Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to document sources of research evidence that support the evidence-based intervention for Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to document sources of research evidence that support the evidence-based intervention for the selected practice problem, including the level and quality of each source of research evidence. A synthesis of the evidence is conducted to determine the overall strength and quality of the evidence. The development of an evidence table and synthesis are foundational to inform actions and decisions to improve healthcare outcomes. Construction of an evidence table and synthesis supports the professional formation of the DNP-prepared nurse.

Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcome.

3: Develop strategies to lead project planning, implementation, management, and evaluation to promote high-value healthcare.

Submit your assignment by 11:59 p.m. MT Saturday at the end of Week

Download the Johns Hopkins Research Evidence Appraisal Tool (Links to an external site.) and the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool (Links to an external site.)

As you incorporate published research study findings into your own writing, you aim for synthesis of the material. Before learning how to write a synthesis, it is important to define this term. At its most basic level, a synthesis involves combining two or more summaries. Synthesis writing is more difficult than it might first appear because this combining must be done in a meaningful way.

A synthesis requires critical reading and thinking in order to compare different material, highlighting similarities, differences, and connections. When a practice scholar synthesizes successfully, they present new ideas based on interpretations of published research evidence. Conceptually, it can be helpful to think about synthesis existing at both the local (or paragraph) level and the global (or paper) level.

Synthesis is all about collecting information from different sources and putting it together as one content.

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of this assignment

Title Page

Introduce the Practice Problem

Practice Problem Statement

Describe the Significance of the Practice Problem at the National Level (1 paragraph)

Synthesis of Evidence to Support the Evidence-Based Intervention for the Selected Practice Problem. Include 4 Current LEVEL I, II, or III Peer-Reviewed Primary Research Studies and/or Systematic Reviews. May reuse research studies from previous courses.

Synthesis of the Literature (2 paragraphs)

Main Points/Salient Themes That Emerge from the Sources (Cited)

Compare and Contrast Main Points /Themes from All Sources (Cited)

Support for Evidence-Based Intervention (1 paragraph)
Objective Rationale for the Intervention Based on the Literature
Summary Table of Evidence to Address the Evidence-Based Intervention for the Selected Practice Problem Using the Joh
ns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Evidence Summary Tool. Include as an appendix.

Reference Page with Complete References for the 3 Sources of Research Evidence, Including the Permalink

APA Formatting/ References
APA Standards for Scholarly Papers
Level I Headings are included[supanova_question]

Human Resources: Legalization of Cannabis and the Workplace

Human Resources: Legalization of Cannabis and the Workplace.

Your grade will be based on ensuring the following questions are addressed:

1)Define the topic as it relates to the text and lectures. 2)How is this trend or topic being impacting the hospitality sector? 3)What impact does this issue and/or trend have for the future, think 5 years from now? You are invited to be creative. Students will submit a maximum 5page report(double spaced)on the chosen topic. This assignment requires students to analyze the topic or trend based on HR concepts and theories presented in class and included in the textbook.

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Critical reflection on Relationship Centered Care and Concepts of Biology for Health

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to document sources of research evidence that support the evidence-based intervention for Essay Critical reflection on Relationship Centered Care and Concepts of Biology for Health.


1. In the essay you will be expected to reflect upon the content of all 3 patches and discuss what you have learnt from the process and how this might guide your future practice. 2. Critically analyse and discussed your learning related to the 3 patches in one essay. Giving an analytical discuss and evaluate piece of work or research work. Given a reflective commentary which includes evaluation of a variety of theoretical perspectives e.g. biological principles; developmental theories; safeguarding issues or conceptual clarity Demonstrate synthesis of ideas by discussing new insights that have occurred as a result of learning during the module Developed a logical discussion and demonstrate correct grammar and spelling. Implications for future practice are critically evaluated I have attache the essay I recently rewrite but the feedback was that some are grammatically incorrect, it was more descripive and no critical evalaution and Referece some quote. 

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Nursing informatics

Nursing informatics.

Questions 1.Explain the purpose of nursing research in an evidence-based practice environment. 2.Differentiate qualitative and quantitative research in terms of philosophy, methodology, and outcome. 3.Critically analyze various types of research methods, designs, for scientific merit. 4.investigate the literature to gain knowledge related to a select problem in education, administration or practice. 5Evaluate the reliability, validity, and typical outcomes of instruments commonly used for nursing research. 6. Explore ethical principles as they relate to research and evidence-based practice. 7. Design a research proposal that incorporates scholarly inquiry applicable to a select problem in nursing practice, education or administration.

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Arguing” a position.

Arguing” a position..

Paper Instruction: For this assignment, you will be “Arguing” a position. The position you argue must relate to some aspect of adaptation ( my examples: why is Shakespeare always being adapted when nobody under 30 cares? Can movie adaptations save Broadway? Tim Burton is the greatest artist of all time when it comes to adapting films to the screen. ) Your choice for what you want to argue. An argument is not a reflection. You must take a position (stance) and develop it. See my above example: I am making a claim and will persuade my audience to think what I think. You should have several sources (aim for a 3-5). One of them should be scholarly. Your discussion should integrate your own ideas, the ideas of your classmates (class board), and the ideas in the sources you have been reading. Your argument can include various texts but you must include one text that we studied in class (your choice) and include research. All grammar rules apply. Use spell check and proofread.

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