the completed report (Sections 1 & 2; 1500 words in total) in one document. A minimum of 5 academic references must be included for the second component.

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Bus401 Case 1

Bus401 Case 1.

Assignment Overview Before beginning this assignment, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the main concepts from this module. This includes the concepts of host, home, and third country nationals as well as ethnocentric, polycentric, and geocentric strategies. Rao (2010) is the main reference for these topics but the tutorial and video will also help as will Hooper (2012). Make sure you are also thoroughly familiar with Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and other aspects of national culture. Carpenter and Dunung (2012) as well as Hofstede’s webpage will help with this topic. Case Assignment Write a 4- to 5-page paper addressing the following questions: Suppose a British computer company has a top secret manufacturing technology. They are expanded overseas to China and Bangladesh to establish new factories using this secret technology. What kind of staffing policy do you think they should use when hiring managers for their new factories? Should they emphasize parent country nationals in their hiring? Host country nationals? Third country nationals? Explain your reasoning and cite Rao (2010) as part of your answer. An American beverage company is planning an expansion both to France and to India by merging with some local companies in these countries. Based on Hofstede’s measures, which of these mergers would be easier to manage? What type of global selection approach to hiring do you think would be used in France and India—ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric? Explain your reasoning, and cite Rao (2010) as part of your answer. Bob Smith is the CEO of an American company. All of his employees, even entry-level employees, call him “Bob” rather than “Mr. Smith.” He has an open-door policy where any employee can stop by his office to share their concerns. While Bob is approachable, he is also quick to reward employee performance through pay raises or bonuses and quick to punish poor performing employees with suspensions or even termination. Now Bob is planning on opening a new branch of his company in South Korea. Which of Bob’s practices may have to change in the Korean office? Refer to Hofstede’s dimensions and to Carpenter and Dunung (2012) as part of your answer. Rick is an American corporate executive who gets assigned to the company’s China branch. His first month in China is really difficult for him. He is frustrated when people don’t know English, is shocked by the non-Western restroom facilities, and can’t handle most of the food served in the restaurants. After a few months he starts to learn the language a bit and makes some friends with some local residents. How does Rick’s first few months differ from the four-step “U-shaped” curve discussed in Rao (2010)? What techniques discussed in Rao (2010) could Rick’s company have used to help prevent his initial culture shock? Assignment Expectations Answer the assignment questions directly. Stay focused on the precise assignment questions. Don’t go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials. Make sure to use reliable and credible sources as your references. Articles published in established newspapers or business journals/magazines are preferred. If you find articles on the Internet, make sure they are from a credible source.

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