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PricewaterHouseCoopers In five years, I could find myself working at PricewaterHouseCoopers in the accounting industry largely due to their method of dealing with their employees and clients. Before this project, I had no interest whatsoever in become an accounting. However, after doing research on the industry and on PricewaterHouseCoopers specifically, I learned that pursuing a Job in this field is actually an option for me. Our contact, , an investigator at PricewaterHouseCoopers emphasized PwC’s cross- etworking strengths in their fields of audit, tax, but most importantly consulting.

This cross-networking is appealing because it would be nice to have colleagues who are easily approachable and accessible to answer questions and help with a client instead of constantly trying to do everything by myself. I would much rather have a career in which I am able to help others with their work and have them help me then work completely individually and get a lot less accomplished. Mr. said that Juniors at PricewaterHouseCoopers have access to CFO’s at least once a week, and that mployees are given ample hours to associate with their colleagues.

The fact that I would know that I always have someone to lean back on and help out with my client would be extremely comforting and would relieve a lot of pressure in a situation if I am not sure I would be able to help on my own. Also appealing to PW’C is their flexibility towards their employees. An example of this is their leniency to women in their firm since the prime years for women in business also happen to be the ideal years for women to start their families.

Since I’m not a woman, this does not directly benefit me but would still like to work for a company that understands the employees’ best interests. However, a direct benefit from working for PricewaterHouseCoopers is their implementing of equity participation. This is beneficial for employees because it helps everyone earn more money when the company does better. Despite these factors, there are still some reasons for why I am hesitant to work in accounting. Mr. stressed the fact that he often travels, stating that he is rarely in the same place for an extended period of time.

This makes me think twice of whether I would like to work for PW’C in 5 years because I would not like to move around a lot. If I am looking to start a family I would not want to have to leave them often, or force them to travel around with me. However, I would not mind travelling at first as long as it would stop by the time I would like to start my family. Also unappealing to me is PwC’s hierarchical structure. It seems unfair to me how it takes everybody 3 years to be promoted, and it takes a very long time to attain top alary.

Also, the chance of being admitted as a partner has been limited due to Pw’C’s necessity to cut their salaries as a result of the bad economy. Following my research of PricewaterHouseCoopers, my opinion of the firm and on the accounting industry in general has changed my opinion and made me think that I can see myself working in the industry in 5 years. However, I am still hesitant due to the extensive travelling and the unlikeliness of top promotions. Despite this, PwC’s flexibility towards its

Critiquing a Research Article

Critiquing a Research Article.

I have chose the third paper for you which is the Portrayals of Mental Illnesses in Women’s and Men’s Magazines in the United States. Also, Please make sure that the sentence and words in this paper is very simple, because I am a International student, so please write this paper looks like the English is the second language person .

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