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Purpose This assignment is intended to help you: Summarize the key concepts of organizational systems thinking. Explain the major

This assignment is intended to help you:

Summarize the key concepts of organizational systems thinking.
Explain the major characteristics of dynamic complexity.
Action Items
(This assignment is modified from the Dynamic Complexity Exercise on p. 289 of your textbook.)

In one to two sentences each, summarize the following system characteristics that contribute to dynamic complexity:
History dependency
Tight coupling
Read the case study on page 289. (ATTACHED)
Write a 300- to 500-word explanation of how the system characteristics listed above are expressed in the case study.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Germany

Buffalo Wild Wings in Germany.

 Preliminary Feasibility Analysis Buffalo Wild Wings – Can they make money in Germany? This is due on Thursday, October 3 Instructions: You are limited to 3 pages. Single space your paper. Do not import large photos and charts into your paper. Do not include tables of irrelevant information. Your paper should be highly structured (lists, bullet points, subtitles, etc.).  This is a research project focused analysis. If you just list some casual ideas without any research back-up you will not pass. Your factors need to be (1) well-thought-out, (2) make good business sense, and (3) clearly derived from careful research into the country. Note any sources in the body of the paper – no footnotes or bibliography. Do not include any warm-up or introductory material that simply states what the case is about or describes the company. If you are concerned with making a good grade, pay careful attention to these instructions and to the Feasibility Analysis Grading Sheet – that is where your grade comes from. Setting: You are a marketing consultant who specializes in global marketing. You have been hired by Buffalo Wild Wings to produce a Preliminary Feasibility Analysis relative to the idea of opening a restaurant in Germany. The CEO at Buffalo Wild Wings thinks there might be a market for their restaurant there. Your assignment, as a marketing consultant, is to provide a preliminary product feasibility analysis as to the likelihood of product success in Germany, or not. Use this outline for your analysis: (And do not include any introduction or general descriptive information up front) Top 3 market factors in support of product success: 1. 2. 3. Top 3 market factors that could contribute to product failure: 1. 2. 3. Your conclusions and recommendations for pursuing success, and avoiding failure.

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The Protestant Baroque

Purpose This assignment is intended to help you: Summarize the key concepts of organizational systems thinking. Explain the major The Protestant Baroque.

The Protestant Baroque: Citing THREE different sources of art and literature from this text (one MUST be a literary selection) – explain how you interpret the Baroque style as similar or as different from the Catholic Baroque style of Italy (Ch 20). Make sure to take religious differences between Protestant and Catholic into consideration and also the Protestant divides in Northern Europe – There ARE different sects of Protestants now. Also be sure to take account of how the ruler or ruling body impacts the styles and taste of these Northern European cultures. Topic #2 – Milton: After studying CH 22 very carefully, re-read the selection from Milton’s Paradise Lost (Reading 22.4, pp. 66-68). First Published in 1667, Milton’s masterpiece depicts the cosmic drama surrounding the Biblical narrative of the fall of man into original sin. In two of three quality paragraphs, address the following questions in your initial post: 1) How does Milton describe the appearance and personality of Satan in Book I and in your opinion, how does this description indicate what essential qualities Milton must see as sinful? 2) What does the message the angel gives to Adam in Book XII indicate about the sin? 3)How does Milton’s epic reflect his most pressing issues with the Reformation? 4) Making specific reference to any other literacy or artistic selection from this chapter, discuss how your choice might reflect Protestant values and/or criticize the Catholic Church. What commonalities can you detect among all these artist/writers? Can Milton be considered a product of his times and his particular nation (in comparison to other nations in Northern Europe)? You may respond to posts on either topic. All responses must make a clear contribution to the discussion. Simply agreeing, complimenting, acknowledging or restating, and/or expressing admiration will warrant very low scores.

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Was It an Organizational Issue?

Was It an Organizational Issue?.


Accident investigators have a variety of different tools that they use when looking into the causes of crashes. These include doing interviews with individuals that were involved with the event, reviewing records, looking at aircraft documentation, and also evaluating weather conditions at the time of the incident. Some of the tools that they may also use are looking at operational procedures, the airport layout, air traffic control, as well as maintenance records and maintenance practices at a particular operator. Investigators use that to try to piece together what exactly happened and why. Using the attached NTSB report for Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which focuses on the maintenance practices of the operator as to the cause of this accident, consider the negative or positive aspects maintenance factors played in the accident (e.g., was this a contributing factor or probable cause in the accident? Was it an organizational issue?). Were any recommendations made by the investigative agency (NTSB and FAA), and if so, what is the status of the recommendation? Could there be future repercussions from a similar issue? **PLEASE PROVIDE AT LEAST 3 SCHOLARLY OR PEER REVIEWED REFERENCES** **PLEASE USE APA FORMAT AND STYLE**

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Technology and Love.

Technology and Love..

 Developmental theorists claim that finding a partner is one of the things we focus most on during young adulthood. Today, research indicates that more and more individuals are turning to online dating in the search of love. Do you feel this is an effective way to search for a companion? Why or why not? Referencing the article, “Five Myths About Online Dating,” briefly address some of the issues that arise with the quest of finding a partner through the Internet.

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