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qualitive and quantitive

qualitive and quantitive.

Click here  to see the data you collected.Write a paper (in APA manuscript format) in which you do the following:Review the data, and identify the types of data as quantitative or quclick here  litative.Describe what the data indicate, and include the following:Descriptive statistics of quantitative dataTrends identified in the analysis of qualitative dataMake recommendations for change based on the data analysis.Make recommendations for additional data collection to have a clearer picture of the instructional staff.paper will be 8 to 11 pages  need saturday am at the latest 
qualitive and quantitive

Obligation Of The Judges To Enforce The Law Discussion.

Please because I am an international student, I want simple, not typical answersRequired Readings:[a] Why should judges care if attorneys submit plagiarized legal briefs or motions? Please explain your answer.[b] The Iowa Supreme Court referred to another case involving attorney plagiarism (Iowa Supreme Court Board of Professional Ethics & Conduct v. Lane). In that case, the punishment for attorney Lane (suspension of his license to practice) was more severe than the punishment imposed on attorney Cannon. What distinction did the court make between these two cases? Do you agree with the court’s reasoning?Please see the film Shattered Glass (Lionsgate, 2004). You should be able to find the film online please include a dated rental or purchase receipt–copy or screenshot–with your answer.Finally, since you’ll be seeing this film in digital format, please identify the time in the film when the scene occurred. [a] What scene in the film made the strongest impression on you? Please describe.[b] What habits did Glass develop that proved harmful to him? How can you avoid developing comparable bad habits yourself?[c] What advice would you give to editors about how to avoid hiring someone like Stephen Glass? What kind of pre-employment screening do you recommend? First, without reviewing your previous answers to this question, please answer the question again (repeated below). This isn’t a memory test. Even if you do remember much of what you previously wrote, you’re free in this version to make any desired additions, modifications or changes in priority. You’re also free to retain your original answer without changes, if you prefer.Please pretend you’re at a retirement banquet. This is a serious and formal occasion, not a “roast.” The person retiring is 65 years old and at the end of a long career. You know this person well–both inside and outside the workplace. It’s your job to say a few truthful, descriptive words about them. What character or personality traits come to mind?Question for you to answer: (repeated): Pretend the person retiring is you. In short, we’re asking you to project yourself into the future and to identify at least five descriptive words you hope others would say about you at a comparable event. By “descriptive words” we mean single words or very short phrases. Please number each descriptive word or phrase and rank them in priority order ( #1 = the most important to you).Three New Questions to Answer:[a] Briefly identify any notable differences between your first answer and your answers to this concluding assignment. “Notable differences” would include a change in priority of answers (for example, #1 was moved to #4).[b] Please identify any ideas, readings, or exercises that help account for those differences. How did they influence your thinking?[c] How is a good life defined, and what is your plan to achieve it? Please refer to themes from the assigned readings to support your answer.
Obligation Of The Judges To Enforce The Law Discussion

The treatment and lives of women in the Colombian town and the time period of the 1950’s, makes the reader aware of the harsh reality of the suffering women. The reader can only sympathise with society’s treatment of women; however, feel resentment towards the way in which women were ‘reared to get married.’ The way in which the Vicario sisters were brought up is shocking to the reader but not surprising, the girls were taught ‘screen embroidery, to sew by machine, weave bone lace, wash and iron, make artificial flowers and fancy candy’ (lines 3 and 4), the author’s intentions of listing these skills emphasises the early development of cultural expectations on women, education is unnecessary. The passage gives the reader an insight into the development of the Vicario siblings, especially how the Vicario sisters were brought up to ‘suffer’, something any man would be happy with to have them as wives. The character of Angela Vicario is the central figure of the novel and of the tragic events. As Angela is the only character who knows whether or not Santiago Nasar was guilty of taking her virginity, which still lies in question. From the beginning of the passage there is an evident divide between the developments of the Vicario siblings because it is acceptable in South American culture, something the reader may not be accustomed to. The use of short, sharp sentences such as ‘The brothers were brought up to be men. The girls had been reared to get married’ (lines 1 and 2), emphasises in an almost ‘matter of fact’ way that this was what Colombian culture required and it cannot be questioned. The effect that this has on the reader is that they become aware of the Colombian culture that Marquez wants to portray. What is more striking is the use of these short sentences at the beginning of the passage which lures the reader straight away into the culture, ‘the brothers were brought up to be men. The girls had been reared to get married’ (lines 1 and 2). The reader is introduced to the early development of this characterisation of male superiority, and inevitability of the outcome of women in life, due to what they have grown up to believe and respect, this cannot be argued against. The tone of the passage becomes poignant halfway through, the narrator thinks about the wives of the Vicario brothers who are unable to ‘break the circle’, which describes the inevitability of these traditions holding the females in a constant battle with their cultural expectations, which they cannot escape unless that circle is broken. The wives of the brothers ‘were predisposed to find hidden intentions in the designs of men’ (lines 20 and 21), so they were also brought up with the traditions and values as the Vicario sisters were brought up with. The women were taught to find the intentions men had for women, so it can be argued that the Vicario wives were questioning the expectations of their culture, and what men really needed from their women, as it seems it was not love; a revelation to the strict Colombian values that the residents of the town were following, such as honour which lead up to the murder of Santiago Nasar. Angela is described by the narrator’s mother as being ‘like the great queens of history ‘(lines 23 and 24) due to the way she was born with the ‘umbilical cord around her neck’ (lines 24 and 25). This superstition reemphasises the beliefs of the culture, by comparing Angela to the great queens of history, is only because she is to be wed to the wealthy San Roman, a man who clearly chose Angela because of her beauty, further making Angela lucky in both marriage proposals and her beauty, or so it seems for the time being. For the characters of the book, the marriage proposal seems just like a royal marriage destined for great things, especially for the Vicario family. The writer’s intention of comparing Angela to such important figures is to make the reader aware of Angela’s beauty and importance of this marriage. As Angela is the ‘prettiest of the four’ (line 22), she seems the only women good enough for the wealthy San Roman. This superficial view of beautiful women being successful and eligible for high status contributes to the culture of the text and the controversial act of the alleged infidelity. An intentional irony of the description of the ‘umbilical cord wrapped around [Angela’s] neck’ is shown when the narrator describes Angela as having a ‘hopeless air’, emphasising the struggle to ‘breath’ because of the umbilical cord suffocating her around her neck. However, it can also be argued, the lack of independence Angela has of her own life and body, also ironic due to the alleged infidelity in which she could not control her body from displaying sign of this. Marquez’s intention in using these two similar descriptions but in different contexts is to describe the dependence that Angela has upon her life and the lack of control women in Colombian culture have. The narrator repeats throughout the passage and the entire text Angela’s character as ‘poor’, however it can be argued that this is not always financially but spiritually too. This may be due to Marquez’s intentional method in displaying the ‘poor’ lives that women live with no help and the little chance that is available to escape this way of life and the outcome of their purpose for being a woman. Also, the use of the words ‘destitute’ and ‘a poverty of spirit’ emphasise the lack of emotions and facial expression that Angela displays particularly after the murder, years later which is when the narrator meets her. In relation to the culture, it signifies the lack of belief that Angela may have of her culture and religion, especially when using the word ‘spirit’ which Angela doesn’t have much of. This emphasises not just the lack of belief Angela has, but the hopelessness she feels having been brought up with the restrictions she feels with being a woman. The narrator describes Angela as having a ‘hopeless air and a poverty of spirit that augured an uncertain future for her’, which in retrospect for the reader, is correct for the narrator to have assumed. The ‘hopeless air’ that Angela possesses is the loveless life that she leads now; she had not married since the murder and therefore leads an ‘uncertain future’ as to her life now. The significance of the quote is that it represents the hopelessness that all women of the Colombian culture endure; the hopeless chance of having independence and freedom from a predominantly patriarchal society. This use of metaphors adds the illusion of a woman with a lack of belief or hope, leading a life that has already been decided for her, an observation cleverly described by the narrator to help the reader understand the spiritual aspect of Angela’s character. The use of memory and unintentional flashbacks to the Vicario siblings’ childhood propels the reader into thinking about the inevitability of how the characters grew up in the Colombian culture and the outcome of this upbringing to what is expected of them. What is ironic is the rebellion against this culture which causes the infidelity but the excuse of honour which leads to the murder of Santiago Nasar. Word Count: 1,462 words

Basics of Dependency

Basics of Dependency.

6–9 pagesYou have been asked by your agency to write a report on screening and treating potential clients for addictions.Research screening tools and therapeutic interventions that are relevant to clients with particular characteristics such as gender, age, disabilities, culture, and physical handicaps.Present a perspective of your choosing.Explain how you believe these types of clients will benefit from the interventions you chose along with any potential drawbacks you may need to overcome.Conclude with how you will engage these clients in treatment from screening to the first therapeutic intervention.Your report should include the following:Title pageAbstractIntroduction to the characteristics you are presenting (1 page)Content questions answered (4–6 pages)Conclusion (1–2 pages)References, including at least 2 scholarly sources dated within the last year
Basics of Dependency


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Task 1
Read the Operations in Practice example “Two technology failures” on pages 267-268 of the course text and explain the type of technology involved and why the project failed in each case.
Note:Your answer must be 500 words and Please refer this document…


Task 2
There are a varied opinions among experts as to whether Facebook is a SaaS or a PaaS. Justify your position on which type of cloud computing solution you think Facebook uses. You are to post directly to the thread. Any discussion posted in an attachment will be disregarded.
Analyze the SaaS characteristics and present your argument for which type of solution you believe it is. Include a description of what you believe to be the most appropriate deployment model for a social media site such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
Your initial post is due by 11:59 PM Wednesday 9/4/19 and be a minimum of 500 words.
Respond substantively to at least two other students’ posts. In your response posts, please state why you agree (or not) with your peers. Consider other deployment models (including combined models) that might be more appropriate for that type of business.
Note:Your answer must be 500 words

Task 3
Watch all the videos in this module, including the one attached. Then submit a Microsoft Word document that contains your name, student ID and class number along with a statement that you have read, understand, and accept the terms outlined in the course syllabus and know what it takes to succeed in this class. Post the Word document to this assignment area by clicking on “Acceptance of Course Policies”. Directions must be followed precisely to receive full credit. If the exact instructions are not followed, a grade of 0 will be posted.
Course Policies.mp4

Note:Your answer must be 1000 words.


AFA 2000 USF 1400 and 1800s African Diaspora Slave Trade Essay

AFA 2000 USF 1400 and 1800s African Diaspora Slave Trade Essay.

EssayWriting Prompts (Choose *one* of the two):Drawing on assigned readings, explain the historical context and factors that shaped the emergence of Africana Studies as an academic discipline—how and why was education critical to the struggle for inclusion and racial transformation?In the first half of this course, we have considered the African diaspora from 1400 until the 1800s. Drawing on the assigned readings, what impact did the slave trade have on the black experience in this period?Details:Whichever prompt you choose, you must cite the assigned readings from the first part of the semester. You do not have to consider all of the readings for the whole first half of the semester, but you should use as many as possible to support your argument. Any form of citation is acceptable, as long as it is clear which readings you are referencing. No outside sources. Please also include a bibliography.Word Count: minimum 1000 words; maximum 1250 words.Please include your word count in your submission.GradingThis essay is worth 60% of your Midterm Exam grade (the other 40% comes from the in-class, short-answer portion).If you do not include the word count, you will lose 5 points out of 60 points. If you do not meet the word requirement or do not address the correct topic/readings, you will receive 0 points. Otherwise, the essay will be graded based on the student’s demonstrated knowledge of the subject, use of readings, clarity of focus and organization. Students are expected to write a well-developed essay with a complete introduction, clearly identified thesis, body paragraphs that develop the thesis, and conclusion.Essays will be graded based primarily on the following questions:Does your essay have a central argument?How well organized is your paper? Does it revolve around one central argument?How interesting, persuasive, and sophisticated is the argument and the analysis that leads to it?Is your writing clear and concise?Writing TipsArgument: Your first paragraph must contain your essay’s central argument. You might consider underlining this argument, so that it is crystal clear.Clarity and Organization: Once you’ve settled on a central argument, be sure that you organize your paper around it and cut out any word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph that doesn’t advance it. Evidence: In building the case for your argument, be sure to cite numerous, specific examples. Please use parenthetic citations: (Gomez, 104). Please include a bibliography. You will not be graded on the formatting of these citations; just make it clear what source you’re citing.Analysis: Sophisticated, nuanced arguments are best. So do not ignore evidence that doesn’t quite fit your thesis. Instead, try to tweak your thesis to accommodate this conflicting evidence; or briefly mention this evidence and then explain why it is perhaps an exception to the general rule or argument you’re laying out.Writing tone and style: This paper, unlike your weekly responses, must be scholarly in tone. For example, do not use contractions such as “don’t.” In terms of style, focus most intently on being clear and concise.
AFA 2000 USF 1400 and 1800s African Diaspora Slave Trade Essay

PSY-832 Week 2 DQ 2 response to classmate Patrice

PSY-832 Week 2 DQ 2 response to classmate Patrice.

Please provide a 250 word response to the below question using at least 1 cited article or journal and please reference in APA 6th edition format. Reference needs to be within response and at the end.This will be difficult to select only one. I believe that all theories have their great dead to contribute to the application to leadership today. Current theories are really just further research keeping up with times and styles of leadership which has been exhibited in some form. Since the discussion state that I must select a current one, it will be “Responsible leadership.” I chose this one due to personal experience I had in my work place. Where I currently work some of the leadership styles there do not hold responsibility when they make a wrong decision for the company, however they place blame on others when been advised not to invest in a particulate investment or decision. We signed a contract for an application that majority of us voted not to invest in, which turned out to be a big disaster and cause the company more money. I would like to see Responsibility leadership evolve in accountability and not being a leaders but work with their management. It’s ok to fail the people some time, they need to know your not perfect and make poor decision. I’m quite sure we all have made some really bad decision pertaining to work. A particularly relevant leadership style that has emerged from the ethics literature is that of the responsible leader. It has been argued that responsible leadership is distinct from other leadership constructs in that it draws on discourse ethics theory and views leadership as a leader stakeholder interaction. Moreover, it does not view leadership effectiveness in terms of financial performance as a driver of leadership behavior, but rather as directed toward gaining legitimate solutions for all affected parties (Voegtlin, Patzer, & Scherer, 2012). A central theme of such leadership is the obligation to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders (Waldman & Galvin, 2008) In today’s society we try to focus on all current information, which the here in now. However, I believe that the historical theories in application to leadership are just important if not more. On the other hand, current leadership is forever growing variety of theories to explain the concept and practice of leadership.
PSY-832 Week 2 DQ 2 response to classmate Patrice